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The Commander, a Blind, Swordsman

And unfortunately, we the people are still, allowing this, IDIOT who’s BLIND, leading us, the masses who are, also, blind, it’s kinda like the THREE BLIND mice, isn’t it???  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, Taiwan finally got a taste of what it’d, felt like, to be, lagging behind.  Based off of the Bloomberg reports, Taiwan had fallen to FORTY-FOURTH on the list; the Economist’s “Normal Life” indicator, also, put Taiwan, into, the abyss, ranking us second to last.  As the presses inquired about the ranking, the commander Chen stated, that he’d not read the magazines, nor was he made aware of the reports.

The “Normal Life Indicator” is a quantifying measure of how close a country is to its original way of life compared to before the outbreaks started.  And, Taiwan ranked, not even HALF of Hong Kong which is, way up ahead, in the fifty countries that had been polled, we’re, the LAST!

and, unlike this one, the REAL, blind swords man, who CAN, fight…Chen can’t!!!

movie poster from online

Chen is in command, and made a ton of life-changing decisions, and yet, he’d, shut his own ears, not listened to the advices from outside of him.  This included the implementations of the rule of three-plus-eleven, he’d retracted his own statements repeatedly, and it’s, confusing to us all, people.  And now, the well-known international magazine gave us a very low ranking, the commander spoke on camera, telling the masses that he’d never heard of the magazine before.

If Chen felt ashamed, that would be well.  But, this message, was posted out in various media presses, and yet, our commander chose to, ignore.  And that’s when, everybody started noting, that this commander who’s once boasted, “how can the rest of the world catch up to Taiwan!”, in his eyes, there were only, the printed American and Japanese flags on the masks.

Chen is in power, who can get the vaccines, who can’t, which way to turn, east or west, with the defense against MERS-CoV, whatever he said, goes.  But, this leader is like the blind swordsman, without any sense in principle in making up the laws, the policies, started hacking blindly, while all our lives, are in, his hands.

he should be wearing that MASK, over HIS, EYES!!! Photo from online

And this, is what it’d, looked like, for us here, in this, FUCKING “country” now, we’re living without the vaccines we’re in dire need of, and, everybody’s fighting hard, for the limited resources of getting vaccinated, and, as soon as the registry opens, within  a matter of nanoseconds, there are, no more slots people can, sign up for, and, this IDIOT still thinks he’s done, a wonderful job, keeping all of us, citizen of this “great” country, safe?  Yeah, and yet, what CAN we the people do???  NADA!!!

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The Outbreaks Did NOT Fall from the Skies

The commentaries, on how the government is so, incompetent, in preventing the spread, by not giving us, the citizens, enough vaccines to help us reach that level of needed, immunity, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Delta strain had been found in Pingdong, which sounded off the alarm of the slowing of the outbreaks of MERS-CoV in Taiwan, again.  The head of the county of Pingdong, Pan called out, that the outside world should NOT be on a witch hunt, not giving Pingdong a bad reputation, “the virus did not grow in Pingdong, the virus didn’t just, fall from the skies.” His words, it’d, touched many, it’s, just that the words came, a bit, late.

This current outbreak that hit hard, Hsinbei and Taipei were the hardest hit, since the DDP took office, down the chain of command, of the city councilpersons, as well as the online armies, had started, attacking both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities endlessly.  The city councilperson, Miao stated, “The whole country is in lockdown mode with Taipei and Hsinbei Cities”, the side wings immediately chimed in; the second in command of the Department of Sanitation Welfares, Shih pointed out, “Wanhwa is the hole which the virus had broken in.” the supporters of DDP immediate named the strains, “Wanhwa Strain”.  Who’s hunting witches, who’s, giving whom bad names, it’s, clear to see.

The reasons for the DDP’s doing this, first, to show, that the local governments with their party affiliate being in charge is doing, way better, other than stressing constantly, “+0”, they’d also, pushed those who’d contracted the virus all outward; secondly, to divert the people’s attention from Tsai’s wayward methods of helping the country defend itself against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV.  As the clusters of infections took over the communities in Kaohsiung, the mayor, Chen pushed the responsibilities to “both Taipei and Hsinbei didn’t report the cases truthfully.”, this was, a valid, example.

Of course, the outbreaks didn’t, fall from the skies, nor would the virus, there were, the tracks to be found.  This currently outbreak locally, the starting point was the pilot’s quarantine rule of “three plus eleven”; the structural cause lies in that Tsai and her government was too full of themselves, to the point of careless, turning everything into, political-correctness, that’s what caused the outbreaks to get out of hand.  Can the Tsai government see the problems, and, amend the mistakes that it’d made, that, is the key.

the virus still did NOT fall, like this…

bombs falling from the skies 的圖片結果
like bombs, out of the skies…photo from online

As the outbreak clusters occurred in Kaohsiung, Pingdong, the calls of, “We’re all jailed up with both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities” gone, in an, instant, this, was the lessons we need to learn from the blood and the tears.  The Tsai government needs to understand and note, that “the spread of the virus is not party-specific”, that she needed to view the “island as a complete whole”; otherwise, this outbreak shall, NEVER, end.

And so, it’s not like we’re not having it hard enough as is, the DDPs are still, trying, to turn the citizens, by claiming how it’s us, the northern regions who’d not kept close tabs on the spread, how the local governments (that aren’t their colors???) didn’t do their jobs correctly, that’s, caused the virus to head south, well, there’s now, the locally “grown” virus sighted in the south, and then, the greens shuts up, because that, is how the DDP works, it tries, to bend the people’s mind, and, sway those who are, easily swayed, and, mostly, those who are fooled, are living in the south and middle strips, because the DARK greens are in control of these, local governments, and, up north, our separate city governments ARE, doing the BEST that they possibly could, and the DDP try to divert their followers’ attention, so they don’t get blamed, for their, stupidity in the policies, and yet, are we the people, just so, FUCKING retarded to believe them???

Uh……………we are, well, the majority of those the voters who are GREEN, and they will all, head out to the polls, while, those of us who don’t support the current party in power, we just feel, that we can’t do anything, to change the situations, and besides, the party in power have a way, of swaying the masses, so, why the #$%@ would we bother, vote???

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