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Those Who Take the M.R.T. Continued Sliding on the Cell Phones, and, the Patrolling Police Were Reduced

The aftermath of the shooting awhile back, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The murder cases of the random shooting that occurred on the MRT in Taipei, the crowd had returned to its usual rates since the shooting awhile ago, and, most of the passengers had already, put this tragedy behind them, and, the Hsinbei MRT station police force was also, reduced, from the originally 700 officers per day, to just one officer, watching the platforms, during the afternoon rush hours.

There were those passenger riding on the MRT who lowered their heads, to catch up on their sleep now, and, more are zoomed in on their cells, to play, and, most of the passengers sat quietly, watching the scene outside roll on by, to carry on in conversation, the tense atmosphere from before can no longer be felt.  The regular office worker, Gang-Yu Hsieh said, that he would NOT change his habits of sliding his cell phone while riding on the MRT, “there’s just no need, to be on high guards all the time.”

The eighth grader, from Jiang-Tsuei Middle School, Huang said, that the two weeks right after the random shooting, he was very scared, but after the police were sent, to patrol the MRT stations, he felt safer, and slowly, he no longer felt anxious.

Mr. Liu who saw the victims using their hands, to cover their wounds that day said, two weeks after the shooting, he’d made sure that his daughter rode the bus, later on, because there were police force, standing guard at the MRT stations, he’d allowed his daughter to ride on the MRT during the rush hours, but now, his worries are totally gone.

The twenty-two year-old college student who bore witness to someone getting murdered by Jie Cheng that day on the MRT still can’t wipe the images of the passengers, scattering out in a panic off of his mind, but she said, now, the passengers are no longer on heightened alert with one another, “those who are dozing off, are dozing off, those who are sliding on their cell phones, are sliding on their cells”, it’s like, the shooting had, never even happened at all.

The Taipei MRT offices estimated, that a month after the shooting rampage, the flow of “traffic” had dropped by 60,000 compared to the previous month, and now, it’d rose up to 194,000 per day, and, the events are no longer, affecting the operations of the Taipei MRT systems.

The sixth train where the shooting occurred is still parked in the garage in Tucheng, Hsinbei City, the officials planned to change the seats, and will see if there’s the need, to decide, if the train sections where the murders occurred should be placed back on the systems.

And so, this, is what happens AFTERWARDS, and, see how quickly people can toss the badness to the BACK of their minds?  And, until something like the shooting by Jie Cheng occurred again, will people start getting scared, and, shortly thereafter, the public, once again, toss all of that, to the BACK of their minds, that, is how SHORT the attention span of the public is…and, everything will, still, BLOW over, and, people will, eventually forget!

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As She Saw Their Bodies Floated Across the Waters

She’d grabbed on, to what she could, to help herself surface, and, she was the sole survivor, of this tragic “accident” of fate.

As she saw their dead bodies floated across the waters, she couldn’t help, but feel that chill down her spine, she looked around, for another person who had survived just as she, and listened real close, to hear the other person’s calls for S.O.S., but, there was, just nothing, but this, deafening silence, that surrounded her…

As she saw their dead bodies floated across the waters, there was, nothing she could do, as she felt death, tightening its grips, around her body, as well as her neck, she sank down, took a few gulps of that salty seawater, then, she’d resurfaced, and, this time, there was, NO dead bodies, it was just her there, sinking, and floating, in this vast ocean, and, she distinctively recalls, traveling with her family, on that family vacation…

As she saw their dead bodies floated across the waters, there was nothing she could’ve done, to save anybody else, her life was spared, and she couldn’t understand why, because everything, everybody that ever meant something to her, is all gone…

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Escaping from the Storms Inside

How, can someone, escape from the storm inside?  I really don’t have a clue!

Escape from the storms inside, it’s really getting scary, as the skies became totally darkened, and the thunder, lightning, along with the flood warnings that are headed my way.  Escape from the storms inside, I wonder, if I can, build me a hard enough house (like that Third Little Pig), so the strong winds won’t HUFF & PUFF, and BLOW me away.

Escape from the storms inside, these storms had been raging inside of me, for god knows how long now, and, I still can’t get to the sources of them, so, how can I, make them all stop, if I can’t even figure out WHY, exactly it is, that I’m living under these darkened clouds???

Escape from the storms inside, it won’t be easy, but I’d already done it, picked myself up, after they’d punched me down (not literally though…), just like that Bobo Doll, and now, IF someone DARES try to punch me, well, let’s just say, that s/he will have HELL to PAY, for messing with me!

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