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It Took Just Two Seconds for the Police to Open Fire on the Twelve-Year-Old African American Boy Who Brought a Toy Gun to the Playground

The videos of the shooting of that little boy that took a toy gun to the playground is finally released here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Police Department of Cleveland, Ohio showed the surveillance footage of the little boy, getting SHOT by the police, holding a toy gun, the footage showed that the police who’d answered the call came to the playground, and shot the child with the toy gun, Rice, to seriously injured, the very next day, the boy died, from the moment that the cops arrived on scene to the child, getting shot and fallen onto the ground, the entire process took no more than two seconds time, and, this got the public to question if the police acted too rashly.

Two days ago, the white officer, who’d shot the eighteen-year-old African American, Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri didn’t get prosecuted further, it’d initiated this nationwide protest in the U.S., there were over a hundred individuals who’d marched onto the streets of Cleveland, for the miscarriage of justice in the death of Brown.

The footage publicized by the police department showed Rice, playing with his toy gun on the playground, later, he’d sat down at a resting chair, at which time, the police had arrived, Rice walked out of the resting place, toward the police squad car, two officers came from the car, pointing their guns at Rice, and, Rice’s body was just blocked by the patrol car, when an officer opened fire on the child, twice.

The police also publicly named the two officers who’d answered to the calls, the one who’d shot the child was the twenty-six-year-old rookie, Loehmann, he just joined the police force this March; another was the forty-six year old, Garmback, he’d worked on the force for six years already.  The Cleveland police deputy chief said the officer told Rice to raise his hand up three times, then, Loehmann got out of the squad car, and fired at Rice twice.  The police stated from before, that Rice was reaching for his toy gun, but the footage showed that the squad car had obstructed the views, and so, they weren’t sure if that, was what had happened.

The police chief publicized two tape recordings, one was from the caller, to report seeing someone on the playground with a gun, the caller was originally sitting in the resting area, and reported that he saw someone taking a gun out, pointing it toward everybody, that it might be a fake gun that the person was holding, but everybody is freaking out.  Before the patrol cars arrived, the caller had already left the rest area.

Another tape recording showed that the two officers got the call, and the operator told them, that there was a black man, pointing a gun toward people, but it didn’t showed that the caller said that the person might be holding a toy gun, or that it was a teenager who was holding the fake gun.

The two officers, after they’d reported for duty called in, “Fired a couple of shots, the man fell, he was black, maybe in his twenties, with a black handgun.”

The gun Rice was holding was a toy air gun, it looked like a semi-automatic, the police stressed that the orange tape that would show that it was a toy had been removed, and it was hard, for the officers to tell if it was real or fake.

The chief said, that the police publicized the tapes at the asking of the Rice’s families, not to help anybody get off the hook, or to find an excuse, or to show who did what wrong, losing a young life like Rice’s is a tragic loss; and “our two officers must do a job that nobody wanted to do, in order to protect, and serve the citizens.”

Looks like that RIOT will keep on raging after this, because apparently, the police department is trying to evade their responsibilities for shooting this child, and, it’d only taken no more than just TWO fucking second, for this young boy to get shot, and you still don’t think that “shoot now, ask later” is wrong???

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White American Officers Shot an African American Adolescent, and Thousands of Americans Protested about It

And no, your time machines still didn’t CRASH, and landed your separate ASSES back in the 1960s-ish???  This IS racial profiling, stereotype, at ITS worst, and it had happened, in the U.S.A. the “land of the free”???  From the Front Page Section, translated…

On the ninth, when the Ferguson police of Missouri was out on duty, they’d had a physical confrontation with an eighteen-year-old African American male, Brown, who was unarmed, and the police used guns, fired off several shots, and killed Brown.  And, Brown’s death had gotten over a thousand of the citizens in the public to gather up and protest, and, it’d led to a riot between the police and the citizens, along with the angry mob, breaking into stores, and destroying the police squad cars.

The chief of police of St. Louis in the press conference, stated, that two officers had bumped into Brown and another male close to an apartment compound, as the police were getting out of their patrol cars, Brown attempted to push the officers back inside and attempted to reach for the guns that the police officers carried.  The police fired a shot inside the squad car, and, after the physical confrontation continued on the streets, Brown had died of multiple gunshot wounds about thirty-five feet away from where the squad car was.  And the witnesses claimed that they saw Brown get shot eight times.

And, the public and the police engaged in a he-said she-said on what had happened.  Based off of the companion who was with Brown, Johnson, they were walking down the streets, when the police called out to them, and pulled out their guns, and started shooting at Brown, as Brown turned around, raised up his arms, was about to get on the ground, the police got close to him, and, fired off several shots toward him, and they weren’t involved in any arguments or confrontations.  And Johnson was not under arrest either.

On the tenth when the police held a press conference, over a hundred residents gathered outside the Ferguson Police Station, some of the civilians had gotten so angered and moved into the close by police quarters, raising up their hands, screamed out, “do NOT shoot me”, they acted as if they are needing mercy from the officers.  The police held down the fortress, and then, the mob of people dissipated.

But, on the night when they’d held a candlelight vigil prayer session at the scene of where Brown got shot, the crowd got out of control and it became a riot.  Over a thousand had attended this candlelight vigil, and afterwards, some of the protestors got into it with the police, and started robbing the stores on the streets.  The convenience store of a gas station nearby was robbed, a nearby Wal-Mart was robbed too, and there were those who’d jumped UP onto the squad cars, to start something, or to vandalize the properties.  The police took their dogs and started throwing tear gas into the public, but, the local police force was NOT enough, and so, the neighboring areas’ police were called on to help out.

This case had gotten the attention of the local civil rights leaders, and they stated that this, was exactly like the 2012 case where an unarmed seventeen-year-old African American who was killed by a WHITE officer, Zimmerman, and, Zimmerman was found not guilty by the courts.

And now, they don’t know if the office who’d shot Brown was white or not, Ferguson is a predominantly black neighborhood north of St. Louis, in the suburbs.  The people who were critical about this claimed, that when the St. Louis area officers were out, making their rounds, they specifically targeted African American youths.

Brown’s mother said, that Brown had just graduated from high school this year, and was about to head off to a local university.

And so, history is still repeating itself here, and there WERE previous cases, I just can’t recall the years that those previous cases had happened, and, it’s JUST like what we’d learned about in social psyc, that the police would more than likely to see a minority (like African Americans???) with a harmless object, and see the person holding something threatening, versus if they were face-to-face with a WHITE man, and this, is ONE MORE (and I’m quite certain that it still won’t BE the last!!!) case where the color of one’s skin got you brutally KILLED by the police.

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