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The Company Didn’t Do Anything to Check Out the Claims of Sexual Harassment by the Workers, It Was Fined

The PRICE you pay, for IGNORING!!!  From the Newspapers, translated, and, feel free to file this one under, IGNORANCES if you want to, translated…

A certain high-tech company awhile ago sent its female employee abroad to the U.S. and she was harassed by the local branch’s workers, and, although the company had initiated the investigations, but they’d kicked the issue around, the Department of Labor believed, that the person in charge of the company didn’t do enough to take care of its employees, mandated that the company pay a $150,000N.T. fine.

The Department of Labor pointed out, that the former sale’s department manager, “Huei”, was sent to the branch company in the U.S. to work for six months, and, she was harassed by sexual connotations of the senior engineer of the subsidiary company, and because he’d talked about her face, her figure, and asked if she were willing “to carry his child”?, and had even took her underwear too, it’d troubled her son.

But Huei considered, that the man was a senior engineer, so she didn’t file a complaint about him, and after she’d quitted the job, she’d still gotten harassed by him endlessly, she finally couldn’t take it, and reported it to the primary company about it, without knowing, that although the company had initiated the investigation processes, but because the one who’d sexually harassed her was from a subsidiary company abroad, they’d suggested that, “she should file a complaint with the company abroad about it”, and ruled the case as a “low-profile sexual harassment”, decided to not pursue the case further, that, was why the woman decided to file a complaint toward the city government.

The Hsinbei employment discrimination committee believed, that although the employer did set up rules against sexual harassment, but they’d failed to take up the responsibilities, get to the bottom of the truth, nor did they consider Huei’s feeling, show her care and concern, or even, mentioned a way of resolving the issues, that the company had violated the laws against gender equality in the workforce, and the hi-tech company is a corporation that’s on the stock markets, with over two hundred employees, and, so, the company was mandated to pay a heavy fine of $150,000N.T.

And this ought to be a WARNING for all of you, in charge of a company, because there WILL be cases like this, and, if you don’t take your employees’ claims seriously, you WILL get SUED, and, in this case, the company didn’t do enough, and, the companies gave the woman a run-around, which was what angered her to SUE them!

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A Student from Chinghua University Sexually Harassed Someone on the Bus, Ran Off, and Was Hit by a Car

All I can still say, is that KARMA is still a B-I-T-C-H, isn’t it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male student from Chinghua University last night, had attempted to molest a female high school student, the girl called “PREDATOR!”, the male student jumped off the bus, ran off, a motorist saw and hit him with his motorcycle, and the male was subdued by the police.

The school pointed out, that they’d asked the disciplinary officials to understand why the student did what he did, and that if he DID indeed, break a law, then, they will turn him over to the police, and that the school will ask guidance counselors to help the student out.  The person in charge of the discipline in the university, Hsieh said, that the school will hold a gender equality conference, and make suggestions on how to punish the student.

Yesterday afternoon, the male college student, Hsu, got on the bus at Chinghua University Station, rode toward the train stations, there were a LOT of female students who’d gotten on, and the college student took advantage of the crowded bus, and rubbed himself UP on a female student, the female student felt something wasn’t right, quickly found a seat and sat down, and the male college student turned toward other passengers to harass.

The female student who was almost sexually assaulted saw that the college student wore a mask, and kept bumping his lower end toward other female passengers, she quickly hollered out, “a WOLF!”

The male student attempted to get off of the bus to make his escape, the driver locked the door from the inside, and drove toward the police station in Hsinchu.  As the bus arrived at the police station, the male college student ran out the door, and ran toward the open streets, the driver called out, “He’s a predator”, and a motorist heard, and rammed the college student, Liu, down, and the police quickly came and made an arrest.  The college student bumped his head on the ground and there was blood everywhere on the ground, but after taking him to the hospital, he was treated.

Toward the police’s inquiries, Liu maintained his silence, and the police arrested him based off of the anti-sexual harassment laws.

That’s still???  Oh yeah KARMA, working ITS magic, this still merely means, that IF you do something bad, then, it WILL be returned to YOU, TENFOLD, so, don’t do ANYTHING bad or that’s immoral, okay???  Yeah, uh-huh!!!

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