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The New FOUR-DOSE Medigenvac Warriors, the First in the Country

So, getting vaccinated, became, like that mix-and-match of, dress shirts, with slacks, or the shoes, with the, varied kinds of, socks here then???  The government’s abuse of power, using WE the people, AS, labrats of the vaccines that it produced, and what’s worse, is that these, “medical professionals” are still, making EXCUSES, for the government to cover up its own, incompetence, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After Two Doses of Medigenvac, the Antibodies Tested Negative, After Mixing the Vaccines of Astra-Zeneca and Moderna, the Antibodies Tested, Positive

There’s, a first “New Fourth Dose Medigenvac Warrior” born in the country, and it’d, caused the debates on the effectiveness of the vaccines from Medigenvac.  After two doses of Medigenvac, the individual tested negative for the antibodies, then, after mixing the vaccines of AZ and Moderna later, the antibodies tested positive.  The experts told, that having a high percentage of antibody doesn’t mean having the complete protection from the vaccines, it’s just, that Medigenvac vaccines didn’t even get past its third-stage research and trials, the efficacy is unknown as is, and, recently, the country is heated up in debating about opening up the country’s borders, the experts called out, that no matter the brands of vaccines, the people should follow the lead of Medigenvac, to get a third, even, a fourth vaccine, then we can consider, opening up the borders of the country.

like this, only, there’s, NO olive, and the effects include, MORE than that “temporary lapse of, judgement”, “delayed reaction time”, etc., etc., etc., photo found online

The psychiatrist of Wanfang Hospital, Pan shared the story of the very first, fourth-dose Medigenvac warrior, it’s a medical staff in the thirties, gotten involved in the clinical trials of Medigenvac, and because he qualified for the vaccines provided by the government, he’d gotten his antibodies tested, it showed negative, thought he was in the placebo group, and gotten the AZ and Moderna vaccines, as Medigenvac posted the second-stage experimental results, he was in the experimental group.  After four doses of different kinds of vaccines, he’s currently still, healthy, no embolism, no myocarditis.

The researcher of the Central Research Agency, Chen stated, that the low and high of the amount of antibodies does NOT correlate to the efficacies of the vaccines, that the total rate of protection is only known, after the stage-three trials are, completed, and the clinical trials of the third-stage of Medigenvac is still continuing, and, there’s NO way of knowing IF Medigenvac is effective or not, plus, Medigenvac isn’t certified internationally, and, as the other countries used the vaccinations as the “foot in the door” to the countries, those who received the Medigenvac vaccines are, stuck unfairly.

The debate of antibodies of Medigenvac, the spokesperson of the CDC here, Chuang explained the matter that Medigenvac published on “Lancet”, the 903 subjects were tested for the antibodies, followed up for fifty-seven days, and, only two showed NO antibodies, the positive antibodies rate is 99.8-percent.

The head of the clinical research center of the Taipei Medical School, Liu stated, the cases of no positive show of antibodies can happen with any available vaccines, not just for Medigenvac.

Chen told, that the problem that Medigenvac currently faces is, that “it’s not internationally certified”.  Taiwan is now discussing the risks, the side effects of having the fourth vaccinations, he believed, that it’s not at all impossible, for everybody to get at least FOUR vaccinations in the near future, especially how internationally, the outbreaks are, heating back up again, not just a third booster, a fourth may eventually be, needed too.

And so, this government’s still, making, all its, BULLSHITTING excuses, NOT admitting to how this “homegrown” vaccine is, ineffective, and we the people are still, getting, totally FUCKED (don’t pardon me on this one!) here, because all our government cares about, is, ITS own, benefits, with a total disregard of the welfare of, its people, and we the people, are STUPID (yes we are!!!), for letting these, mother @#$%ERS (maxed out!) rule over us, we are, a people, enslaved now.

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