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The Lie, that Circled Around the Truth

The lie, that circled around the truth, wanting, to make itself, into the truth, but it can’t, it will, forever and for always, BE nothing MORE than a lie.

But that didn’t defer it at all, oh no!!! I’d first, put on a mask, to falsify itself, to hopefully, TRICK people into believing, that it is the truth, but, people are NOT at all as DUMB as the lie that circled around the truth imagined to be, they knew, right OFF the bat, that it’s a lie, FLAT out!!!

The lie that circled around the truth, because it’d circled around the truth like those vultures circled around that dying gazelle, and, we ALL KNOW what happened there, the animal eventually D-I-E-D, and, those vultures had their stomachs filled, and, just like that lie that circled around the truth, the lie ended up, devouring the truth, until, the truth can’t be found, as the truth had already been DIGESTED inside the stomach of the lie.

The lie that circled around the truth, it’s stalking it, taunting it, making the truth feel unsafe, so, the truth will have the motive to lie, and, if and when that happens, the truth will NO longer have ITS identity anymore!!!

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