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Codependence Came Knocking Again

Knock, knock, knock, I’d counted them, three, three knocks, on my front door, and, I already knew, before I’d even peeked out the window WHAT (instead of a “who”???) it was.

Codependence came knocking again, it’s like it’s trying to tip me over or something, and each and every time I’d worked hard, to IGNORE, it’d only hit me harder.

Codependence came knocking again, and, I really can’t deal with that constant, banging-on-my-door, louder-and-louder sound, and so yeah, I’d opened up, and allowed it back into my life again.  And once it (codependence) had found a comfortable place in my life, it’d squatted, and refused to leave, I’d threatened to SUE it, but it wasn’t afraid of my threats, NOR was it afraid of the “law”.

Codependence came knocking again once more, and this time, I’d made my mind up, barred UP my heart, so there was NO way that it (codependence) can POSSIBLY get to me, and I’d took me a very long and a much-needed nap (as my way of ignoring it, codependence???), and, after I woke from my afternoon nap, I don’t hear that knocking again.

So, I’d KICKED codependence, for now, and, who knows, maybe, tomorrow, it’ll come a-knocking again, and then, I’d have to take that same nap I’d done today, to ignore it, one day at a time, I’m getting myself, farther, and farther away, from codependence…

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How Do You Let Go of the Betrayals

That’s E-A-S-Y, you DON’T, you carry it inside of your hearts, and, over time, this betrayal will have a TON of negative feelings surrounding it, and, eventually, you’d feel NOTHING BUT the negative emotions too.

You do NOT let go of the betrayals that happens to you, you grieve for it, you move forward, and, you break down, grieve, pick yourselves BACK up, move forward, and this process just keeps on repeating over, over, over, and over, and, even IF you eventually get healed back up, you still don’t let go of the betrayals, you’d just learned to forgive yourselves, as you’d come to know, that what had happened was NOT at all, your fault, and then, you’d finally find that hard-to-establish peace of mind like I’d already done too.

You do NOT let go of the betrayals that happens to you, you MUST remember them, take them to your hearts, and, LIVE in the pains, and, until the pains from that consumes you completely AND totally, you will NOT be able to let it all go, and that is still called???  Oh yeah: C-A-T-H-A-R-S-I-S, and I’d already done MINE, had you done yours as well???  I surely DO hope so!!!

So, how CAN you let go of the betrayal?  By going to THERAPY, or better yet, SCREAM out your thoughts AND feelings AT the wall, any wall would do, and, hear the echoes of your own anger, and, feel that anger getting drained out of your body, and then, you’re ON your way to healing back up proper, but NOT before!!!

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