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A Man Stole Shoes from a Shop, Went Back to the Shop, to Trade the Pair He’d Stolen, Then Went Back to the Shop to Take Another Stroll

Yeah, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me here, and no, I still did NOT make this one up either, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hong, shoplifted SIX pairs of slippers from a supermarket, the first time, he’d gotten a pair that was way too big, he’d returned to the store, stolen a smaller pair, but was satisfied with the colors, returned, for another pair, then, wore it to the shop where he’d stolen it from, and was arrested, the police described him as “treating the supermarket as if it were his own home”.

Hong (age 52), at the first half of last month, was indicted based off of theft by the D.A.s office, the district court of Taoyuan held its session, and Hong admitted to what he’d done, said that he’d loved the brand, because it was good looking and comfortable too, and has a great style, that he was able to get away stealing three times, he figured it was “safe”, that, was why he’d gone back, wearing the stolen pair of slippers, to the shop, and after he was caught, he was truly sorry that he’d done that.

And, because there was NO security precautions at the store, Hong was able to successfully shoplift the three pairs of slippers without getting caught, until the next day he’d traded for the gray-colored pair, and went strolling at the supermarket, was caught by the store attendant who was working there the day before, and, the police came, reviewed the surveillance, and arrested him.

So, this, would be a CRIME of OPPORTUNITY, as this man was able to get away with getting CAUGHT for so many times, that, was why he’d done IT again, but this time, his luck RAN out!!!

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