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Where’s Moderna?  The Command Center Became, the “Boy Who Cried: WOLF!”

Liar, liar, PANTS on F-I-R-E!  oh wait, the government’s “pants” are fine, it’s ours that caught fire here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Multiple employees of the High-Speed Rails System had posed themselves as first to third types, and, successfully, “broken through the obstacles”, gotten their second doses of Moderna, it’d caused debates here, and, although the media, the people pointed fingers at how the workers or those medical staffmembers for allowing them to receive their Moderna vaccines as the ones who were at fault, but the real problem is the lacking in the supplies of the vaccines.  There are, currently 800,000 individuals who are already ten-weeks along after their first vaccination of Moderna, who are, waiting hard, on their, seconds, but, when will that be available, how many will receive, the government is still keeping the people in the dark, and the CDC is the primary one responsible for all of these messes.

This, is what those waiting on their second doses, won’t get…

photo from online

Those who received their firsts in Moderna, due to the lacking in supplies for their second doses, are all worried the effects of their vaccinations, Korean sent its representative to the U.S., in protest of the delays of the their two shipments of Moderna vaccines; now looking at the proclaimed “getting ahead” command center here, without any, means of, actual response, the head of CDC, Chen who claimed, “I will do any and EVERYTHING I can!”, didn’t DO a thing, to put that rush on the deliveries of the Moderna vaccines.

Recently, the shipments of Astra-Zeneca, BioNTech kept coming, and the Medigenvac is already, up for the second doses, but, when does, Moderna arrive, how many, Chen always brushed it off by, “There’s that chance”, but, no shipments still, turning the CDC into the “boy who cried, ‘wolf’”, making those who’d gotten vaccinated with Moderna, losing FAITH.

Getting down to it, the workers of high-speed railroad who are afraid of getting “orphaned”, wanting to find the holes, their thoughts of cheating the system was the primary, but, IF there are enough vaccines to go around, then, why would we the people, break the laws?  Chen should really, examine the problems of the lacking in supplies of the vaccines thoroughly, otherwise, these incidents will keep on, recurring, the government should help people feel settled, feeling that they can get vaccinated, that there are enough to go around, instead of stating “it’s coming……………soon”, without telling the people, just “how soon”!

what we the people don’t have the”luxuries” of…photo from online

And so, the commander here is taking that N.I.M.B.Y attitude toward pressing the deliveries of Moderna vaccines, comparing to South Korea as U.S. delayed the shipments, they’d sent out the government officials to press the U.S. for delivery, and looking at this god damn government here, what DOES it too?  Sit back, relax, and, watch we the people, D-I-E!!!

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