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A Man Tricked a Woman into Bed with Him, Took Her Bras Off, Said that He Was Giving Her a Massage

Uh, hello?  How DUMB can YOU ladies get anyways???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man with a masseur certification, Tseng set up shop to sell beds, and gave his customers free massages as a “follow-up” incentive; after a woman bought a bed, she’d returned to the sales mart for Tseng’s massages multiple times, Tseng used the excuse of needing to massage her body in the right way, took off her bras, and attempted to kiss her.  Tseng was sued for sexual harassment, he’d claimed, that he was bending over to pick up a piece of tissue and accidentally, grazed her breasts, but the D.A. didn’t believe his words, and still indicted him based off of laws against sexual harassments.

The D.A. investigated, that Tseng sold health beds, and he’d claimed to a female customer who bought a bed from him six months ago, that he can give her a free massage if she buys a bed from him; the female customer went for five to six massage sessions with him.

Last year in August, when the woman went again to get her free massages, Tseng told her that he wanted to teach her the right way to massage, wanted her to go with him to the small room next to the restrooms on the back of the place he’d worked, that it would be more intimate.  The woman didn’t question him, walked into the room, lay on the bed, and, Tseng took her bras off, and attempted to kiss her; the woman was so shocked she’d pushed him aside, and left the shop and called the police.

Tseng admitted to undoing the woman’s bras, claimed that it was to show her where the acupressure points were, and that the tissue he had fell from his hands, as he was bending down to pick it up, he’d accidentally touched her breasts, that it wasn’t intentional.

The D.A. believed, that in order to point to the right acupressure points, Tseng didn’t need to take the woman’s bras off or touch her body, and, the act of him getting down all of a sudden to pick up a dropped tissue is odd too, that his statements didn’t fit the norm; especially the female victim had described the process very clearly, she must’ve experienced it firsthand.  And, after the incident, Tseng had texted his apologies to her several times, and stated that he was willing to give her a bed for free, hoping that she wouldn’t take him to court, and from these, the D.A. believed that Tseng had broken the laws.

This just shows how you should NOT be putting yourselves in those positions, because there will always and forever BE losers like this one in the world, out of take advantage of us, and, this woman still fell prey to the cheap trick of getting some incentive, and hello, hello, hello?  There IS NO free lunch in the world!

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Appeared Older than Her Real Age

How the HELL was I supposed to know, that she was still a minor, she looked she was old enough, what, with that heavy makeup on her face and the way she’d strutted herself…

Appeared older than her real age, she’d started to understand, at a very early age, that the ONLY way she can get her father’s attention was by dressing UP like her mama, and, that, was what she’d done…

Appeared older than her real age, that, is what a TON of girls are trying to do, without realizing, JUST how precious those years of innocence actually are, and how once those times are gone, they ain’t NEVER comin’ back!  Appeared older than her real age, she walked into a bar, with her long and slender legs, and, because of the way she looked, the bouncer out front didn’t even ask for her I.D. as he should have!

Appeared older than her real age, she’d wanted to grow up, since she was still in pigtails, and, even BACK then, she’d tried on her mama’s clothes, her mama’s heels, and, applied her mama’s lipsticks, mascara, eye shadows, along with an ASSORTMENT of make up on.

Now she’d done it, she’s only in her twenties, and, she looked so weathered that people mistook her for being in her FORTIES, and for the very FIRST time in her life, she finally wished that the reverse (looking younger than her real age) is true, but, there’s NO turning back for her!

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