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Farewell to Applause, Farewell to Wealth…The Comedies & Tragedies of Their Lives, Curtains Fall

The greats we’d lost this year, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Life is like a train

Speeding towards the various exits

Some are forgotten, after they’d left their seats

And, some are missed, after they’d gotten off by people who were riding with them

As 2014 is about to come to an end, it’d taken a ton of colorful people with it; before the footsteps of the year had exited, we’re starting to miss those who’d passed on.

The comedian who brought his audience a ton of laughter and happiness, the Oscar winner, Robin Williams, shocked his fans with his own suicide.  In that he, being a comedian, wasn’t at all happy.

Robin Williams Saved All the Sorrows to Himself

Even though, there were hints of sorrows on his funny face, but, until he’d slit his own wrists, hung himself by the neck, insisted on dying, did the world come to know, that he’d lived under the shadows of depression too long, and, those outrageous funny moments he’d put forth for the world to see, was only a mask, his way of handling the world.

The Oscar Best Actor, a talented performer, Philip Seymour Hoffman too, died, in pain, as he’d died, there was still needle on his arms, with heroin close by.  The worldly applauses, the countless trophies, the money, still couldn’t fulfill the loneliness that he’d felt when he’s all alone.  The mask of the comedian had finally stopped working, and, the effects of the overuse of materials had worn off as well.

Hoffman Battled His Addictions Throughout His Entire Life

Alcoholism and drug addictions, is the demons that Hoffman worked hard, to fend off his whole life.  Sometimes, he’d win, sometimes, the habits would.  When his mind was winning, his talents shone through, he had impressed his audience with his awkward performances on stage and in the movies.  The New York Times named him the “most ambitious, more looked upon American actor of his generation.”  Hoffman told, that he wasn’t searching for the negative characters to play, he’d sought out roles that “fought hard against one’s own life”, because in real life, he’d had his share of fighting hard already.

So, this year, the world’s lost a TON of greats, and, even though they’re gone, their legacies will live on, because that, is what legends are all about, and they are, all legends in their separate realms there.



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