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Watering the Plants and Accidentally Sprayed Some Water onto His Classmate, the First Year Middle School Boy Got Beaten Until His Liver Ruptured

How easily they still get angered at that age???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A first-year middle school student, Lin was watering the plants outside of his classroom and accidentally sprayed some water onto his female classmate, Lin, two days ago, the male student was beaten by the group she’d called up to get revenge, the male student had subdural hematoma, along with a ruptured liver as a result of the beating, the police yesterday called on the six suspects who took it too far, and that was when they realized, that they’d “done something awful”, and changed their fierce ways and begged, “We won’t do it again!”

The police investigated that the female student, Lin (age 13) on the latter half of the month of September, was walking outside on the campus, and Lin was watering the plants, and the water got splashed onto her, the female got angered, and asked the boy to apologize to her, but he’d refused, that evening, she’d written on Facebook, “I’m going to beat you, I’m going to kick you”, etc., etc., etc., and other statements of her displeasure.

Another older classman from the same school, Pan (age 15) found this, he’d told the younger girl, “I’ll get him for you!”, two afternoons ago at around six, he’d asked along Chiu (age 15) from the same school, along with a dropout, Liu (age 15), Tseng (age 17), and Chien (age 17), a total of four guys, they first forced Lin in front of the stage, told him to apologize to the underclass girl, Lin wouldn’t, and it’d angered everybody there.

“I’ll kill you!”, Pan and others started beating on the victim, and after that, they’d dragged him to a park nearby, and kicked and punched him some more there, after they’d gotten their angers out, they all went their separate ways, and, just so happens that the student’s older sister was on her way home and discovered him, she’d immediately told their parents, and they’d rushed him, who was barely breathing, to the hospital.

Lin was seriously damaged, he had a subaracnoid hemorrhage, a ruptured liver, and contusions on all four of his limbs, and now, he’s still unconscious, lying, on a hospital bed, the family was really mad and reported to the police, and claimed that they will get those responsible to pay.

The female student Lin, along with six others yesterday came forth to the station, and, as they realized the extent of their actions, they’d fallen silent at the subprecinct.  As the officers interrogated them, the female student apologized and said, “I now know what I did was wrong!”, afterwards, the police sent all six teens who were involved, to juvenile court.

The school told, that Lin was from a single-parent household, her father works away from home, she’s now, living with her uncle from her mother’s side.  When she was in the elementary years, she’d met some bad friends online, and had prior of having someone she met online help her to handle similar things, as she’d entered middle school, she was often found in detention at school.  The other two students who were involved in the beating were also problematic students, the last year student, Pan, was a dropout, and two weeks ago, he’d stopped coming to school.

Forget about using your words, it doesn’t work!  Now, the kids turn to VIOLENCE, and, it’s NO longer limited to beating the CRAP out of one another on the playgrounds when someone took your spot in playing on the swings or whatever now, and, this young woman still cracked too easily, and, just because the boy accidentally sprayed water onto your heads, and REFUSED to apologize, that’s still NO reason to have your gang, to beat the CRAP out of him, and now, the boy is in a coma, and, you’re faced with MURDER charges, is that worth it?  I think N-O-T!

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