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Can’t Delete the “Selfie”, and the Photo Became Evidence for His Rape of His Female Neighbor

Call it KARMA if you will, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A “weekend farmer”, Chen saw a girl from a poverty stricken home was young and naïve, started giving her money as bait, to molest and rape her, for a total of twenty-nine times.  As the young woman gone to middle school, the teacher couldn’t understand how she got so much cash to spend?  And that, was when Chen’s bad behaviors were found.  Even though afterwards, Chen did pay the young girl’s parents $600,000N.T., and set up a dinner, but the parents are insistent on not allowing him to have a delayed sentence, the District Courts in Shihlin gave Chen six years six months’ sentence for forced sexual acts, along with other charges.

The District Attorney’s Office in Shihlin disclosed, that Chen (age 60), right after he was caught, he’d immediately hired an attorney, and accused the female student for libeling, “the reason I gave her money was out of the kindness of my heart, seeing how poor her family is”.  Chen’s only son died in the process of his trial, Chen begged, “I’d already paid a high price”.

Chen was originally a carpenter, rented a piece of land in the hills, and became weekend farmers with his wife, and that, was how he’d met the girl who lived close by (now 14-years-of-age).  When she was in the fifth grade, Chen enticed her with thousand dollar bills to get her to the famr shacks, and sucked her breasts.  As she’d gone into the middle school years, Chen had driven her to school, and molested her the same way as he’d done; later on, he’d added the prices, used $2,000N.T.s to get her to have sex with her, and managed to tape the process of them, having sex together.

The teacher found that the girl had money to buy a ton of things that aren’t necessities, and she’d had unknown sources of allowances too, after the teacher counseled her, and interviewed her, the instructor was shocked to find, that she’d used this method to get money.  As Chen was caught, he’d stated that it was a mistake, and, the D.A. took Chen’s phones, didn’t find any files of he and the young girl having sex together, but the D.A. was unrelenting, he’d found a computer engineer, and managed, to get the original file back, and, the deleted files came into view.

So, that, is the wrong kinds of values that this young woman learned, and, because this SHIT has already happened to her, and, she did get perks, from trading her body, and so, chances will be, that she will keep on using her body to sell, and, there’s NO way of turning this around again!

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A Student from Chinghua University Sexually Harassed Someone on the Bus, Ran Off, and Was Hit by a Car

All I can still say, is that KARMA is still a B-I-T-C-H, isn’t it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male student from Chinghua University last night, had attempted to molest a female high school student, the girl called “PREDATOR!”, the male student jumped off the bus, ran off, a motorist saw and hit him with his motorcycle, and the male was subdued by the police.

The school pointed out, that they’d asked the disciplinary officials to understand why the student did what he did, and that if he DID indeed, break a law, then, they will turn him over to the police, and that the school will ask guidance counselors to help the student out.  The person in charge of the discipline in the university, Hsieh said, that the school will hold a gender equality conference, and make suggestions on how to punish the student.

Yesterday afternoon, the male college student, Hsu, got on the bus at Chinghua University Station, rode toward the train stations, there were a LOT of female students who’d gotten on, and the college student took advantage of the crowded bus, and rubbed himself UP on a female student, the female student felt something wasn’t right, quickly found a seat and sat down, and the male college student turned toward other passengers to harass.

The female student who was almost sexually assaulted saw that the college student wore a mask, and kept bumping his lower end toward other female passengers, she quickly hollered out, “a WOLF!”

The male student attempted to get off of the bus to make his escape, the driver locked the door from the inside, and drove toward the police station in Hsinchu.  As the bus arrived at the police station, the male college student ran out the door, and ran toward the open streets, the driver called out, “He’s a predator”, and a motorist heard, and rammed the college student, Liu, down, and the police quickly came and made an arrest.  The college student bumped his head on the ground and there was blood everywhere on the ground, but after taking him to the hospital, he was treated.

Toward the police’s inquiries, Liu maintained his silence, and the police arrested him based off of the anti-sexual harassment laws.

That’s still???  Oh yeah KARMA, working ITS magic, this still merely means, that IF you do something bad, then, it WILL be returned to YOU, TENFOLD, so, don’t do ANYTHING bad or that’s immoral, okay???  Yeah, uh-huh!!!

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The Scandalous Incest Was Brought Out as the Grandparent and Grandchild Watched and Discussed the Scenes from a Soap Opera

Things that get BLURTED out, from a careless “encounter”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A pair of young kindergarten age sisters were raped by their eldest aunt’s husband, they’d kept it in for a very long time, one time, they were accompanying their grandmother as she was watching a soap opera, the grandmother reminded them, “Study hard, and don’t be like that leading lady that got sold into whoredom”, that, was when the two young girls disclosed how they were taken advantage of; the District Court in Hsinchu gave the horny husband of their aunt a heavy sentence of fifteen years.

The parents of this pair of siblings are divorced, they’d lived in with their father and grandmother.  The older girl is seventeen this year, the younger, just twelve; the eldest uncle is sixty, and runs a physical therapy place.

Two years ago in April, the siblings were watching a Taiwanese soap with their grandmother, the grandmother shared with them what was going on in the show, wanted the two to “study hard in school, to NOT become like the female lead who was sold into being a hooker”, the two of them disclosed how “they were taken advantage of by their eldest uncle.”

The grandmother was shocked and angered, she regretted not paying attention to her eldest granddaughter when she’d told her in kindergarten, that the uncle was a horny guy, back then, she thought that the girl was talking childish words, and disregarded that, and she blamed herself to allowing the abuse to go on, she’d asked the police to allow her to take the two young girls to the hospital to get examined, and asked the schools to help call it in.

The older sister said in court, that since her last year in kindergarten, the uncle had attacked her breasts, and he had raped her using his hands, and told her, “Do NOT tell grandma about it”, she’d mentioned, with a muffled voice, that he was an elder, believing, “So long as he left my younger sister alone, then, I will put up with it”, without knowing, that her younger sister became a victim too.

The younger sister of the victim told, that back when she was in the second, and the fourth grades, she was raped in her sleep twice by him, and afterwards, he’d told her, “Do NOT tell anybody, or, I will beat you up.”  She said, that the uncle would often touch her pubic region, almost once every month, she’d written about how he’s a “horny man”, etc.. etc., etc., to get her angers out into the open.

The uncle when brought to the courts, only admitted to touching their breasts and molesting them, denied having raped them, and, he’d “swore in front of god”, but, when they put him through a polygraph, the polygraph showed that he was lying, and so, the judge didn’t believe him, and believed that he had wronged his next of kin, and with absolutely NO sense of remorse, and so, the judge gave him a heavy sentence of fifteen years.

And, you THINK that fifteen years is enough?  Are you sure about that?  How long do you think it will take these two young girls, to get OUT of that nightmare of being sexually molested?  And, you believe that money would BE enough?  Yeah right, think again, these two young women are SCARRED for life, simply because NOBODY was paying close attention to them, and this sort of SHIT will keep on happening, NOT just in this part of the world, but, everywhere………

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The Son of a Man in Charge of a Borough Molested a Middle School Girl, Got Five Years in Prison

Bringing shame to the family name, translated…

The son of a man, in charge of a borough in Sanchung was found guilty for attempting to molest two middle school girls, yesterday, he was charged and sentenced to five year prison term by the D.A., the D.A. also found that when the parents of the victims called the cops, the man in charge of the borough had once showed up at the police station to show his concerns for them, later, the sub precinct had charged him with a less serious sexual harassment suit, the D.A. will look into the matter to see IF the chief of police had been out of line.

Hong, the son was in college and is still in custody, and a representative showed up to show his “concern” at the city jail, stating that Hong’s examinations are coming up, hoping that they could release him back into his father’s custody so he could finish school.  Hong’s father yesterday said that he was only an assistance to the man in charge of the borough, that he couldn’t have used his relations to press the police, and that if the child had done something wrong, then, he must face the judgments of the law.

The complaint stated that at nine on February 15, the 19-year-old male had followed a middle-school girl into where she lived, forced himself on top of her, and touched her inappropriately, and said to her, “I love you”; after leaving the first scene of the crime, he followed another girl into the elevator, then, he grabbed her from behind, touching her breasts, then, he ran off.

The cops got a hold of the surveillance cameras and got him, Hung claimed that because of emotional distress, he had NO clue of what he was doing at the time.  The D.A. blamed Hung for not apologizing to the girls he had attempted to rape, his father is a public figure, and was forceful toward the police who was investigating the case, and, after considering how the perpetrator had NO sign of remorse, they’re asking for five years in prison.

The assistant police station manager Hsu said, that based off of the subprecinct manager’s words, the man had followed the girls into the stairs, hugged them from behind, then, touched their breasts and their pubic regions, and decided that it WAS against the law of forceful sexual behaviors.

As for the part where the man in charge of the borough abused his power, Hsu said that he was only showing UP at the scene as the father of the suspect, and the cops were merely asking on behalf of the man in charge of the borough if the victims were willing to settle, the victims insisted on pressing charges, and so, the precinct did so accordingly.

Another case of a man, who used his father’s position of power to rape others, and, the father had tried covering the son’s ass too, and, the perp claimed that he doesn’t know what he was doing, because he’d been under emotional duress, are you kidding me?

So, basically what this is saying is that if you had molested or raped someone, so long as you can prove that OMG, I wasn’t myself when I did it, you’d get off the hook easy, and that, is still UNJUST.

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$6,900,000 Awarded to Boy Who Was Molested by His Teacher

From NBCNEWS.com…

A jury ruled Tuesday that the Los Angeles Unified School District must pay a boy molested by an elementary school teacher $6.9 million — among the largest awards in the history of the school system.

The decision comes as the district’s attorneys were attempting to quickly settle high-profile sex abuse suits involving nearly 200 plaintiffs stemming from Miramonte Elementary School teacher Mark Berndt, who is alleged to have fed his students semen and has pleaded not guilty to 23 counts of lewd conduct.

The jury found the district liable for the repeated molestation of the 10-year-old student in 2008 and 2009 by teacher Forrest Stobbe at Queen Anne Elementary School in the city’s mid-Wilshire district, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In September 2011, Stobbe pleaded no contest to lewd acts on a child and continuous sexual abuse of a child under 14.

But the civil lawsuit was concerned only with the liability of the district.

Stobbe was a veteran teacher with a clean criminal record, but plaintiff’s attorneys argued that administrators including the school’s principal should have heeded complaints about Stobbe that preceded the molestation.

School attorneys argued that despite the horrible ordeal of the victim, there was no credible evidence known to the district that Stobbe posed a threat.

“We take our duty to protect our students seriously and are continually looking for ways that we can strengthen our screening and reporting processes to ensure that no child is ever hurt in this way,” said general counsel David Holmquist. “Although we can’t change what happened in this case, we remain committed to doing everything in our power to promote healing and improve trust with those impacted.”

The ruling was especially significant with the Miramonte lawsuits looming, setting a high bar financially and demonstrating a jury’s willingness to blame the district for the actions of a teacher. Berndt also had a clean record, but parents had raised concerns about the way he had photographed children.

“Some of the same issues in the Miramonte case are highlighted here,” said attorney Don Beck who represented the victim’s family in the Queen Anne case. “The same lack of monitoring teachers, the same lack of supervision that allowed these events to happen.”

Holmquist said earlier this month that he hoped to settle all the Miramonte lawsuits and legal claims by the end of January, but some attorneys and plaintiffs have recently dropped out of settlement negotiations, and a Los Angeles judge last week lifted a litigation stay, allowing the cases to move toward court.

And so, closes ANOTHER “chapter” on how MONEY solves EVERYTHING, you can pay off your “victims”, but, don’t get extorted because we ALL know how money IS still “running S-C-A-R-C-E, and we all must GRAB a hold onto what we can here, don’t we???  We sure DO!!!

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