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Thank You for Loving Me, the Proclamation of Love from a Husband to a Wife

Found online, the love of a man toward his wife, translated…

In the arguments, in the regrets, in the happiness, and the tears too, we’d started in love, learning how to support one another, even though, there had been, some bitterness, but this, is the most original of the tastes of marriage.

I guess, that habits, they’re a sort of an awful infectious disease, it’d slowly taken over, and we, immersed in them, until one day, when they’re gone, we were, shocked, to realize as such.

Last year when you’d taken the kids back to your home to visit, leaving me, to face this big old house of ours, without the rowdy children, and without the sound of your breaths, accompanying me into dreams, it’d made me tossed and turned, for two consecutive nights, and, this “accidental discovery” made me realize just how much we really relied on one another at home.  A few days ago, as I took our daughter on the MRT, riding down the escalators, she’d turned around all of a sudden, starting talking with enthusiasm about what happened at school that day to me, and, it’d hit me, that this baby girl who was once, in our arms, is now, talking about which characters she’d learned to write and read in school today, and, she’d gotten to the size, that I almost couldn’t hold her up anymore.

As for that infant boy with the unsettling stomach, who’d thrown up a lot, wearing that radiant smile, is now, running wild and free inside our house, and is very interested in knowing “why”, but would still act like a baby sometimes, when he’d thrown his temper tantrums, and must have a hug from you, or begging for just one more bedtime story.  The two of us had walked through an entire nine years together, from just the two of us, into three, and four, and these days, hadn’t been easy at all, not without the arguments, but, regardless of these bumps in the roads, we’d always found a way, to work things out.  I too, learned from the marriage, learned to consider your point of view, understanding one another’s bottom lines, so we could reduce the unnecessary frictions between us.  Understand, that we both needed an outlet for our emotions, and to not do something we would end up, regretting, and I’m too grateful, for you, loving me often.

And, if you really want to get analytical, I’m actually, a really boring person, spending my spare times in the books, or writing essays and articles, or how I’d joked on things of unimportance, I’m not at all romantic, without the lips of sugar, and, couldn’t even manage an “I love you” often enough, like I’d be under great duress if I needed to say those words, and, I really don’t know what made you love me from the beginning, and I’d still, convinced you, to marry me, to stand by me for life, it’s really, quite strange, actually.

Awhile ago, when we struck up a conversation, and you’d told me, “until now, I’d not regretted marrying you.”  Hearing this, I felt this sense of sadness, and I’m regretful, for not making you feel more love, in the nine years we’d been together, after all, we’d spent too long, getting to know each other, in learning to care for the kids, and getting along with them, I can only hope, that in the future, we can, lead our kids, to work together, to make this family even better.

Written on our Pottery Wedding Anniversary, can’t believe it’d taken us nine years to get where we are.  And, I can only, speculate, that this pottery has you, and me, and, it can be made, into this pot, with the most beautiful of colors, and, even if we were only slapping this pottery on the outside surface, it still gives off this crisp, clean melody of our love.

You can see, from this, how these two individuals had weathered through everything, from the start, when they fell in love, to adapting to one another’s ways of doing things after they married, to loving and accepting one another completely and wholeheartedly, and that, is what REAL love, and marriage is all about, and this marriage, is built to last!

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