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The Reason Why Lee Has an Active Warrant for His Arrest, He’d Secretly Filmed the Sex Tapes with His Spares

Now, let’s take, a closer look, under, that, MICROSCOPE, at the, private life of the man spread the rumors about the female legislator, Kao had been dating, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The “Taiwanese Machine Gun”, Lee’s involvement in swaying the online armies as soon as the case of Kao, the DDP legislator was physically abused by her boyfriend came out, using the display name, “Crazy Winne”, to help Lin clear his name, was sucked into the center of the scandals, yesterday, someone told, that Lee had been charged by the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Offices for secretly taping him and another woman not his spouse having sex, and he was indicted, after he was, taken into custody.

As the events blew out of control, Lee quickly came out, and tried to clear that he’d not, tried to influence the opinions online for Lin’s sake, that “I was lied to myself too!”, but, the cases of his obstruction of reputation had been found valid, and the Tainan D.A.’s Office put out an active arrest warrant on him.  And yesterday, it’d been found, that he had an active arrest warrant, for secretly filming a woman, Lu having sex with him without her consent, that he’d been, charged by the D.A.’s Office, he was called in in June of this year, and, had a simplified verdict on the case by September.

Based off of understanding, Lee is a married man when he’d had an affair with Lu, on the morning at ten o November 11th, 2018, in his Linkou rental resident in Hsinbei, he’d secretly taped the three segments of him having sex with Lu, her nude body, and, stored it in is cell phone for keepsake.

On September 28th of the following year, Lee’s wife found the footage, and SUED Lu for criminal charges of adultery, and because adultery had been listed an not a criminal offense, and, the wife sued her on the civil front, and used the sex tapes as evidence provided to the courts.

As Lu received the affidavit, that was when she’d learned, that Lee had been, secretly filming her, and, angrily confronted Lee on LINE, Lee admitted it, Lu pressed the case of obstruction of secret against him.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office called Lee in, he’d not shown, and had an active arrest warrant on him, and was arrested this June.

And so, this, isn’t a good man, he’d, had priors in cheating, and secretly filming his sexual intercourse with other women, and, it’s his need to keep the records of his “catches” on file, that’s, gotten him, caught, red handed.

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The Cases of Sextortion from Online, the Youngest Victim Only Nine

They’re still, getting younger by the years here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There is an influx of the sextortion cases of young children for the first half of the year in Hsinbei City, it’s at the peak compared to three years, clearly, these cases are, on the rise, and there were male AND female victims, of the youngest, found in the city of Hsinbei, was only nine, the youngest found in the city of Taipei, eleven.  The summer had begun, the social services department of both Taipei and Hsinbei alerted the parents to tune in to their children’s cell phone usage, their online activities, so they don’t turn into, victims.

The outbreaks kept the children at home, plus, a lot of the children in this country all had cell phones, which was what caused this rise in the number of victims.  The head of the Domestic Violence Prevention Center of Hsinbei City, Hsu called out to the parents, to follow the “Three Don’ts and One Do” rule, “don’t photograph or film”, “Don’t keep the files”, “Don’t Share” those private photos, and to “keep the footages” on file to use as evidence.

Since the implementing of the “Children & Adolescent Sextortion Prevention Laws” were amended in 2017, there’d been a hike in the reports of the sextortion cases online, but the age of the victims, started to decline, and mostly, the video sound files were, leaked out, and to the severe, rapes.

The Department of Sanitation & Welfare and the Hsinbei Domestic Violence Prevention Center estimated, that there were 415 reported case nationwide, forty-eight were from Hsinbei; the 351 reported case in 2018, thirty-nine were from Hsinbei, with most of the cases in the age group of fifteen to eighteen, taking up seventy-four-percent; of the 677 cases nationally last year, there were 139 cases from Hsinbei, with the ages of the victim, dropped to between twelve and fifteen, taking up forty-six percent.  To this May, there were, eighty-seven reported cases in Hsinbei City, of these, two-percent were children under twelves two years ago, and this year, it’d, hiked up to eleven-percent.

There were sixty-one cases two years ago, seventy-five last year, and, just the first half of the year this year, the number reached up to fifty-one cases to date, the youngest victim was only eleven, eighty-percent were females, and the victims were mostly, fourteen-year-olds.  The Social Services pointed out, that with the hike in the cases, the parents and the police are all on high alert, and believed, that it was because of the outbreaks, the kids were kept at home, they’d, gotten more involved with the activities online.

Hsu stated, that the methods of enticing the victims back in 2018 were mostly the online gaming credits, or the “Korean pop music group selections”, and last year, the methods switched to voyeurism, sex-cam, and forced the children and teens to get more shots nude to send to the perpetrators.

Like how two days ago, the model maker, Liu from Taichung used the huge sums of money, had the adolescent female filmed herself masturbating or shoot the photos of herself nude, and he’d, kept the footages, and, threatened the young woman to expose her, forced her to take more nude photos, or make more sex tapes, like the Taiwanese version of “Room N” from Korea awhile ago.

Because all of these teenagers and tweenagers got NOTHING else better to do, they can’t play outside, so, they’d, started, roaming online, and because of how young, how NAÏVE they all are, they’re, all SCREWED, because they were educated enough, of the DANGERS, lurking in the “woods” online!

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A High School Aged Boy Secretly Taped Down the Session of Him and His Younger Schoolmate Having Oral Sex, to Force Her to Have Sex with Him, the Boy Was Sentenced

Coercions, threats, forcing someone to HAVE sex, and this, WAS JUST in the HIGH SCHOOL level too, from the Newspapers, translated…

A last year high school male from a private high school in Hsinchu, last year, forced his younger schoolmate to fellate him, and have sex with him, he’d filmed the footages, and sent it to the young woman via cell phone, threatened that if she didn’t do it with him again, he’ll post the photos in Facebook.  The girl worried that her reputation might be ruined, and so, she’d complied, and had sex two more times with Huang in the school’s restrooms, her mother heard suspicious conversations, and found out, and SUED the boy.

While the trial was pending, the two parties reached an agreement on the settlements, and the girl was also willing to allow the guy to have a second chance in life too.

Uh, this, is still, VIOLENCE against women!!!  Just because someone’s had SEX with you once, that still doesn’t mean that you losers get to come back to SCORE your FREE FUCKS at any time you want to, and, this woman’s right WAS violated, but, because she feared that those sexually illicit photos will go VIRAL online, she’d complied with his requests to FUCK her over, over, and over again, thus, making HERSELF the VICTIM of this sexual violence!


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The Girl Who Became a Spokesperson for a Fried Chicken Steak Shop Had a Sexually Illicit Photograph, and After She’d Found Out that the Photograph Had Gone Viral, She’d Stated, “That’s Not Me at All, Just Look at Her Face”, and the Woman Who Was Actually in the Photograph Had Attempted Suicide, and Now, the Family of the Woman is Suing the Spokesperson for Second-Degree Damages

From the Front Page Sections, on going VIRAL, translated…

The actress, “Chicken Steak Hottie”, Cheng was displeased at how the online community was passing around “Chicken Steak Hottie Sex Tapes”, on the seventh, she’d publicized the photos after it was cut off, pointed out, that she was not the one in the footage, and, the media ranted about the reports, and the woman who was on that sex tape learned through an unknown way, she was so ashamed, and that very night, she’d put on a red dress, and, attempted suicide, but gladly, she was saved in time, the family of this woman were so angry, that they’d sued the “Chicken Steak Hottie”.

The Chicken Steak Hottie’s sexually-illicit photo was made over, the woman’s face wasn’t blurred out, and where her breasts showed, it was masked over by red heart symbols.  The police said, that the Chicken Steak Hottie’s behavior of posting her sexually illicit photos on Facebook, is already breaking the laws of spreading of sexually illicit materials.

Based off of understanding, the sex tape footage was from the woman who’d attempted suicide, from back when she was in college three years ago, her boyfriend back then had set up camera in the room, and, secretively taped down them having sex, after they broke up, the ex-boyfriend was suspected of wanting revenge, that, was why he’d streamed the video online, and used her given name as the title of the footage.

When the woman was rescued from her suicide attempts, she’d changed her name, moved away from where she originally lived, and, was picked up and dropped off by her mother to and from school each and every day, she finally got out of the shadows, but, three years later, the online community had posted the footage with the title of “The Chicken Steak Girl Sex Tapes”, and, the video footage had gone viral online.

The real “Chicken Steak Girl” was displeased at how someone had stolen her “name”, on the seventh, she’d posted the footage that had gone viral, on her Facebook and pointed out how she’s petite in frame, she had longer bangs, “my tits aren’t that huge”, I had the scar from sixteen stitches”, and, a fan left a message, and, linked to the video footage.

And the media went wild, as they fought for exclusive interviews on the “Chicken Steak Hottie’s” take on the matter, causing the woman who was in the sex video footage to breakdown emotionally, and that very night, she’d attempted suicide inside her home, and had put on a red dress, to show how she was displeased, as the family found her in time, they’d reported to the police, and taken her to the hospital, her life was spared, she was released from the hospital yesterday, but she’d locked herself up in her darkened bedroom, and ignored her parents’ calls to her from the other side of the door.

The family members of the victim said, that the “Chicken Steak Girl”, in order to clarify that it wasn’t her, had hurt their child again, they will wait until their daughter feels better, and, go to the police, to press charges against the “Chicken Steak Girl.”

Chicken Steak Girl: They Should be Suing Whoever it was that Posted that Video

Toward the family’s suing her, the Chicken Steak Girl said, that on her own photo, it was blurred out, that the reason she’s making the statement was because she’s a public figure, that if the family of the victim really wanted to sue, they should SUE whoever it was that posted the videos, and she would be willing to pay for the fees of their attorney in that.

But, the footage of the Chicken Steak Girl was just around her top, that you can still tell it was her face, the entertainer’s publicist, Kang said, “the footage that got out had not been blurred out, and, the Chicken Steak Girl’s footage, however, was blurred out around the top, that, is to show the public, that by looking at the face, that it wasn’t her at all.”

And so, the entertainer getting sued, was pure bad luck, if the family wanted to sue, they should SUE the ex-boyfriend, after all, he was the one who streamed the sex footage, or, they can also, go AFTER the members of the public who’d clicked on the footage to watch, and they’re suing this woman because, their daughter was hurt, and, because this spokesperson for the chicken steak was a public figure, they figured that they can get more money?  Who knows, this, is an example of SCAPEGOATING!!!

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