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My Children’s Act of Kindness Toward a Stranger on the Bus on Our Trip to Japan

The most beautiful sight of a place is still, the people we encounter on our travels, translated…

As we exited the Hiroshima station of the Shinkansen that day, the afternoon from the previous day, our flight landed, with the rainy fronts, that followed us, all the way here, from Kobe.  But as travelers, we have no right to get upset over the weather, our next stop was the Shukkei-en, and we’d still, alighted the bus, and arrived there.

Different than how quiet the nighttime port of Kobe had been, the noontime station at Hiroshima was rowdy and populated, especially, there were so many faces of, foreigners, as a city, known during the war.  We’d followed the signs to before the bus stop, with already a long line before us, as we alighted, we were lucky to find a double-seat, and I’d, sat my children down.

On the way, not very many passengers got off, but there were people who’d climbed onboard along each and every stop, and, the crowd pushed me away from the seats, as we were about to arrive, I’d found that my daughter had my son on her lap, and the two of them leaned in to the windows and chit-chatted in their whispers, and, on the next seat, here was, a young boy, who’s about my son’s age, with blonde hair, blue eyes.  I’d called out to my children that we’re, getting off, the young boy first looked confused, then, seeing my children get up, he’d understood that they were, getting off, and, sat slanted, to allow them to get out.

As I was about to get off, I’d felt that someone grabbed my arm, I’d lifted my eyes, saw this, Caucasian woman, saying thank you to me repeatedly, as a mother, my instinct told me, that this must be that young boy’s mother.  Her thanks came from how my children, as they were sitting on the crowded bus, seeing that young boy get on, and sat together, and gave the boy a seat, so he won’t have to bump on the ride.  I’d returned her smile with my smile, took my children off the bus.  As I turned around to look, the two of them, mother and son sat by the windows, and waved hard to us, “bye-bye!”, and we’d, called back loudly too, knowing, that they can’t hear a thing on that crowded bus.

The rain still continued drizzling down, but it’d not affected the travelers one bit. The three children from two different countries, squished together in that tight seating space, but, the kindness was so wide.  As we’d headed to the Shukkei-en, it’s said that it was a miniature identical-twin of the sights of Xihu, but in my mind, my children already gave me that amazing scene on the bus ride from Hiroshima.

And so, this is the kindness of children working, and, this is the act of kindness from strangers, the children saw the need of that little boy who’s unsteady on the bus, and, gave a seat to him, and this kindness still doesn’t come from nowhere, it comes from the kids, being taught, and watching and modeling after their adults’ behaviors in their daily lives.

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The Story of Love & Giving: a Pair of Young Siblings Pulled Money from Their Own Allowances to Donate to Buy 10,000 Masks Used for Medical Purposes in Defenses Against MERS-CoV

Finally, a little bit of sunshine, that came through, these, dark clouds we’re, currently, living under right now!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“My older brother and I put up our allowances, to buy 10,000 protective masks, hoping that our masks can help Mayor Hou and those working as the frontline defense, the medical workers.”

The Good-Day Compassion Platform set up by the government of Hsinbei City, received the 10,000 donated certified masks for medical personnel by a pair of elementary school young siblings, they’d saved up all of their allowances for too long to buy, and given these masks to the frontline medical workers.

like these…

packages of love and care and kindness! Photo from online

The young children also wrote a letter to the mayor by hand, said that they will be onboard in the fight, and that they will defeat the virus together, their childish words are, so very, heartwarming, made a lot of the members of the public moved.

The head of Social Services of Hsinbei City, Chang shared this noe, other than mentioning of how the young child and her older brother used their allowances to buy the protective masks for the medical workers, it’d also mentioned how they’d finally noted how wonderful freedom is, after they started schooling at home and being kept away from all their friends” and, “I know that the defense against the outbreaks are a war, I’m glad to be helping the mayor, pulling in our share, let’s hold hands together, and, defeat CoVid-19.” At the end of the letter, the children drew a bit hand with a smaller hand, and wrote, “if we work together, we shall, conquer anything!”

Hou told, that the two children are truly, cute, that they’d mentioned to him to call them back after he’d received the donated masks, because they’re afraid that their uncle who was in need of money, will take the money for himself, the childish words of these children, it’d made Hou feel heartwarming, he’d thanked these two elementary age young children personally.  The accumulated donations are up to $36.964 million N.T.s to date on the platform currently.

So, this showed, how much these young children cared, and if children showed so much care for others not themselves, shouldn’t we, adults take their examples to follow too?  This is a truly, heartwarming story here.

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