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Those Who Take the M.R.T. Continued Sliding on the Cell Phones, and, the Patrolling Police Were Reduced

The aftermath of the shooting awhile back, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The murder cases of the random shooting that occurred on the MRT in Taipei, the crowd had returned to its usual rates since the shooting awhile ago, and, most of the passengers had already, put this tragedy behind them, and, the Hsinbei MRT station police force was also, reduced, from the originally 700 officers per day, to just one officer, watching the platforms, during the afternoon rush hours.

There were those passenger riding on the MRT who lowered their heads, to catch up on their sleep now, and, more are zoomed in on their cells, to play, and, most of the passengers sat quietly, watching the scene outside roll on by, to carry on in conversation, the tense atmosphere from before can no longer be felt.  The regular office worker, Gang-Yu Hsieh said, that he would NOT change his habits of sliding his cell phone while riding on the MRT, “there’s just no need, to be on high guards all the time.”

The eighth grader, from Jiang-Tsuei Middle School, Huang said, that the two weeks right after the random shooting, he was very scared, but after the police were sent, to patrol the MRT stations, he felt safer, and slowly, he no longer felt anxious.

Mr. Liu who saw the victims using their hands, to cover their wounds that day said, two weeks after the shooting, he’d made sure that his daughter rode the bus, later on, because there were police force, standing guard at the MRT stations, he’d allowed his daughter to ride on the MRT during the rush hours, but now, his worries are totally gone.

The twenty-two year-old college student who bore witness to someone getting murdered by Jie Cheng that day on the MRT still can’t wipe the images of the passengers, scattering out in a panic off of his mind, but she said, now, the passengers are no longer on heightened alert with one another, “those who are dozing off, are dozing off, those who are sliding on their cell phones, are sliding on their cells”, it’s like, the shooting had, never even happened at all.

The Taipei MRT offices estimated, that a month after the shooting rampage, the flow of “traffic” had dropped by 60,000 compared to the previous month, and now, it’d rose up to 194,000 per day, and, the events are no longer, affecting the operations of the Taipei MRT systems.

The sixth train where the shooting occurred is still parked in the garage in Tucheng, Hsinbei City, the officials planned to change the seats, and will see if there’s the need, to decide, if the train sections where the murders occurred should be placed back on the systems.

And so, this, is what happens AFTERWARDS, and, see how quickly people can toss the badness to the BACK of their minds?  And, until something like the shooting by Jie Cheng occurred again, will people start getting scared, and, shortly thereafter, the public, once again, toss all of that, to the BACK of their minds, that, is how SHORT the attention span of the public is…and, everything will, still, BLOW over, and, people will, eventually forget!

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Saving My Father’s Memories, with the Help of the Grandkids

Ways to resolve the issues of memory loss from the onset of dementia, and, it works too, translated…

My father had always been watchful of his own health conditions, until the year he’d turned eighty-three, he’d had a stroke, and fallen.  All of a sudden, he was without his mobility, and there were so many things on his mind that’s turned complex, he’d become watchful of his environment, and just sat and observed, with this coldness in his eyes.

My father who once carried the family through the storms, when he’d fallen ill, my mother and all of us chipped in, to care for him, hoped to reduce the damages in all aspects of his life to the minimal.  We, who had our separate families, took turns, headed home to hold conversations with my father, to fill the house with more laughter and life.

Until one day, I’d realized, that in my half-hour conversing with my father, he’d asked the same questions SIX times.  My mother told me, that in these past fifteen days, he’d repeated the same things over, over, and over.  I’d tried asking my father, what he’d just had for supper, or what he’d just watched on the news, and, he’d always replied, “I forgot!”

I’d inquired the doctors, and they’d told me, that this, was the onset of aging, and the preliminary symptoms of dementia.  In order for my father to remember the family members who loved him so, we must work hard together, to connect with him even more.  On top of that, we’d taught the younger grandchildren to sing nursery rhymes, and hold casual conversations with him by his bedside, to help him recall his own past.  And, because we’d found the kids to help, it’d brightened up my father’s eyes, and, his moods were lifted!

“Don’t tire yourself out, it’s cold these couple of days, DO remember, to put on an extra layer of clothes!”, recalling these words that my father used to say to us, as show of care and concern, how he’d truly cared for his children, it’d made me feel real sad.

I know, that we’re running this hard race with time, and we’re trying hard, to salvage my father’s memories, we’re, working at it currently!

And so, this, IS how dementia affect the ENTIRE family, because the person you loved dearly, the person who took care of you when you were just a child, will one day, forget who you are, and, it is, very painful, and hard to cope with, but, there’s NOTHING we can do, to CURE this condition, we can only hope, that the progression of dementia can be slowed down, and, when your elderly parents or grandparents are diagnosed with dementia, they need your accompaniments, now, more so than ever.

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Memories, Extracted from His Mind

Memories, extracted from his mind, because his mind could NO longer hold everything in, and, things are slowly, getting lost, each and every single day…

Memories, extracted from his mind, this, is a must-do, because if we don’t extract his memories when he could still recall, we won’t have anything after his mind is gone, and, by then, all the important information we need from him would be lost, and that, would be very bad.

Memories, extracted from his mind, and, there’s no way of preventing this, he’s aging fast, and, there’s NO slowing this deteriorating process, and, he’d “gone blank” even more often lately, and, his moods would SWING like crazy, when the weather gets hot and cold too.

Memories, extracted from his mind, there’s nothing we CAN do, but just sit close by, hold his hands, soothe him if and when he starts to cry, like when we were little, and got hurt, and he’d done the same for us.  Memories, extracted from his mind, and, his mind slowly became very brittle, and now, if we weren’t careful, then, it’d chip and, there would be more things gone then………

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Your Name Had Become So Foreign to Me Now…

There are so many names and faces that I used to be able to “link” together, but now, it seems, that I can’t link the names to the faces any longer…

Your name had become so foreign to me now, it’s just odd, to think, how easily, someone that I used to love so much and so dearly, can be forgotten by me, so very quickly.  Your name had become so foreign to me now, I don’t even know what it means anymore, I’d lost so much, on the way, and, I don’t think, that I will, ever regain what I’d lost back again.

Your name had become so foreign to me, and, your faces, well, they’re all, fading out, on by one, I just pray, that I will still, be able to recognize that “stranger in the mirror”, starin’ right back at me someday.

Your name had become so foreign to me, and, it’s not my fault, I don’t want to forget you, but, that, is just how it is, I’d aged, relatively quickly, especially these past couple of years, ever since I got that serious cold, things had gone downhill………


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Her Memories Became a Jigsaw

She started remembering less and less of what is happening in current day, and can recall those ancient, old events, and, her memory became a jigsaw…

Piece by piece, they started to lose the adhesiveness, and started falling off, so, you’d originally had a completed 5000 pieces of puzzles, all glued together properly, but, as time flies by, the glue wore off, and the pieces, they started falling off, to the outside of the frames.

Her memories became a jigsaw, there’s nothing we can do, but to stay by her side, and help her remember the things she couldn’t anymore, give her small hints, tips, along with help her recall, as for this slow deterioration process, the meds, don’t really work that well anymore, because she is in the later stages now.

Her memories became a jigsaw, that, is all the doctor told us, that eventually, ALL the pieces will fall off, leaving that huge CHUNK of blank, where the puzzle used to be, and, there’s NO way you’ll EVER be able to put the pieces back together, because you too, are growing old, and, eventually, you WILL turn into your mother, as all children end up, living the lives of their parents………

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Her Memory Became an Hourglass

With the grains of the sands, falling fast, downward, her memory became an hourglass, and, with each grain of sand that falls toward the bottom, little, by little, her memories, are lost.

Her memory became an hourglass, there’s NO way for her to hold on tight to them, because she’s remembering less, and less, each and every single day, and, sometimes, when she wakes up in the morn, she couldn’t even recall who she was anymore.

Her memory became an hourglass, and, the sands inside is slowly, slipping away, grains at a time, and eventually, she will completely forget, because there would be NO more grains of sands, falling toward the bottom of that hourglass anymore, as all the grains had all, previously, fallen already.

Her memory became an hourglass, and, we tried to keep her with us, for as long as we possibly could, but, there came a day, when she won’t even recognize her closest of kin, her own children…

Her memory became an hourglass, and the fragments of her memories are those sands, falling quickly, into the bottom, and, they will NEVER be captured again, because once time goes by, it will NOT come back again, will it?  Nope!


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