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NO More Sadness

I will feel NO MORE Sadness whatsoever, because I CHOOSE not to be sad, that ‘s why you morons!!!

I will NO LONGER feel any sorrows, because I don’t want to cry every day, and that is not living a good life, based off of MY interpretations, and I do everything MY way, you disagree, you know where the door is, I don’t have to show you out!!!

I choose to be happy because I am optimistic about my future, I had overcome every single possible obstacle in my short 26 years of life, screw the rest of you out there who tells me otherwise, and plus, it’s NOT like I will be taking your advice!!!  EVER, I took all the advice  in the past, and look where that had gotten me, H-E-L-L, and I REFUSE to live like that so I hyperpolarized, either/or, but not both is the way I intend to live out the rest of my freaking God Damn L-I-F-E!!!


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