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Turning Your Dementia Against You

I’m, it’s NOT as if you’ll be able to recall what I’d taken from you, so, why not, right???

Turning your dementia against you, that, is what I will BE doing, I mean, I’d already gotten STUCK, taking care of you already, and, what is it, that I’m getting out of the deal again?  Not quite enough, and, my siblings, they rarely come, and, you only remember them, and NOT me, who’s RIGHT beside you, and you still say that you don’t play favorites?  Give ME a break here!

Turning your dementia against you, that, is what I’d done, I mean, why the HELL should I get STUCK, with this job, that NOBODY wanted?  I mean, I might as well, get something FROM you while I can, and besides, what I’d taken is, rightfully MINE, for all those years I’d had to, put up with your demented ways, calling ME by the wrong name, and you’d never even SHOWN, an INKLING of gratitude toward me, for taking care of you, I should’ve STUCK you in that nursing home is the thing!

Turning your dementia against you, there’s NO way you can prevent me from so doing, after all, I’d already been PUT through HELL by you, who’s the one, chasing after you in the middle of the night, when you ran out?  Who’s there, to CLEAN off your soiled sheets when you’d wetted the bed?  Who’s there, to SPOON feed, each and every bite, to make sure that you don’t fall asleep when you are still chewing your food, and then, swallowing me down, it’s all been me, and now, I’ve HAD it.

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