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The Doctors Pulled the Plug, the Terminally Ill Patients Died with Dignity Intact

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The very first documentary on the reality of terminal care and assisted suicide, was put forth, recently, by the Chenggong University’s medical department.  The activist toward the cause, the professor from Chenggong University, Professor Chiao said, that even though, there was an amendment to the constitution last year, but today, there are still a limited number of doctors who dared unplug the patients, he hoped, that the film can help the doctors, so they can help the terminally ill patients, to die, with their dignities intact.

Ke-Shih Chiao, who singlehandedly made euthanasia into a legislators’ problems pointed out, that since 2000, there had been three amendments to this law in the constitution, until the third amendment last year, because the rules are too strict, there are very limited number of cases where the patients actually got to decide upon when they are going to die.

Most of the Medical Staff Wouldn’t Dare Unplugging the Patients

Even though, the amendment last year had made the rules more lenient, with the signature of just ONE family member, but, the paramedics on the front lines, dealing with the matters of life and death, may still act hesitant, and unable to unplug, that, was why Chenggong University had made the documentary, to educate them.

The family the film was about was of the volunteer at Chenggong University Hospital’s volunteer, Hsu, at age seventy-four, when her husband went out, he’d had a heart attack and was lifted to the hospitals, when Hsu and her family were notified, her husband was already tubed, because he was in a comatose then.  From before, Hsu and her husband talked about how at the end of their lives, they would give up on the unnecessary measures to save their lives, so they can leave this world peacefully, and they’d both signed the DNR too.

Initiated the “Limited Medical Trials”

She understood well, that tubing was not her husband’s will, but, to pull it, it’s a hard trial for her, her husband had not been declared brain dead, and his organs are still functioning well, and, it didn’t meet the requirements of the “terminally ill patients” in the constitutional clause for allowing the terminations of life.  She’d discussed with her son, and the hospitals employed the international rules of waiting for five days, and, if the conditions improved, then, they will start treatment, and if the conditions worsens, then, they’ll unplug him.

As the Patient’s Wife:  Wanted to Help Fulfill Her Husband’s Wishes

Hsu stated, that the entire process had become the family’s most awfully endured pain, but, to fulfill her husband’s wishes when he was still alive, and allow those who are terminally ill to leave this world peacefully, she was willing to go public with the footages, but every time the film played, she couldn’t help but cry.

Chiao stated, that the clause of “terminating care”, there was a part, “If the patient was diagnosed as untreatable by the doctors, and that there was medical proof, that death is eminent soon”, then, the patient can be unplugged.

And so, this, is a success, on the legislation front, of how we are in control of whether or NOT we must endure through the pains of being kept alive, but, for the families, even though the decisions were reached, it is still hard, after all, even though they knew, that it was for the benefit of the terminally ill, how can you bear the thought, that the one you loved was still alive, and you’d allowed her/him to die?  A struggle between the human mind and spirit here!!!

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