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Suicide Caused By Getting Taunted


Jun-Ming Chen, who’s serving his term in the armed services was found yesterday, lying dead inside his room, with a total of NINE knife wounds on his neck and his left wrist.  The mother claimed that “He couldn’t even use a knife to slice an apple, how could he possibly have killed himself using a knife?”, the son was often taunted by the other trainees, felt a LOT of pressures, the mother had asked the police to dig deeper, to find the real reason of her son’s suicide.

This is the very FIRST time since the service center’s coming about.  The assistant chief Chung-Jing Lee stated, Jun-Ming Chen (21 years old) was assigned to the training center’s medical branch to serve out his army terms, but because he’s had health issues, they’d assigned him to work close to the medical buildings, he’s to get out of his army services by August 7 of this year.

Yesterday after the midday break at around one, Chen was nowhere to be found, his comrades went to the bedrooms to find him, found him faced down; after pulling back the covers, they’d discovered that he was covered in blood, with a crafts knife next to him.  The medics saw that he had a knife wound on the right side of his neck and eight slashes on his left wrist, they send him to the hospital, but, he still died.

Upon hearing her son’s death, Chen’s mother melted down, yesterday at around noon, the mother had received a text telling “the parents to take care of themselves”, she felt that something was amiss, without knowing that she’d be receiving the notice of his death by two o’clock in the afternoon.  When her son was serving in the army, he was often called “faking illness”, “faking death to avoid duties”, his weight went from 70 kgs down to 50 kgs, the mother suspected that her son didn’t commit suicide, that he was murdered.

Another case where someone couldn’t handle the pressures and ended up cracking, because there was NO evidence of foul play, and, maybe it WAS a murder, who knows, but the FOCUS of this discussion is what would DRIVE this man to commit suicide, if he DID indeed, commit suicide?

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