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Kept in at Home


The boy, kept in at home, his dog, kept in at home.  The whole morning, the entire night.  His older brother rode in with his girlfriend, they came.  Looking at the boy, not long thereafter, they’d started copying him, kept in at home.  His uncle, looked at them, curiously, made two turns, sat down next to the boy’s dog.  For an entire night, and the following day.

Grandma is going to work, with a bamboo carrier on her shoulders, and a heavy suitcase, passed through her two grandsons and the girl, walked right passed them, and gone around her only son and the dog too, walked out the door, she couldn’t help but look backward, and sighed, gazing at this heavy burden in her life.  Looking at them, wondering, when, would the gold from heaven finally fall off her hands.

And here, you still have sons who SUCKED their parents’ D-R-Y, and in this case, it’s the mother who’s shouldering up everything, because she’s now, taking care of her son, her grandson, AND her grandson’s girlfriend, along with a D-O-G too, when are you ALL going to GROW UP, and learn to do things on your own?  Oh yeah, until your parents had D-I-E-D, because then, you will have NO other choice BUT to stand up!!!

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