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Her First Time Was Taken From Her, the College Age Young Woman Pursued the Man Who Raped Her

This, is how IT is done, PURSUING the man who RAPED her, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A forty-nine year old man, Cheng, used the weakness in human nature, to make a first year college girl start to fear, and raped her, multiple times, the female student part-timed hard, and earned $50,000N.T., and hired a lawyer, to pursue Cheng, the Hsinchu District Court yesterday, sentenced Cheng to eight years two months in prison.

After she was raped, the college student told her boyfriend, Liu, “I’m dirtied”, she’d tried to talk him to dump her, but her boyfriend refused, and stood behind her, as she opened up about what Cheng did.  The district court investigated, that back in 2010, Cheng met the girl, and would give her advice in life and love as a father figure, and so, they’d gotten acquainted with each other more and more, he’d managed to get her to trust him, and, she’d disclosed to him, those deepest and darkest secrets she’d kept too.

Back then, the girl started dating someone at the office, Liu, Liu was ten years senior, she had never had a boyfriend, and so, she’d asked Cheng for advice.  Cheng told her, “If you give your virginity to Liu, he will NEVER let you go, you will become his prisoner, kept locked up for good”, and claimed, that “if you give your first time to the head of a mobster, if Liu won’t let you go, you’ll have someone you can count on.”

In order to falsify his ties with the mob, Cheng first asked the girl, along with a self-claimed head of a mobster, Lu meet,  who hinted to her, to let Cheng be her first.  The female student believed, and a few days later, she was driven to a motel by Cheng, and, in a “cleansing ritual”, her virginity was taken.

Cheng got a taste, and claimed to her, “There was a spirit, tagging behind you, your aunt died when she was a young child, if you fall in love, she will get jealous”, “Your forehead’s darkened, either you or your boyfriend will be handicapped, if you have sex with him, then, you will pass your bad luck to him”.  Cheng continued, “I’d been trained, I can help block the bad things that are on you”, the female student feared that something bad might happen to her love, and was taken, once more, to the motel, and had sex with Cheng.

And Cheng also used redirecting “Chi” as a reason, to have sex with the female college student once more, and claimed that in order to pass the “Chi”, he’s NOT to wear a condom, afterwards, he’d asked her to take the “morning after” pill, to get RID of the badness inside of her, she’d done it all, until she’d slowly grown up, did she realize, that Cheng was bullshitting.

In the courts, Cheng admitted to having sex with the college freshman three times, but it was consensual, that it was she, who wanted the experience, that she’d led him on.  But the student had all the evidences stacked up against him, and plus, Cheng couldn’t pass his polygraph, and so, the judge didn’t believe his claims.

And so here, virginity IS traded in, for experience, and this, is still, an ALL-TOO-HIGH price to pay, but, because the young woman was way too young, way too naïve, way too inexperienced, so, she got her virginity, taken, by this L-O-S-E-R!!!

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