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The One-Month-Old Infant Boy Died Sleeping on His Abdomen of Asphyxia, the Nanny Charged

Hello, where the !@#$ is your SENSES, huh, an infant that young can’t turn himself over!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The little over a month old young infant boy, Tsai, after only four days of being taken to his nanny’s he’d died of asphyxia from sleeping on his abdomen, he was rushed to the hospital, but still died, the parents of the young baby cried like hell, suspected that the nanny had, left their young son in the room sleeping on his own.  The Social Services of Kaohsiung found, that Kuo the nanny was certified, but, she’d taken in too many infants under ages of two, they will be, retracting her license of operating a public nursery.

The D.A. and police’s preliminary investigations found, that after the infant boy was born, he’d stayed in the hospital with his mother for the afterbirth month-long recovery, as he got home, five days ago, he was, sent to the nanny, Kuo (age 38), two nights ago, Kuo left the infant boy alone as he slept in the bedrooms, half an hour later, the nanny went in, to check on the baby, he’d, stopped, breathing, she’d, immediately performed CPR, and after she’d, rushed him to the Kaohsiung Hospital, he’d still, died.

The police charged the woman with negligence causing death, and, sent the nanny, Kuo to the district attorney’s office, yesterday the district attorneys had, autopsied the infant boy, found him to not have any external injuries, suspected that the cause of death was asphyxia, they will be conducting an autopsy, to confirm his cause of death on another day.  After the nanny, Kuo was interrogated, she’d blamed herself, cried hard, not said a single word, the district attorney sent her home after they’d interrogated her.  The parents of the young infant boy held each other and cried as the D.A. told them the cause of their son’s death.

The couple, the Tsais owned and operated a betel nut stand in Kaohsiung, the infant male who’d died was their secondborn, they have a son of a little over a year old, because there’s not enough space at their original residence, they’d, bought a second home in the city, they were on the way to move into a new home.

The infant’s father stated, that his son was born not too long ago, for the move, he and his wife bought the furniture for their new home, then, found the nanny through FB who’s, certified, but, the nanny left their son alone in the room to sleep on his own, on his abdomen, causing their son to die of asphyxia, as they’d heard the news, they’d both become, “dumbfounded”.  The grandfather of the infant boy was distraught told the press, that he never got a chance to hold his grandson in his arms, and he’d, died.

The Social Services Department in Kaohsiung pointed out, that based off of the regulations, the nanny Kuo, can only take in two infants under age two but she’d, taken in two infants under age two, and a toddler over two, and on the eleventh, someone asked her, to take in another young child, she’d, taken in more children than she was, supposed to, they will retract her certification for daycare, and issue a fine of $6,000 N.T. to $30,000N.T. based off of the law.  The Social Services already transferred the other infants and toddlers that Kuo had taken on to another nanny now, and called out to the public, that infants should be placed down for their naps on their sides or their backs.

So, in a moment of carelessness, this young infant boy still, D-I-E-D, and this nanny shouldn’t have, taken over the limit of number of young children she was supposed to, and now, she’s charged with negligence homicide, or manslaughter, and this should’ve, NEVER happened, but it still, did, so, what does that tell you, about the nannies who are, certified???  That if you’re not careful, it does NOT matter IF you’re, certified, accidents still, happen, too easily!


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A Nine-Month Old Boy Slept Between His Parents and Was Suffocated by the Father’s Thighs

Hello, hello, hello, did they NOT teach you to NEVER let a very young child (before the age of say???  THREE) sleep in the adults’ beds???  And yet, this sort of a T-R-A-G-E-D-Y is still happening???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A first-time father (oh that explains a L-O-T, doesn’t it!!!) last year slept in the same bed as his wife and son who was just nine months old, and as the dawn cracked, he found his son, sleeping, face on his left thigh, and he’d only noted how he didn’t have the covers on him, and so, he’d pulled the covers back on his son, and continued to sleep.  At around noontime, his wife found that their son had suffocated to death, because of his thighs, the D.A. charged the father based off of death by not paying enough attention.

On a night in June last year, the male infant was in his mother’s arms, on the edge of the bed, in the middle of the nights, the mother found that the child had fallen off the bed, she’d carried him back up, placed the child in the middle of the bed, with the parents, taking up the left and the right side of the bed.

At a little past eight the next morn, the man was still half asleep, and saw that his son was on the side of his left thighs, and didn’t have covers on him, he worried that his son might have a cold, but didn’t notice that the child’s face was on his thighs, and, after he’d pulled the covers onto his son, he fell back to sleep again.

Until the noon hours, the mother came to carry the child to feed, she’d found the boy cold, and not breathing, and without a heartbeat, they’d rushed him to the hospital, but he still died, and the cause of death was shock due to lack of breathing, the medical examiners speculated that the baby was suffocated by the man’s left thigh.

The wife of the man said, that in the middle of the night, as she’d carried the son into the middle of their beds, she’d placed him around their faces, she couldn’t understand how the child ended up by her husband’s thigh.  The husband said, that at around dawn, he found the child in the middle of the bed, his face was on his left thigh, because he was still not yet awake, he’d pulled the covers onto his son, and fell asleep again.

The D.A. pointed out, that the parents were told that the nine month old had his nose and mouth covered and couldn’t flip himself over to breathe, but the man didn’t do anything, just fell asleep again, causing this tragedy, and clearly, there’s negligence.

The expert in childrearing, Shue said, that it is NOT suggested that babies sleep on the parents’ bed, “it would be quite dangerous to sleep next to an adult”, because as we sleep, we don’t keep the same positions, and, a four-month old is capable of flipping her/himself over, and can crawl, it is actually, very dangerous, for adults to sleep with their young child.

Shue said, that there should be a crib by the parents’ bed in the master bedroom, to allow the child to sleep in it, and that specialty infant quilts must be used, “when you tuck the child in, place the quilt under the armpits of the child, and you should NOT get the quilt higher than the armpits”, especially, you should avoid allowing babies sleep on their tummies, to avoid suffocation.

And so, this, is a case of carelessness, of NEGLIGENCE, and of a LACK of education, but I call it C-O-M-M-O-N sense!!!  Hello, are you FUCKING (and no, it still won’t BE the last of that!!!) kidding me?  You should NOT let your infant children sleep ON your beds, what you should do, IF you’re really worried about your young infant children is by placing a CRIB next to your beds, and, let the kid sleep in that!!!  And I’m NOT even a parent, and I know that already, and, this couple are parents, and, you’d have to wonder?  Did they NOT get at least a C (a passing grade???) on their basic parenting classes?  Or, did they even TAKE a class of basic common sense of parenting here???

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