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A Merciful Murder…

I’d, killed out of mercy, ‘cuz she’d been, suffering too long, losing control over her body, and, it hurt me, watching her die off slowly, little, by little, knowing that, time’s still nowhere NEAR, expiring, Y-E-T!

A merciful murder, I’d, committed, and, I don’t feel bad about what I’d done, because deep down I know, that I’d, murdered out of love, and care for that certain someone.

And maybe, I’ll, get sentenced as a heartless, coldblooded, murderer, but I don’t care, I got a cleared conscience here.  If I’d not murdered the person, then, I will, forever BE gnawed by my own conscience, for NOT doing what’s right by that person I cared too much about.

A merciful murder, I’d, committed, and, I really couldn’t give a !#$%ING RAT’s ASS how everybody else out here in this god DAMN world sees me as: a cold-blooded murderer, an unfitting child, whatever, I KNOW I did it, out of, mercy, my conscience is, clear!!!

A merciful murder, it’s not right to kill someone, in the eyes of the law, but, think about it, if it were your own loved ones who became incapacitated, and their quality of life is dropping by each and every breath they take, wouldn’t you want them to suffer less?

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An Eighty-Year-Old Man Stabbed His Ailing Wife to Death, He Was Indicted

Burdens on the sole care provider, and this time, he cracked, and, did something that was, beyond repair, from the Newspapers, translated…

An elderly veteran, Ku felt bad over his wife’s encephalitis which caused her to be bedridden long-term, feared that she will never walk again, he’d gotten rid of the nurse’s aide, used a fruit knife, stabbed his own wife to death, then, attempted to commit suicide by slashing his own abdomen, but was saved in time; the Shihlin District Attorney’s Office prosecuted him on murder charges, but, the D.A. also asked the judge to consider the elderly man’s age, along with his motives for committing the murder, to find a suitable punishment for what he’d done.

Mr. Ku is already eighty-four years old, married to his wife who was sixty-nine for over forty years, and they’d never had a fight; nine years ago, Ku’s wife started showing signs of dizziness and had fainting spells, last year in August, because of viral encephalitis, she was hospitalized, and became a resident at the MacKay Memorial Hospital in Danshui.

Last year during the noon hours of September17th, Ku gave Yeh, the bedside assistant for his wife an errand to run, used a fruit knife, and jabbed his wife in the chest region, then, slashed his own abdomen region; Ku’s neighbor came to visit in the afternoon, as he pulled back the curtain, he saw what had happened, he’d immediately called up the nurses.  Ku’s wife, because of the collapse in her left lung, blood had filled up her chest cavities, she’d died of respiratory failure; after emergency resuscitation, Ku’s life was saved.

On the day of the stabbing, the D.A. came to inquire at the hospital, and Ku told of why he’d stabbed his own wife in a very calm and collected manner, and told the D.A., “Even though I’m a murderer, but don’t be afraid of me”, and begged him, “Do give me the death sentence”, and hoped, that he could “follow” his wife.

And because Ku the elder was old, with physical injuries, and didn’t show a risk of taking off, he wasn’t taken into custody, and now, his son looks after him.  Ku’s children no longer wanted to talk of how their father murdered their mother, and feared, that their father might be suicidal again.

And while the D.A. inquired the happenings of that day with Ku, they were extremely careful toward his physical and mental wellbeing, and, although Ku no longer talked of “following his wife off”, but he was clearly depressed.  The members of the legal world stated, that murder is a serious crime that can get one the death sentence, a life sentence, or over ten years’ jail sentence, and even though, Ku was over eighty, there may be a reduction to the time he will be serving, but, there would be NO delayed serving his jail sentence.

And so, another case of a mercy killing, because the man didn’t want to see his own wife suffer any longer, he’d killed her, out of love, and that is still considered murder, after all, he did, take the life, of another, but, it was out of love, and so, the D.A. was lenient on the asking of the sentence for this man.  And this also shows that there is still a TON of stress on the primary caretakers of the elderly, and in these cases, the primary caretakers are usually the spouses, and, the families need to be more in-tune with the sole caretaker’s mental states, to prevent these sorts of things from occurring again.

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Waiting for the “Clock” to Expire

When, oh W-H-E-N, will MY “buzzer” go off again?  ‘Cuz I’m gettin’ tired, of living THIS fucked up life of mine, and I still got NO balls to COMMIT suicide, because I don’t want to end up in H-E-L-L (as ALL suicides end in hell???).

Waiting for the “clock” to expire, it’s such a long wait, I’d been sittin’ here, every single day, with my eyes, GLUED (literally now!!!) to that clock on the walls, and, I watched, as the secondhand, moved so slowly across the clock’s surfaces, once, twice, sixty times, and, that’s just O-N-E solid hard hour.

Waiting for my “clock” to expire, and it just kept ticking, ticking, ticking away, and, it’s totally getting on my EVERY single FUCKING (yeah, and your point being???) N-E-R-V-E here!!!  Waiting for my “clock” to expire, because I want to be blessed, with the mercy of D-E-A-T-H, so, come “claim” me, come take me away already, so I won’t get TORTURED no more (and your point would be???)

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Each Night, I’d Prayed for Death

Each night, I’d prayed for death, and yet, somehow (don’t ask H-O-W!!!), I’d always manage to make it ‘til morning light!!!  Each night, I’d prayed for death, because death had become my mercy, with the mercy of death, I no longer need to go through this never-ending vicious cycle of P-A-I-N, getting tortured, by my own GUILTY conscience, over, over, over, AND over again.

Each night, I’d prayed for death, but, does death grace me with ITS presence?  Of course N-O-T, I know that I will NOT die, until I’d suffered long AND hard, and live with the regret, of having done something E-V-I-L, I just wish, that someone, somewhere, can tell me, WHAT, exactly that I’d done, to earn this kind of suffering on my life………

Each night, I’d prayed for death, but, where is it?  Death had claimed everybody I loved, cared about, those who’d mattered to me, and I am still, the one who’s “spared”, the one who’d been CURSED, with this longevity………

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Releasing You from the Prison Cell that is Your Body

I hereby, release you, from the prison cell that’s your body.  You’d been kept, locked up, trapped on the inside, for too long now.  You’d fallen ill before my eyes, and, it became too painful, for me, to watch you, wither, by the day, slowly.

So, I am, with all my sadness and all my sorrows, along with the unwillingness but the obligations, of letting you go.  Releasing you, from the prison cell that’s your body, you’d been trapped by it too long now…

Releasing you, from the prison cell that’s your body, that, is the last, and the final mercy I can give to you, even though it pained me, to be the one, pulling the P-L-U-G, but, what’s done MUST be done, because a free spirit like you, should NOT be confined, inside your deteriorating body, you DESERVE to be F-R-E-E, and it’s the last thing I am able to do for you now…

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