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A Monster Had Moved into His Soul, Who Put it There?

This, is still, the “treatment”, NOT the “prevention” phase of things, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Jie Cheng shocked the myth of how we can feel safe, and it’d also reminded the society of TWO problems that it needed to consider.  First, the social responsibilities of the families of those who are mentally ill.  Jie Cheng was, no doubt, a psychologically ill person, the man who stood up to him in the MRT trains said, “It was NOT a man before me, but a beast.”  Most people would agree that this, was NOT libel or slander, even IF we were NOT there.  Does he still have that Japanese video game card wrapped around his neck?

Jie Cheng’s parents weren’t the ones to blame at all, instead, we must wonder, why, did he, starting in the fifth grade wanted to kill his female classmate, and, how come until now, the parents still hadn’t discovered that there was a MONSTER living in their son’s soul?  How come they’d never taken him to the hospitals for an examination and treatment?

The second question we must ponder on is: what responsibilities does the school he attends have in all of this?

The school after being notified, on the following day, sent the school officials to visit Cheng, even though, he was able to not get found out, but, the school still called in the therapy experts, it’s just that the investigations hadn’t even started, and Jie had gone up north, and committed this crime.

Jie Cheng’s claims on Facebook is his private issue; the igniting point was NOT the students or the instructors at his school; the place of the crimes, along with the victims, had nothing to do with the school.  In the end, his antisocial personality that had escalated since he was a child, was NOT the responsibility of the universities either.  Look!  The high school he’d attended was trying to rebut too.  But, since the events, the university had taken on such burdens of morality, and claimed publically, “Jie Cheng is our family”, it’s such an amazing feat!

Actually, Jie Cheng and his parents should say their apologies to the universities.  But, Jie had already asked previously, “Why should I apologize?”

Can the higher education BE responsible for the moral education and character education of someone?  This, is a difficult question.

And so, even though it was NOT their responsibility, after all, the guy DID act on his own free will here, the school still stepped up, and allowed itself to TAKE the blames, and that takes G-U-T-S!!!

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A French Extremist Finally Got Shot

This, was the case from the recent shootings at a French school where a man pulled a gun out and SHOT people?

The French male, Merah, after being in a deadlock for thirty-two hours with the cops, on the 22nd, tried to make his escape from a first-story window, ended up getting shot so many times and got killed with a head in his bullet.  The male was 23-year-old, born in Algeria, of French descent, claimed that he was inspired by the al-Qaeda, admitted to shooting three soldiers, three school children, and one Jewish Rabbi, and used a video camera to document all of his killings, and because this shooting occurred one month before the French presidential elections, so, it was looked upon as MAJOR world news.

Merah, nicknamed the “Lone Wolf” had given the French Police department’s special forces, the “Panthers” a LOT to handle, and because the cops had to be in a deadlock with the individual for more than thirty hours, they’re said to have taken amphetamine to keep themselves awake.

The cops sent out three hundred cops, starting on the morning of the 21st, surrounded Merah’s fifth story apartment, and started shooting at the windows every hour.  But, Merah had kept his silence, even stated that if he were to die, it would be under HIS own G-U-N.

The failed attempt to get him to surrender had occurred at 10:30 in the morning, on the 22nd, the internal affairs director had ordered the police to start attacking.  With the loud sound from the bombs firing off, the cops stealthily gotten into the apartment, used the image detectors to scale out every single room.  When they’d gotten to the bathroom where Merah was hiding, Merah had an automatic weapon, and started firing it at the cops.

The internal affairs director stated that the cops had wanted to take Merah live, but because he had too much fire power, the cops can only start firing at him as well, “the individuals involved in the shooting told me that they’d never seen a scene like this”.  The director stated that “As Merah made his escape from the window, he didn’t stop shooting.  And the reason why the cops didn’t continue shooting was because they feared that there might be traps that the man had set up and that there still might be civilians in the building.  Five police officers got injured in the process.

But, in the end, “justice” was served, because the PSYCHO (the shooter???) had gotten killed, and, people are more than likely to still talk about this for a day or two, then, they will move ON to something E-L-S-E, because that, would be how long the human attention span lasts…

And, did the French government handle this “tragedy” well???  Do we really care?  I mean, in the end, it WAS the bad guy who got a BULLET into his head (maybe not, but at least, he had died!!!), and that, is all that matters to the population, and so, we still didn’t look INTO WHAT had triggered this man from going into a shooting rampage, because it IS irrelevant to us all, right???  W-R-O-N-G!!!

Because Merah was of Middle-Eastern descent, therefore, that gives us even MORE just cause to start RACIAL profiling, doesn’t it???

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