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Don’t Take Away the Rights of Children to Challenge Themselves, on Education

The “song” of letting go, translated…

Still recalled that two years ago, my daughter stepped out on the journey to work-study abroad after she graduated from her studies, but as I saw how her small frame had hauled the large bags, I thought of how she needed to take the flights alone, and she must transfer in another nation.  Back then, I was filled up with worries, unsettled, and not willing to let her go, but in the end, I’d still given her my blessings, and watched her go off.

On the winter vacation of my son’s freshman year in college, he told me he wanted to go on a self-help trip to Japan, try on the life of a backpacker for a short bit.  After that, he’d searched for cheap flights, and tour guides, to plan out his own trip.  I thought he was just saying that, until I saw him, holding his tickets, that, was when I realized that this, was happening.  Seeing how his slim body of 5’7 in height and 120 pounds, hauling a heavy bag, stepped out on his own for the very first time in his life, my heart filled up with worries.

But gladly, thanks to the modern day technology of internet, even though my kids are overseas, but they’d send me messages daily, sharing with me, the goings on of their lives overseas, it managed to shorten the distance we have between us.

Two years ago, the ten months studying trip to the States had given my daughter the courage to build her own dreams, it’d opened up her horizons too.  And now, she’s about to take another big leap, to go to the States, to study, and what’s different compared to the last time is, that this time, she is ready, and full of confidence.

And after my son’s first backpacking experience, he’d set up a second, and a third trip.  From this experience, I saw the bravery in my own son, how he is very independent and courageous too.

For most people, the “unknown” is scary.  And so, toward the kids, we’d often use our own experiences or cognitions, to judge them, without knowing that this may well create a breach in communication between us, and it also takes away the chance the child has, of challenging her/himself.

Learn to “let go” and to “relax”, is the work of modern day parents, all you need, is give them a TON of love and blessings, and trust, support your children, the children are bound to find their own ways in life.

And this, is the END of letting go, the mother learned that by letting go of the kids, they’re more able to soar, and so, she’d retracted her “protective wings”, so her kids can fly freely, go to places they want to travel to, to live their lives that THEY want to live too.

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Finally, I Let Go, of the Grips of Your Memories

A brand new day has begun, and, unlike any other mornings before, I don’t feel heavy, at the moment upon waking…

Finally, I let go, of the grips of your memories, it’d taken me forever (literally) to get here, and, looking back, it’d been real hard, letting go of ALL the sentimental attachments I’d had with you, but, I finally realized, that by allowing the love I have for you leash me, I’m suffocating myself.

Finally, I let go, of the grips of your memories, and, I’d still think of you from time to time, but, instead of feeling that strong of loss, compounded with a TON of sorrows, I feel more, relaxed, guess I finally stepped out into the light, huh???

Finally, I let go, of the grips of your memories, because I’d been living in the shadows of your memories, and, they (the shadows of your memories???) hung too low, too close to my head, making me feel suffocated, and, I really, really, don’t want to, live like this anymore………

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Hoping that My Son Will Return Soon


Around the Lunar New Year, my son went to Sri Lanka on a trip alone, since the moment he got on the plane, I’d worried, nonstop, but gladly, he’d told me, that he would update on Facebook, to keep me posted, IF internet is available, and he will buy the mobile internet cards too, he’d posted photographs on Facebook, write a short paragraph or two, to keep me updated on his travels. And so, every day, checking his movement online became a must-do for me.

And now, my youngest son works as an international volunteer in Gueizhou, and, as I’d googled the temperatures locally, it showed from three to zero, and, even though they’re working as an entire group, I’d still worry, that he may NOT have enough clothes.

But, in the conditions of NO online services, NO connections, and NO contacts, I can only tell myself, give the child a new experience in life, and, everything he goes through will be a lesson learned. I’d kept my desires to call up his group to inquire, just kept my missing him to myself, hoping, that the day of his return will come soon.

So, you’d let go, even though, you’re still worried, but you KNWE, that they’d have to STRUCK out on their own, and so, you’d forced yourself, to STOP worrying, because your kids are OLD enough…

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