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An Elementary School Girl Used Her Scholarship Prize Money to Help Support Her Household, Two Elderly Men: Let Me Help Her Too

Kindness from all around, from the Newspapers, translated…

“Do let me help her!”, the special report from the papers this March about how the elementary school age girl, Wei-Han Wang lived with the low-income assistance money from the government that supported her family of four, consisting of her grandparents, and an older brother, how although life was hard, she’d not gotten beaten by it. As the newspaper printed her story, “Grandpa Yeh” came to the school himself, and told the officials he’d wanted to sponsor Wei-Han Wang by the month, and “Grandpa Chen” sent a letter, with cash enclosed, it’d warmed up Wei-Han Wang and her grandmother’s heart.

The news report pointed out, that Wei-Han Wang was only in the fourth grade, and yet, she’d accumulated a whole STACK of awards, from when she was in the first grade, she’d received $2,000N.T. for scholarship for excellent academic performances, which she’d turned into her grandmother, to help the household, and she’d earned scholarship money from a foundation too.

A week after her story was told after March 10th, an eighty-year-old elderly C.E.O., Yeh went to the elementary school to visit, after he’d met the principal, Chen, he’d shown her a newspaper clipping from his wallet, told her, “I want to help her out!”

Grandpa Yeh said, he grew up poor, that he’d started his business from nothing too, that now he has the abilities, and he was very moved by the young girl, Wang’s story, wanted to give her a better life, and so, he’d made the trip to Bitou, and expressed how he’d wanted to help Wei-Han Wang out each and every month.

The principal, Chen was moved, told him, that Wei-Han’s grandmother believed that there are those less fortunate than she, and turned Grandpa Yeh’s offer down, but Grandpa Yeh helped install the wind-resistant windows, he’d also bought the cleaning equipment for the outside walls of the school to help the school, so the kids won’t have to sit through the cold winters in class.

鼻頭國小女童王薇涵。 記者張芮瑜/攝影、翻攝a photo of the young girl in school, courtesy of the UDNpapers.

Several months later, on August 23, the elementary school received a registered mail signed by “Grandpa Chen”, with the newspaper clipping, and $6,000N.T. cash; Grandpa Chen who teaches as a professor at Poli-Sci University said, that he thumbed across the story about Wei-Han in the newspaper, he was very moved by the hardworking mannerism of the young girl, he’d clipped the news off, and placed it in the first page of his notebook, and would read it once every single day.

Awhile ago, he’d passed by the local office of the Department of Education, he’d asked the secretary there for the address of Wei-Han Wang’s school, wanted to send her something, also, to fulfill the wish he’d carried, for so long already.

As the Wangs received Grandpa Chen’s money for help, they were very moved, and, Wei-Han told the press happily, that after she’s older, she too, will help others in need as well.

鼻頭國小女童王薇涵生活困頓,卻不向命運低頭的事蹟,陳爺爺看到報導後,很欽佩寄上現...the letter written to the young girl by the elderly man who’d donated to help her and her family out, from UDN.com…

So, this, is how the cycle of kindness gets passed down, because someone saw something that moves him on the news, and, decided to help the person in need, and, the person in need who received the help, was touched, and she’d made a wish too, to help someone else in need when she’s able to, and so, the cycle of kindness is also, rolling here………



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Not Asking for Return

Acts of kindness, translated…

Once, I rode out with my mother, on the back of the motorcycle, I’d hugged on tightly to her waist, as we are caught up in conversation………

The accident happened, in the blink of an eye, we didn’t even have time to react, and, we were HIT by the car that was going the other direction!  I could NO longer recall the details of the events clearly now, but, what was impressive, was there was a man, who’d parked his mo-ped by the side, and came over, to help my mother and I get back u p.  we’d told him thanks, and he saw we were okay, and smiled and rode off in his motorcycle. Ever since, my views toward a lot of things are changed, turns out, that someone CAN help out, without wanting anything in return, we’re strangers to him, and yet, he was willing to lend us a helping hand without a second thought.

As I’d gone on to middle school, I’d never forgotten the man who’d helped us out that day, and so, I’d decided to carry forth his attitude, even though, I can only do so much, mostly, the things in daily life, like seeing a bicycle tipped over in the parking areas, and I’d helped straightened it up, picking up the trash I see left on the floors………

That, is the spirit of doing, without expecting anything in return, so long as someone gets moved by my actions, and feels helped by my behaviors, then, that would be more than enough to me.

Seeing these ordinary things, it’d made me realize, that compassion doesn’t need to be on a grander scale, even the smallest of things, sometimes can bring convenience to someone else.  And more importantly, we’re willing to do these small deeds.

And so, from being helped, it’d initiated this actions inside of you, and that, is what you’re carrying forth with, passing along that heart, that mindset, hoping someone would get moved by you, as you were moved by that person who’d helped you, without expecting anything in return.

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