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The Hurt Goes on, with Every Tear Shed

So, you think, that crying is the way, for you, to heal your wounds???  Think AGAIN!!!

The hurt goes on, with every tear shed, and this had become, really confusing to me, ‘cuz I’d been told, that after you’d cried, you won’t feel the hurt no more (and your point being???).  The hurt goes on, with every tear shed, and, the more you cry, the more you’re, reminded, of what he’d done, to hurt you.

The hurt goes on, with every tear shed, because you hadn’t mourned for the loss completely yet, but, one day, you’ll be completely finished, and, you’ll look back, and see, that the tears shed, were not, for naught, that although you’d stained your pillows so many nights, they’d actually, helped you move on, eventually.

Now, this, is a very slow-occurring process, and, there’s NO way you can possibly hurry it along, so, all you can do, is to just, BEAR with it!

The hurt goes on, with every tear shed, and no, it still won’t get better, not just yet, you have to first, mourn for the betrayals of that lost love, and, if that’s not painful enough in itself, you still must deal with everything else that’s going on, outside of you, and, when you can finally, juggle everything, and NOT drop a single item, then, you’re well on your way, to healing, and no, you’re still not, quite healed up completely yet though…

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