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Because There’s a HIGH Chance You May Lose to Her, You Call Her “Crazy”

Uh, yeah, that’s the way, to play it all right, trash-talking YOUR opponent in the race, and that still just showed how LOW you are in life!

Because there’s a HIGH chance you may lose to her, you call her “crazy”, and because you always got your ways, by throwing your, temper tantrums like a god damn @#$%ING two-year-old who don’t know better, you think you can somehow, sway the masses, to not vote for your opponent in the race, is that it?

the face-off in 2020! Photo from Yahoo!

The WAR of S-P-I-T-S had begun, I suppose, as all the candidates, ready themselves, to battle it out at war, and, with the “inventions” of Tweeter, FB, LINE, etc., etc., etc., making it even harder, to run a CLEAN race………

Because there’s a HIGH chance you may lose to her, as election time draws nearer, and nearer, and nearer, you’re, feeling, a bit, more stressed than usual, so, you SHOOT of your mouths.  And guess W-H-O will, eventually, DROWN in your spits? 

Yeah, it’s Y-O-U!

This is only one human being’s opinions on things, it’s NOT directed toward anyone out there, but if you think this is about you, well, I can’t help you there, okay???  Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, and, where the HELL are those TWO-CENTS?

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Free Community College Program in the U.S.

This, is Mr. Obama’s attempt to what???  I wouldn’t know, but, let’s just DISSECT the matter, base off of what we know, fine, it’s what I know!!!

For starters, where the HECK is the money coming from?  Are you going to pay for all their free college tuitions, Mr. O?  or, are you just planning on, levying more taxes?  And, if you are planning on levying more taxes, you DO realize, that it’s still the MIDDLE class, where MOST of us are (like in the BELL CURVE???) that ends up paying for it, right???

And, just because you had an idea one night (don’t know if this is true or not!!!), doesn’t mean that you have the right, to make ALL those EMPTY promises (as we ALREADY saw how the No Child Left Behind Act during the Bush Administration worked out, it’d already been, FORGOTTEN, hello, hello, hello???), to the public, because the public is that dumb (no offense, y’all!!!) to just GOBBLE it right up, but, we, the public, are NOT as STUPID as you assumed (that would make you into???  Exactly!!!) to be.

And, what THIS particular issue worlds down to is still: WHERE, o WHERE would the MONEY come from???  I mean, it IS important, to provide higher ed to people, so they’d become MORE educated, and can make SOUND judgments on their own, but, let’s face it, this “plan”, although, very IDEAL, is still, TOO unrealistic, so, no FREE schooling after your K~12 children, NOT for a long time to come, at least!!!

And, if ANY of y’all WANT to report me to the U.S. government on this one, feel free to do so, as if they got ANYTHING on me, get REAL, and I’m still just exercising MY right to FREE SPEECH, thatk, would be a FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT, or, do you need to BRUSH up on your Bills of Rights there???


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