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Escape from Death…by a Smidge

She had, escape from death…by a smidge, death, was nipping at her heels…

Escape from death…by a smidge, such a close call, because she wasn’t supposed to go yet, that, was why, death had “skipped” her, for now!

Escape from death…by a smidge, had she’d surpassed that car that was driving too slow, that she wanted to surpass, it would’ve been her, who was HIT, by that eighteen-wheeler overturn up ahead, but, she didn’t, and so, she survived.

Escape from death…by a smidge, it was, a very close call, a nearly HIT, but still not quite, because there’s still more things she must get to, before her time here on earth is UP…

Escape from death…by a smidge, after that day’s incident, she couldn’t wipe the images of those who were screaming, calling out in pain, out of her head, and, it became, troubling, and, all around her, she’d heard people saying, “You’re lucky, for having survived”.  But deep down, she’d hoped, that she was dead, like the rest of them, and she is now, living with, survivor’s guilty!

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