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The Key Witness: Stood by and Filmed Down the Process, Why Didn’t the Child’s Uncle Do Anything?

And, the bystanders are, equally GUILTY, of allowing this young boy get body-slammed into a vegetative, state too, but, they’re not, charged, are they?  Nope!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The seven-year-old young boy was taking judo lessons, got slammed by the coach, taking turns with the other older classmates a total of twenty-seven times, vomited at the dojo, and fell into a coma, after the surgeries, he was brain dead, the professionals of the legal realms questioned, that other than the coach, He being responsible for causing harm to this young boy, why didn’t the boy’s uncle who was watching, filming with his cell phone not gone up and done anything to stop the abuse, was he an active enabler of the abuse, a key person in the case.

The experts in the legal realms stated, that in the case of injuries in sports, in Germany, there’s no use of brute forces to resolve the matter, but using the promises of preventing harm, that the competitors should be knowledgeable on the harms that their behaviors can have on one another, and this promise is fitted to the cases of severe physical, bodily injuries.

like this???

and, nobody in the crowd thought about doing something to stop this! Photo from online

In this case, from an objective angle, the coach, He is responsible for the negligence, but the problem rests in if his behaviors were, legally, binding, on the considerations of the legalities of the matter, as the boy was slammed, he’d told his coach that he wanted to stop getting thrown, but why didn’t He pay attention to his pupils, it’d clearly showed neglect, which caused the unfortunate events that followed, that he couldn’t keep the promises to the boys to prevent the illegal behaviors from occurring, and so, he’d, broken the laws based off of this interpretation, and this will be the key determinant of what happened in this case.

And, on the uncle’s part, why did he not stop the young boy’s getting thrown repeatedly, if he saw him in danger, instead, only filmed the process of the abuse with his cell phone, the district attorney should check the facts of what was happening during the time, to find if the uncle was an enabler, and if he was, he too, would be charged with negligence, because he has the responsibilities, to stop the abuse from happening.

The attorney, Wang stated, that Huang didn’t have the “ability to consent”, that if the coach didn’t do his duty in preventing the physical abuse from happening, then, he would be charged with manslaughter on the civil AND criminal fronts, and he would be made to pay in the civil courts too, “the injuries that occurred in sports, isn’t always nondelegable.”  As for whether or not the actions constitutes as unlawful, illegal, there would need to be the “intents to break the laws” or “negligence” that’s proven.

And, the uncle who’s, a “bystander” would be guilty in the boy’s being in a vegetative state, because he was standing by, watching this young child, getting thrown, to the point that the boy became, unconscious, and, he’s the adult, just like the coach, who should’ve put an end to the body-slamming session of this boy, but didn’t, and they’re, equally guilty, for what happened to this young lad.

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When You Tripped & Fell

The help from complete strangers, and, it’d made your life better, as well as the ones you’d helped out too, translated…

As you were growing up, when you’d, fallen carelessly, your parents who wanted you to have that smooth ride in life, in a panic, had always reminded you, to get back up on your own.  The parents of that era would always, pass along the wisdoms of life in every day, because the road to your future, you shall, walk by yourselves.

like this???查看來源圖片photo found online

In reality, before the years had given you that “label” of old, if you’d, tripped and fallen flat on your face in public, other than feeling embarrassed, before you feel the pains from your trip and fall, you can only, get back up in a hurry.  Once, I saw a woman, tripping by the tiles that were, uneven by the sidewalks, I’d rushed toward her to see if she needed any assistance, she’d gotten back up in a hurry, and stated, “I’m sorry”, this was, out of embarrassment, seeing how she was okay, I’d helped her pick up the purse that flew out of her hand, she’d told me thank you repeatedly, and left, I couldn’t help but mumbled to myself, “thank heavens she’s not injured!”

And I also, had more than my share of trips and fall, as I’d, begun to age.  Sometimes, I’d, gotten too distracted by all around me, not paid attention to where I was walking, then, tragedy came towad me, and, the best way I’d, handled the matter, to save myself from embarrassment was, to pick up my belongings, and made my escape from where I’d, tripped and fallen.  But, the years took their tolls, as I entered into the bottomhalf of my life, it seemed, that even if I wanted to, I’d, had a hard time.

At this time, I’m, physically weakened, my bodily functions started, not listening to my commands, and, even AS I’d paid attention to where I was going, there were, still, multiple dangers lurking all around me, and, there would be those moments of unexpected falls I had had.  Once, I was wearing a mask, my eyes were blocked from seeing well, plus, the skies didn’t have enough lifht, I couldn’t tell there were the uneven pavements, I’d, tripped and fallen too hard, my body fell, like I was, trying to slide onto a base in a baseball game, it hurt so bad I couldn’t get back up immediately, the young man who was sliding on his cell phone close by, was alerted my the huge crash I’d made, he’d turned his head, looked at me, I’d originally thought he was, going to come over, and give me a hand so I could, stand back up, but instead, he’d, focused his attention back, to his cell phone; being optimistic, I could, only make fun of myself, must be, that I looked, young, that was why he’d, felt he’d not needed to, lend me a helping hand.  And, as I’d, switched my mindside, the pains seemed to, fade away a bit, and, I got up, in one breath.

圖/Tai Perawith all those eyes watching, and NOBODY lending a helping hand, illustration from UDN.com

After this awful experience, as I met someone who was in a similar predicament, I’d emplored more empathy.  Once as I was rushing to my community college to class, on my way, I saw an elderly man, who was walking along the parking spots for the scooters, not saw the pavements, he’d fallen down hard.  A young woman who was coming towards him from the opposite direction and I were the first “witnesses”, other than exclaiming aoud, we’d rushed over to the elderly, to check if he was, okay.  I squatted down, used my umbrella, to shade the elderly man from the sun,, and picked up the shoe he’d lost to the side, attempted to help him put it back on, but he couldn’t, have enough strengths to, while another man standing to the side just, looked at us, with that cold stare; as the middle aged woman who’d just, parked her bicycle saw, she’d used her experience, and confirmed that the elderly had a fracture on his hips, that he needed to be taken to the hospital immediately; with his pains worsening, the elderly man finally agreed, to allow us to call for help on his behalf.  Back then, I’d, acted as the interim “commander”, had the helpful young lady dial up emergency, then, asked the middle age woman to help notify the elderly man’s families, while I’d tried to calm the man down, and had him recite the phone numbers of his loved ones, and, as he’d become, a bit confused by the numbers, he’d spoken to himself, “that sounded right…”, and thankfully, the number he’d given, was the correct one, and, as I’d used the phones to call up the elderly’s son, I handed the phone to him, so he could tell his son what had happened, so his families won’t mistake the call as a scam, at this time, the ambulace finally rushed over, and, the accident ended well, then, I’d, gotten back up, toward my community college, and, my steps became lighter, because I’d, helped someone in needx.

In the trips and falls we may all have in our lives, if there are someone who was willing to, help us out, give up a helping hand, helping us get back up, it will, give us all a boost, to keep on, moving forward in our lives; and, I’d much rather become the help that someone else needed, because the way of life is twisting and winding, and none of us would know when we will, need a helping hand ourselves, and, if we can all be a part of this cycle of kindness, we might be able to, reduce something tragic from happening all around us.

And so, this, is what you’d gained, from helping someone in need out, you’d, felt that you’d lent the elderly man a helping hand, and in helping out, your empathy was, activated, because you’d hoped that someone would be willing, to help you out when you get into a jam, besides, you’d had a previous bad experience when you’d needed the help, and the person around you, didn’t give a SHIT, and you don’t want anybody to tell helpless like you had that time.


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Not Taking Domestic Violence Seriously Enough

From the Newspapers Online, translated…

The fifty-six year old, Mrs. Lin (a false name), divorced her ex four years ago, but because her eldest emotionally troubled son acted more calmly if he saw his dad, so, Lin had to allow her ex to move in with them. And still, every time after the ex got drunk, he’d made her life a living hell, and, because Lin had to deal with these two emotionally unstable “time bombs”, she’d become a regular at the local subprecinct.

And still, as she’d gone to ask for help from the police, they’d made fun of her and laughed at her, and once, as the youngest son was on his way home from school, the police officers pulled him over, asked him if he had an older brother who’s a pick-pocket, and a father who’s a drunk, he’d told his mother, and the woman felt bad, because even the police are “labeling them”.

Lin also mentioned how when her ex got violent again and she’d called up the police, the police told her, “Stop calling, you’re the one who kept letting him back in.” Lin stressed that she’d met some good officers who’d given her the assistance as she’d asked them for too.

And so, this, just shows how FUCKING cold the officers are, maybe they’re reacting out of how she kept let her ex back in, and how they’d gotten so many calls reporting his violence, who knows, but, the officers should NOT use such insults, after all, she is, the VICTIM of domestic violence, isn’t she???

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When There’s Only Desperation & Violence in Their Young Lives

When there’s only desperation and violence in their young lives, there’s NO way O-U-T, after all, they are, well, on their ways, down that path of NO return already…

When there’s only desperation and violence in their young lives, you can be certain, that a LOT of them will take UP those violent ways, after all, children M-O-D-E-L after the behaviors of the adults they’re raised by.

When there’s ONLY desperation and violence in their young lives, how, will they be able, to manage?  To rise above, out of that bad situation?  Well, I’m sorry to inform you, that most of them won’t, be able, to rise above it all, no, instead, they’d S-I-N-K, and that, would be the way, that the world, keeps on turning…………

When there’s only desperation and violence in their young lives, how, will they find a way, to rise above?  Or, are they, going to, SINK, lower than their forefathers had?  Nobody knows, how the story will develop, and, we can only, just watch, from the sidelines.

When there’s only desperation and violence in their young lives, the rest of us, in our better parts of the world, can only pray, that they don’t suffer for too long, before they get called up on high, because that, is the O-N-L-Y thing, we will EVER be able to do, and, we still watched, as the world turns…………



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When Blood Started Seeping Through the Ceiling

This, is how C-O-L-D the world’s currently getting, translated…

A couple in Kaohsiung left home for two days, and, two nights ago, when they’d arrived home, they found that in their bedroom ceiling, there is blood stain, dripping through to their bed, causing a stench, so, they called the cops; turns out that the mother and child that lived one floor above had committed suicide by burning charcoal; the mother was turned sideways to the son, as if gazing into his eyes, as they meet their lives’ ends.

The husband from the floor down below said that they had NO

interactions with the Lins, but, two nights ago, when they’d returned home, they’d called the cops after discovering bloody water on their bed.

As the cops were coming, Lin’s older brother had asked for the locksmith to open the door, said that he’d received a call from his younger brother’s ex-girlfriend, said that he’d written something that seemed like a last will, stating “when you received this, my mother and I would already be gone, I’d made this decision a very long time ago…”, the older brother tried calling up the younger brother and his own mother, but, nobody answered, when he rang the doorbell, nobody came.

When the cops went into the apartment, they’d discovered that Lin (age 31), and his mother (age 57) had been killed by burning coal, and the water from the corpses had been all over the floor, passed through the wooden floors, dripping downstairs.  The cops estimated that the mother and son had been dead for three days already.

Lin’s older brother told the cops that the last time he contacted his mother and brother was three months ago, and, he sounded fine back then.  He knew that his mother, who worked as a cleaning lady had taken up a LOT of debts for his younger brother, but he had NO idea how much. “I just knew that he owed a LOT of money”.

See how cold the neighbors can be?   Because in this day and age, we got ZERO time to care for OR about someone else’s problems, because we got a TON of our own problems we’re currently dealing with here, and, could this have BEEN prevented?  Sure, but, it wasn’t, so, what did the people learn from this?  OMG, how could he have taken his own life, and dragged his mother’s down with him, how selfish, and that, would probably last for just ONE day (as that, had become the ATTENTION span of the GENERAL public???), and, by tomorrow, this will, once again, become YESTERDAY’S N-E-W-S!!!

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