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A Matter of Last Names

This would be a QUESTION I have for, ALL of you out there, and I still have to apologize FIRST, for using “foul” language beforehand here…

Who the FUCK (oopsy!) says, that after we women marry, we need to take the last names of our husbands?  And, wouldn’t that make us like, your “subordinates”, like second-class citizens?  This, is a “tradition” that started, from AGES, or maybe, EONS ago too.

And, why the HELL should we lose our last names, why don’t you men, take OUR last names instead, after all, we are the ones, with the ABILITY to CARRY your offspring, and so, why the HELL is it, that our kids need to take YOUR last names, instead of ours?

This is MORE than just the matter of last names, it’s about how women ARE perceived in the varied cultures in the world, because we’re married to you, we need to “lose” our own last names, because we are, married to you, is that right?  So, how come, YOU stupid losers don’t change your last names to ours?  After all, we are, living, IN the 21st CENTURY here, and, it is, OUR (women’s) era, to RULE, isn’t that right?





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A Relationship of an Older Woman with a Younger Man Should Also be Blessed, on Marriage


My friend, Hahn, is thirty-three, she’s getting married, with her fiancée who’s six years her junior next year.

They’d dated for five years, and finally, they get to start a family together.  I’m truly in awe with Hahn, because from the start of her relationship with her fiancée, the parents, the relatives, the friends, even their next-door neighbors all, “kindly” told them it wouldn’t last, with endless number of reasons, they’d bombarded Hahn about it.

“Women age faster, and you want to be with someone who’s six years younger than you?”  “When he’s ready to marry you, you won’t be fertile anymore!”  “You’re the one, supporting him financially, not the other way around.”

That, is how this society works, when people dish out their judgments, they’d turned on the powers, and, they knew that their words are hurtful, and yet, they just couldn’t stop themselves, and, they’d all added, “I know you may not like what you’re about to hear…”, and, they are just, unwilling to give the blessings.

I give my blessings to Hahn, and felt glad for her, for finding a man who loved her enough, whom she loved as well, and that, is enough, their courage should be blessed as well!

So, it’s still okay, for those seventy, eighty year old geezers to marry young women in their thirties, but NOT okay for us ladies, to hook up with a man who’s just SIX years younger?  What the FUCK (don’t pardon me this time!) is all that about?  Because we are hearing that biological clock of ours ticking away, is that it?  Because there IS that deadline for our reproductivity, because once we hit menopause, it’s GAME over, is that it???


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Girl Infants Shouldn’t Get “Sacrificed”

We’re NO longer STUCK in the M-I-D-D-L-E A-G-E-S, and yet, there are still so many who are still BACKWARD in T-H-O-U-G-H-T, believe it or don’t.  A “report” from the Front Page section, translated…

Eight years ago, Taiwan had ranked as the TOP THREE on the list of gender imbalance, last year, finally, the gap between the number of males and females being born had become more “normal” compared to the past.  But, with this wave of marriage, with the Year of the Dragon, can Taiwan lose the bad raps for having an imbalance of genders?

The imbalance of genders not only symbolized how uncivilized a culture is, because when baby girls weren’t born because of the natural laws, to appear on this planet, based off of this natural “ratio” of things, this also means that a LOT of lives are being ended, simply because the parents held an expectation of the fetus’s gender, this “black number” of life, the government has NO way of controlling.

The imbalance of genders is caused by sexual discriminations, causing the deviations of the interactions between the genders.  Having less children, plus special measures taken to ensure the genders fetuses, causing the birthrate of boys and girls to get more widened.

What’s wrong with having a daughter?  From the traditionalist views of children taking care of the parents, daughters aren’t necessarily the ones who won’t fulfill the filial piety responsibilities, and, in a lot of families, the ones taking care of the parents are the daughters, and NOT the sons who took after the father’s companies OR the sons who got the MOST amount of inheritance.

And, this is still due to the S-E-X-I-S-T belief that OMG, boys are better than girls, because boys can have children that take OUR last names?  Uh, what C-E-N-T-U-R-Y are YOU from?  And, if this discrimination continues, then, guess what, NONE of us women who are “marriage age” will GET married, because why the FUCK (oopsy!!!) would we want to?  Especially the GENETIC DETERMINANT of the genders is NOT up to us, it’s up to your STUPID baby boys, and, when we couldn’t conceive a S-O-N, you, the elders try to get RID of us, your daughters-in-law???  Are you FUCKING kidding me?  And, here’s a “side note”: GIRLS are WAY BETTER than B-O-Y-S, and, when you get ill, who’s the ones coming to take care of you?  Could it be your sons who have their HIGH-END careers to look after?  Or, is it more likely to be your daughters, who are working their nine-to-fives outside the homes, and inside the homes 24/7?  You do the math, and tell me T-H-E-N, that you still want to have MALE heirs…

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