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60,000 Confirmed Contractions a Day is NOT the Height, Stop Abusing the System of Recounts

How we will, end up, getting, ruined by the huge E-G-O (yes, we’re talking ‘bout PRIDE here!) of the head of C.D.C., as he saw the number of cases, dropping down right now!  Reading off of the statistics, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

From the twelfth to the seventeenth, for six continuous days, the confirmed contraction cases in this country are over 60,000 per day, a lot lower, than the estimates from all around, the professionals.  And it would be, premature to say, that this, was the climax of this current wave of outbreaks; and naturally, by yesterday, there’s a huge leap of total number of contractions, all the way to over 85,000 cases found.  The second in command of the CDC, Lo had told, that the climax would come between May 20th to May 30th, that there may be as high as 100,000 confirmed of contraction per day then; and looking at the trends, this might also, be an under estimation too.  No matter, we can’t, overlook the hikes in number of the middle and southern strips, the CDC needs to tighten up the means, to keep the localities in the middle and southern parts of the island under close watch, to NOT allow what happened in Hsinbei City and Taipei, how people had, died, from before.

The factors that contributed to how the number of confirmed diagnosis weaving in and out of 60,000 may be due to the following: first, we still don’t have enough power in testing, and no matter how many had contracted the virus, the testing facilities can only handle a certain number of tests; this is the worst case scenario, the cases posted, not reflecting the actual.  Secondly, due to the people’s becoming more alerted of the situations, it’d, temporarily, slowed down the speed to which the virus is spreading, this was clear in the traffic flow, the meal gatherings, lowering in both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities.  Third, someone is intentionally, “covering up”, the government, the people: the CDC covering, to NOT make Tsai’s six year anniversary of ruling the country to seem too bad; on the people’s parts, the people knows how complex the procedures of reporting their own contractions are, they’d, “covered up”, and not reported their own confirmed contractions, to NOT get bothered.

The wave of outbreak from last May, the CDC’s continually retracting the numbers, and after-the-fact, it’d, reported to the people, on the accurate statistics, we still remembered that.  This is to make the numbers “look prettier”, to cover up for the inability of the government’s ensuring the pandemic from getting out of control, and the CDC’s “retracted statistics” became synonymous with “painting it over”.  And, if the CDC tried this old trick again, perhaps, we won’t fall for it as much.  Reason being, that the underreported cases of contraction, will only show a sharp rise in the number of contracted as the digits were, posted, and it would appear, even more, awful, and in the end, the entire ledger still needed to get, balanced, like the budgets.

still making his, daily “appearances” at noon-sharp!

started,every day from TWO years ago, and still ongoing! Photo from online

In reality, in the more than 60,000 confirmed contractions plateau period, we’d all noted, the changes of trends in the pandemic from the south to the north.  The originally heated up cities of Taipei and Hsinbei, in recent days the numbers are, dropping; and instead, the originally flat number in the middle and southern parts are now, on the, rise.  Take, for the city of Hsinbei, by the twelfth, it’d reached to 23,700 people, and after that, the number declined by 1,200 each and every day, to the seventeen, the total dropped to 18,400 cases.  For the city of Taipei, on the fifteenth, it’d reached to the high of 11,700 contracted, then, for the days that followed, the number dropped to below 10,000.  What’s unfortunate was, the two cities arrived to the all-time highs yesterday again.  Comparing, the central, the southern regions are rising up, for instance, back on the twelfth, Taichung only had a little over 3,800 cases, yesterday, it’d risen up to 6,700; around the same period, Kaohsiung went from 3,200 to 6,800 cases, grew by the multiples; in Tainan, it went from 2,300 to 4,100.

The continued increase of cases had persistently continued for close to a whole week, and, the CDC must not concentrating on bickering with the mayors of both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, and neglected the rest of the regions.  The cities of Taipei and Hsinbei are the cities richest in resources of the entire country, and yet, due to the delayed response actions of the central government, it’d caused the residents of these areas to not know what they should do.  And once, the intersections of the outbreaks happened with the north and the south, the vast regions of the central, and southern parts of Taiwan will be faced with the lacking of medical resources provisions, and if the Department of Welfare & Sanitations doesn’t prepare enough resources, and become more strategic, then, what are the citizens in these areas going to be surviving on, it would be, impossible to imagine it.

Chen had once estimated, that there would be 200,000 new cases of contractions per day in Taiwan, and, as the number circled between 60,000 to 80,000 right now, don’t know if Chen feels ecstatic or anxious?  The number of expected confirmed cases being lower than predicted, if it’s due to the lacking of the testing means, the not enough quick scan kits, then, Chen surely has reasons to be, worried.  Reason being, this lowered statistics, isn’t reflective of reality, it just delays the facts from floating up to the surfaces is all, to drag out the curves of the pandemic out even longer, and then, no amount of “retracted statistics” will be able, to save the bigger picture.  But from the observed turning downward curve in both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, the people’s keeping themselves in check—including heading out less to the gatherings, avoiding using the public transportation means, etc. etc., etc., it had, slowed down the speed of the spread of MERS-CoV, and, slowed the maximum capacity burdens of the local area, hospitals.

The virus does not play party favorites, instead, it’d preyed on our loosening up.  If Chen continued to feel happy over the continual 60,000 confirmed cases per day, he may, easily, neglect that the pandemic is slowly, heating up in the central and southern regions, and missed out on the plans to stop the spread before they happen.

And, based off of past experiences, as “history” showed: the DDP, being as EGOTISTICAL as it is, it will, surely, gloat about how the numbers up north is, dropping, and, not worked hard, to ensure that the same happens in the middle and southern parts and then, down south, there will be, the outbreaks that ran wild and free, like it had, started with the hotel clusters in Taoyuan from awhile back, because the DDP only operated off of HINDSIGHT, and it CAN’T learn, like my dogs could!

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