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What Does, the DELAYS in Vaccine Availability Means to the People of This Nation???

Ooh-ooh-ooh, can I take a WHACK at this one???  The “Teacher” looks around the room, then, calls on that eager “kid” to answer this question!

What does, the DELAYS in vaccine availability means to the people of this nation???  Well, that’s super easy, because the government discontinued the importations of the known-to-work vaccines that had been developed externally, making the majority of us into, LABRATS for the vaccine trials developed in this FUCKING great nation of ours (yeah, still being sarcastic!), now, can you blame the government, for wanting to make some extra “cash” in this crisis?  Of course N-O-T!  As money, is EVERYTHING to people, and the government is set on staying AGAINST China, because the government somehow is, in the delusions of how if we take the vaccines manufactured by BioNTech (with the factories set in China???), we would become, China’s BITCH!

And, what it worlds down to, is that the government does NOT believe, that ENOUGH had died here, because of contraction, and besides, it’s not like there are only, a handful of us, Taiwanese left on this FUCKING (so???) planet here, I mean, there are, still, a whole lot of who are of, this, “subculture” of Asians, so, no big deal, if a whole lot more of us D-I-E…

So, we’re all, looking at, contracting MERS, and DROPPING dead, left, and right, until, “then there’s, N-O-N-E, of us, left to, KILL off.

‘K, the Queen (still ME!) is done, “venting” for this particular “round”, stay tune, for whatever the HECK it is I might come up with, and how the hell should I know what that might be, huh?  I’m still on this particular one here.

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Open Up Your Ears First

The public had been, saying it, it’s YOU, head of office of sanitations, who’s NOT listening enough!  Commentary, off of the Front Page Sections, on the head of sanitation department’s handling of the clusters of infections of MERS-CoV in Taoyuan, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The most overly used phrase of Chen, the Head of Welfare Sanitations of late is, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”, the former head of Welfare Sanitations, Yang criticized how the government didn’t vaccine the flight crews, the pilots first, Chen shouted out, “why didn’t you tell me this earlier???”, Ke criticized that the tactics of vaccinations weren’t preise enough, he’d rebutted also, “why didn’t you tell me this a month earlier?”, the commanding center declared that the medical staff members are working to vaccine the populations on the holidays without the overtime, the medical support groups came to protest, to this, Chen still stated, “if you have something to say, why didn’t you tell it to me before?”

The problem is, it wasn’t that they’d not told, it’s someone’s ears that weren’t, opened yet.  The pilot union in Taoyuan already told, that they’d sent the notices to the commanding centers, to allow the flight crews to get vaccinated as first priorities, but the suggestions weren’t, taken.  While Chen started, barking out his orders every day, and, he’d stated whatever goes, and not communicated his policies with the members of the communities, not made the rules, transparent enough at all, how can he, take in, another person’s, advice?

Chen, at a, press conference…

photo from online

The clusters of China-Airlines’ infections got up to close to thirty now, and the commanding center’s consulting members stated, that “we’re prioritizing the pilots, the flight crewmembers as the ones who gets first priorities in vaccinations”.  This sort of attitude, it’s like, listening to someone else’s advices, but still, going on one’s own beliefs.  And, even if the pilots are, first priority cases, can’t they at least, be the second, before the head of local governments?  For over a year now, the outside world kept, recommending the government, to do a general scan on a wider spectrum, but the commanding centers had, fallen deaf about it!

As Chen kept asking others, “why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”, it’d shown, that he’d, gotten angered by what he’d failed to do, he couldn’t withstand the questioning of his authority on how the clusters of infections happened with the China Airlines’ pilots, of how it was his policies that’s caused the clusters of infections.  If he wants to, prove that he is able to hear an opinion different than his own, Chen should best, open up HIS own, ears!  So many claims, everybody is, speaking on, for too long already.

And so, this is what this government is, made up of, idiots who’d, only zoomed in on the policies they’d, pushed forth, and completely, DEAF, to all others’ opinions that are, a little bit, against them, like the issues of vaccines, people had been stating that the airline crewmembers, the hospital staffs needed to be the first priorities to get the shots, but, are they, getting the vaccines, heck no, because the policy makers are, the heads and they’re, the ones, putting these first priority, on H-O-L-D!  And you BLAME people for, not telling you about it?  Give me a break here!!!

two more pilots from China Airlines confirmed of diagnoses, a total of NINE so far! From online

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