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Wanting to Marry a Sixteen-Years-Old Former Student, an Elementary School Instructor Got Fired

This, didn’t end too well, NOT like the case in the United States, translated…

An elementary school male instructor dated a former student who just turned sixteen, he gave her thongs and underwear as presents, and had sex with her.  Later, the student told the university that she’d applied to that she’d been raped by him, the male instructor got FIRED from the school, and was displeased, and, he sued her, but the judge wouldn’t allow for it.

The male instructor pointed out that he was dating her, and they had both reached a consensus, and, what they did is private and off the record; the school should NOT impose upon the instructors the “perfect moralistic standpoint” onto its instructors.  The highest executive courts in Taipei found that as a school instructor, one should uphold a set of strict values, and that the male instructor had crossed the line, and that the school didn’t do anything wrong.

He said, that after this young girl went to middle school and high school, she’d gone back to the elementary school instructor’s office to study, and, they became boyfriend and girlfriend, and had talked of getting married.

The instructor spoke for himself, that although it is morally wrong for an instructor to have feelings for a student, but, when they had sex, she’d been out of elementary school for five years, just turned sixteen, that it wasn’t against the laws, and the D.A. won’t prosecute him based off of this.  And, he had already reached an agreement with the student’s family, why won’t they give him a chance to make up for what he’d done?

The male instructor said, that as a female turned sixteen, then, she is allowed to have sexual freedoms, can get married, and, even IF he did give her thongs, and underwear, it wasn’t used as payments for sex.

He also used the examples of the American president, Clinton, along with numerous executive officials in the government, showing that so long as his personal life doesn’t intervene with his professionalism, then, the school should NOT make a federal case out of it.

The elementary school stated, that after the girl went on to middle and high school, she would return to the elementary school from time to time, to seek out advice from the male instructor, and they were still in a student-teacher relationship.  The male instructor took advantage of the girl, when she was NOT yet mature enough to have sex with her; although the D.A. didn’t prosecute the case, he’d also pointed out how dangerous it was, for the rest of the student population in the school, how it posed as a danger, that he was NO longer fitting as an instructor.

The government in Yilan also fined the instructor $300,000N.T. for his misbehaviors, according to the laws for the children and youth social welfare.

The highest executive courts found, that the instructor had crossed the line, had intercourse with the student; and, the court appointed psychiatrist found that the girl’s self-worth, her future as a nurse, along with her interpersonal relations will all be affected by this event, and that the instructor was fired, for justified reasons.

And, that is still NOT the end of this “circus”, because the instructor would feel “taken”, after all, it WAS consensual, and, the girl is NOT at all as innocent as they (the media) had painted her out to be, because sex usually happens under consensus, and if it didn’t, then, why the HECK did this young girl wait until many years later to point it out?  I mean, if she’s afraid, that, is understandable, but W-H-Y now, did she only come clean?  That, would be the Soup of the Day, served in today’s K-I-T-C-H-E-N…

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