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Twenty-Two Police Officers Suspected of Falsifying Writing up the Tickets, Indicted on Encroachment

Officers of the law, breaking the law, because the “pay-off” is too hard, to, resist!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Twenty two police officers in Hsinbei City, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, were suspected of working with fifteen car sales representative, to find holes in the justice systems, in three years’ time, the officers had made the illegal profits of more than $47 million N.T.s total; the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office charged all twenty-two police officers on encroachment, and one of the charged was a director of a local substation.

Based off of the traffic laws, if there are the speeding or other dangerous driving behaviors, the licenses are suspended for six months, but the rule also had, if the owner of the car didn’t have the plates on the cars, using other license plates, or still drove the cars while the license plates had been suspended, the police can find them, and retract the license plates.

The employees found the loopholes, that the owners of the vehicle can get the license plates again by reapplying, and get back on the roads again.  Since 2018, a total of twenty-two officers didn’t impound the vehicles as they were supposed to, from taking the bribes, allowing the owners of the vehicles to get their cars from the pound, and get a brand new license plate without questions.

The investigation found, that the officers, Liao, and Chou took the bribes of $15,000N.T. and $2,000N.T., the rest of the twenty-two who were suspected didn’t have any valid evidence of bribe found, but, based off of the rental rates of the iRent, and other rents of average of $290N.T. an hour, they’d estimated that the officers had received the total of illegal bribes in the total of over $47 million N.T.s; of them, the officer, Rong from Sanchong Substation’s back up squad received the most in over $50 million N.T.s.

The D.A.’s office indicted the twenty-two officers on encroachment charges, the fifteen agents, as well as a mechanic, Jeng.  In the investigations, there were twelve patrol officers who’d admitted to it, and the D.A. believed that they admitted to the crimes, and asked the courts to give them a fitting sentence.

After this, the Hsinbei Police Department immediately gave the matter to the city’s traffic accident unit to decide what was to be done, the transportation department’s highway unit amended the fines regulations last year, to prevent this matter already.

And so, this is still driven by money, with the cops, taking the bribes from the rental car agencies, because they don’t want to be fined, for not updating the license plates, or for not having the cars tuned up to the standards, so, they paid the police off, and, the police actually took the bribes too, because, money still speaks the loudest!

This is bad, if you can buy out the police, what else, can’t you do???

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The Police Who’d Taken in the Money Sentenced to Eleven Years for the Money He Took, the Women He Had Sex with, and the Money for His Home Renovations, Sentenced to Eleven Years in Prison

Corruption of the law enforcement officials, from the top down here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The decorated police officer of Kaohsiung City Police Department, Sun, while working at the offices of internal affairs, took kickbacks from Liu who’d owned a sex eatery, and accepted the bribes in trips abroad, his remodeling of his own home, buying the new appliances, all paid for by Liu.  His first and second trials gained him eleven years in prison on counts of bribery, encroachment, stripped of his government post for five years; Sun appealed, and the Highest Court tossed back his appeal.

Sun had been suspended since his indictment, the city police station, fired him from his post after the verdict came out; the city government of Kaohsiung is going ahead with its own punishment of firing him from his post, and, he can’t be hired for four whole years.

Sun started working as an inspector, Liu the owner of the “Jia-Jia Eatery”, was actually a “Vietnamese brothel”, with the female strippers.

Started from 2013, the eatery was listed by the substation as a target of the unannounced checks, Liu found it hard to keep the business going, bribed Sun, while Sun was at a gathering with his coworkers and superior, he’d, passed the words to the manager of the substation he worked in, tried to pay the manager of the substation $20,000N.T. to get him to reduce the checks, but as the manager found out the purpose of the money presented to him, he’d told Sun he wouldn’t, and Sun pocketed the cash.

Sun also took the bribes of Liu’s bar, having the strippers, massages, the trips to Vietnam, and he’d even asked Liu to fix up a steel shack for him, and not paid the man the $200,000N.T. in construction, and had Liu buy the furniture in close to $60,000N.T. for him.  Liu complained to his nephew, that Sun had him under his thumbs.

The courts estimated that Sun illegally received a total of $348,700N.T. in items total; Sun explained, that his was a friend of Liu’s, and privately, they’d, given each other things, money, that started in 2014,  because of Liu’s business, he’d taken a loan of over tens of million dollars N.T. from him, but in 2017, his company closed down, and couldn’t pay back the loans, they’d gotten bad with one another since, in 2018, he’d sued Liu for fraud.

After the verdict of the first trial, Sun got an appeal, the High Subsidiary Court of Kaohsiung maintained the ruling from before, confiscated an air-conditioning unit, a washer.  Sun appealed again, the Highest Court tossed back his appeal, case closed.  Before the investigations on the fraud charge happened, Liu already turned himself in, and he didn’t have to serve any time.

And so, this, is how the appetite of this officer of the law grew and grew, and, this still showed, just how much, corruption is in the systems, how if the officers of the laws are, breaking the laws themselves, how the HELL do you expect, that we, ordinary citizens follow the rules?  You don’t, that’s why, this world is in such a huge mess right now, because the higher up officials can’t behave themselves correctly, that’s why, corruption works, its ways, down.

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