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The Stresses from the Examinations Caused a Gifted and Talented Student to Leap Off of a Building

Maybe, it’s the season, who knows???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The last year gifted and talented middle school student, after school last night, leapt from his twelfth story home, and killed himself; the police investigations found, that his parents are both school instructors where he’d gone, one in math, one in English, and the police suspected, that because he’d gotten too stressed out by the national middle school examinations that’s happening in May, that he’d just cracked, and killed himself.

His parents, after getting the news, hurried to the hospital, and they were heartbroken, as they were told the news of his death.  The principal from the school, after hearing the news, was shocked, that Lee had been doing quite well in school, maintained the top six scorers of his class, and scored high on both mathematics and English, had gotten fifth place in the city-wide violin competitions, is multi-talented, and would perform in front of the whole school a lot, and had entered into English Speech competitions, and gotten put up for the junior diplomat too.

The family members disclosed to the police, that recently, the son had told his school instructor, that he’d wanted to “work hard, to take the national exams”, supposing, that he was talking about the national middle school students’ examinations that is going to happen for the first time, since the implementation of the 12-year education program, “the stresses from his studies” might be the cause of his suicide.  But, the school principal, Tseng said, that there are NO major examinations scheduled any time soon, she didn’t believe that “scholastic pressures” was the cause of the student’s suicide.

So, from the surface, we still have a PERFECTIONIST, someone who’s done WELL in his studies, and what, might cause this young man to suicide, we may NEVER know for sure, as the only person with the answer to that question is already D-E-A-D, so, all of this, is still in H-I-N-D-S-I-G-H-T, and, could this have been prevented?  Maybe, so, why did it still happen?

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