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The Father Shopped For His Daughter’s Underwear

I thought it’s the M-O-M-M-I-E-S who usually do this, apparently, daddies can do this too, but, it just might get a bit A-W-K-W-A-R-D!!!  Translated…

I’d gone out shopping with my wife on the weekends, a man in his forties had been following us sneakily, since we were in the underwear shop, and he’d followed us to the bookstands.  In the over ten minutes’ time, he’d followed closely behind us, seemed to want to say something, but, something had stopped him.

I’d elbowed my wife gently, to remind her to watch her own burse, and signaled to her, with my eyes, that this man behind her was bad.

My wife used her peripheral vision to eye the man, told me, that even though, the man was covered in paint, but he didn’t seem like the pick-pocket type.

Waited until we’d turned back to the underwear shop, and took the altered clothes from the shop owner, it’s SHOWTIME!

Seeing this man, walking toward my wife, I’d beaten him to the punch, “What do you want?”, I’d stood in front of my wife, in a forceful manner.  “I’m sorry, I just want your wife to help me out.”

My wife and I looked at each other, wondered what he was thinking of.  Then, his face turned red, as he’d scratched the back of his own head, said, “I wanted to buy my daughter some underwear.”  And he’d made a gesture around his chest.

I’d recalled the scene prior, my wife was sorting through the underwear racks, soaking up in the joys of shopping, without recalling that I was right behind her.  I was somewhat embarrassed, turned around, and saw him, smiling next to his motorcycle.

“Where is your wife?  She should be the one, picking out your daughter’s underwear with her.”, my wife told him.

“My daughter just got into middle school, and her mother died in childbirth, I don’t have any other relatives I can go to for advice………”, he’d fallen silent for a short while, continued, “If you are unwilling, ma’am, I won’t force you to help

“Come, come with me………”, my wife asked the man about his daughter’s height, her build, her preferences in color.  And I was moved, by this scene, I’d watched the man, carried the bag of gifts out, with a heart of satisfaction, as he’d hopped onto his motorcycle, I’d bore witness, to the soft heart of a true man.

So, being a single dad isn’t at all easy, especially when you have a daughter, and, that, was what this man was faced with, and yet, the narrator’s wife had shown him the kindness that he needed, and, they don’t even KNOW one another too!!!

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