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On an Unknown Early Morning

On an unknown early morning, she woke up, not knowing, what’s up ahead in her day, she got dressed for school, as she’d done from before…

She got out at six thirty, walked on that small road between the fields, like she’d, always done in the mornings, getting to school, then, she can’t remember, what happened afterwards.

She woke, in a room, full of, bright light, with voices, so sharp, so loud it’d, made her ears ache.  She’d, blinked her eyes, tried to get things into focus, but it’s like, something’s, obstructing her view, she’d, rubbed her eyes, to try to clear it, it didn’t work.  It took her, a very long time, to realize, that the white room she was in, wasn’t her class, where she was, supposed to be.

Then, a woman’s voice started speaking, she tried to follow where the sound came from, but, she couldn’t see!!!  The woman’s voices told her, “Ms. You’d been, attacked, we just did a rape kit on you!”  A rape what???   That wasn’t supposed to happen, I was on my way to school, then, for some unknown reasons, I ended up, here…

The woman’s voice continued, “is there someone you’d like us to call for you, an adult, maybe?  Your parents, perhaps?  Do you have their numbers???”

On an unknown early morning, nothing was supposed to happen, it was, just like any other day, she got up, got into the shower, to wake herself up, brushed her teeth, put on her clothes, dressed herself for school, and, sat at the breakfast table, as her mother worked in and out of the kitchen, her father, sitting in his chair, with his paper, reading…

Nothing was supposed to happen, on an, ordinary, unknown, early morning, but something did, something that made her wish she was, dead, but she wasn’t, she’d, survived through the physical and sexual assault, and now, she’s, broken!!!

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College Student Accused of Assaulting Teen

This just shows YOU, that there’s NO discrimination of locations, parts of the world, colors of people’s skin, it CAN and DOES, and HAD happened, this time, it’s from U of H, my “alma mater”, from the Houston Chronicles…

A University of Houston student has been accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy he met in an online chat room.

Guillermo Flores, 19, is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child, court records show. He was released from custody after posting $30,000 bail.

The boy told police that he met Flores through another friend on Skype, and they chatted online for several months, according to a criminal complaint filed this week.

“(The victim) stated that the defendant and he built a rapport with each other and he (victim) would discuss personal issues that were bothering him with the defendant,” the complaint states. The boy said he thought that Flores “understood him.”

On Feb. 10, the boy “snuck out” of his grandparent’s League City home and rode his bike about 23 miles to Flores’ dormitory at the UH Cougar Village Apartment at 4800 Calhoun, according to the complaint.

The boy said he met Flores outside, and they went up to his apartment to talk.

“(The victim) stated a short time later he wanted to do some things and told the defendant he wanted to have sex with him,” the complaint states.

Flores complied, police said. He later admitted to having a sexual relationship with the boy.

The teen told investigators that it was the only encounter he had with Perez.

UH officials confirmed that Flores is a sophomore at the main campus.

“The University does have policies that address student conduct, and when we learned of this situation today, we took steps in accordance with procedures outlined in the Student Code of Conduct,” school officials said in an email. “The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits the University from disclosing details about the handling of allegations of sexual assault involving a student.”

That, just shows YOU, that these sorts of things can and WILL happen in the neighborhoods ALL around the W-O-R-L-D, meaning that it doesn’t just happen in the “Third World Countries” on the G-L-O-B-E.

And, this, is still DUE to how naïve the thirteen year old kid was, he thought that he’d found someone who can understand what he was going through in the stage of his life, well, guess what, that, is how they (the Big Bad Wolves???) would do, to make you feel safe, and, when you’d finally let your guards down, they’d show their T-E-E-T-H and say, “So I can GOBBLE you UP!!!”

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