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“I’m Too Old to Be Interested in Sex”, He’d Turned Her Down, and She’d Robbed Him

Because you got it, and so, you used it, but, when it didn’t work, you’d ROBBED?  What’s that teaching your children?  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A forty-five year old woman, who still looked beautiful, because she needed spending cash, two days ago, she’d followed an elderly man to the farmer’s association to withdraw money, and attempted to use sex to entice him, but he’d turned her down, Yang immediately changed, robbed the elderly man of the $20,000N.T. he’d just withdrawn, and yesterday, she was caught by the police, based off of the leads they were given, and booked for robbery.

The police said, that the eighty-four year old elderly man, Wu, two afternoons ago, rode his motorcycle to the farmer’s association to make a withdraw of a little over $20,000N.T., and was zoomed in by Yang, Yang rode her motorcycle, followed the elderly, to the temples, and saw, that there was no one looking, so, she’d stopped him, and tried seducing him, leaned against the elderly man, said that she was willing to give him her body, but the elderly said, “I’m too old, not interested!”

After Yang got turned down by the elderly man, she felt ashamed, took the over $20,000N.T. that the elderly had kept inside his back pant pockets, then ran.  Afterwards, a villager, Wang passed by, and the elderly told him, that he’d just been robbed by a woman, and lost a little over $20,000N.T., Wang called the police for the elderly, but, by the time the police got there, the elderly had already left.

The subprecinct in Beigang afterwards, reviewed the surveillance video at the farmer’s association, and found Wu, the elderly man, and the elderly didn’t want to make a big deal and so, he told them that he’s NOT interested in pursuing, said that “It’s just MY bad luck!”; but the police used, “If we don’t get her now, she will rob someone else”, and tried to get through to the elderly man, and the elderly told them what had happened.

The police used the surveillance footage, to track down the license plates, and yesterday found her in Taichung, she’d admitted to robbery, and told the police that she was involved in a car wreck last year, that she’d borrowed money from a friend for medical treatments, and because the friend was urging her to pay back the debts, that, was why she’d rode from Taichung, to Bei-Gang, Shue-Ling, to find victims, and she saw how the elderly man just took money from the Farmer’s Association, that, was why she’d attempted to seduce him, and rob him, she was in deep regret, and returned the remaining $5,000N.T. back to the victim.

And so, because he wasn’t buying it, you just flat OUT robbed the elderly man?  Where’s the moral in that?  And, hello, that, is one more bad thing, happening in someone’s neighborhood, during the BROAD DAY LIGHT too!!!  Because the woman had her sight on the money, and, when the elderly didn’t buy into her sexiness, she’d just took the money from him, and that, is just totally W-R-O-N-G!!!

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