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“Lost the Last Bet in Life”, a Last Year High School Placed Over Ten Thousand Dollars of Debts, Gambling on the Teams of the N.B.A., He’d Committed Suicide

Had he known better, but he didn’t!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A high school student, He from the city of Taichung disclosed to his classmate on the 10th that because he’d signed the gambling slips for NBA, he’d managed to owe over thirty thousand dollars’ worth of debts, that his life was over, “I’m going now!  Lost my final bet in life.”, the classmate immediately went to the police to report, and the police managed to find out where He was, but, it was too late, he’d already, committed suicide by burning charcoal in his bedroom already.

The 64th Police Precinct in Taichung on the afternoon of the tenth received a panicky high schooler who rushed in, and he’d shown the police the conversations he’d shared with He using LINE, told them that he worried, that He might commit suicide.  The police found his address, along with the records of members of his family, they’d notified the father, and, He’s father recalled how he hadn’t seen his son come out of his room, that it was odd, he’d broken into his son’s room, found that he was already dead, and there was also, a bowl of charcoal, burned, completely.  The coroners believed, that He had committed suicide by burning charcoal, and they will look into, whether or not He was forced to pay the debts he owed from signing the gambling slips or not.

And so, that, just shows, how easily they will fall, and, when you’re that young, you should NOT even BE into gambling, but this young man was, and, because he couldn’t pay up the debts, he felt his life was OVER, and committed suicide!

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He Climbed Out His Fifth Story Bedroom Window After He Was Grounded, He Fell to His Death

An accident, translated…

A fifteen-year-old youth, Chang, because he had complicated friendship, became grounded by his parents, last week, he’d tried to sneak out of his fifth story bedroom windows, yesterday morning at around five, he’d tried it again, but, was suspected of having slipped and fell to the ground, and because there’s serious brain injuries, he was without the vital signs of life as they rushed him to the hospitals, and after they’d resuscitated him, his heart rate was back, but he fell into a coma, at sometime in the evening, the family agreed to pull the plug, and the doctor pronounced the youth dead.

Chang the youth is an eighth grader of a middle school, the members of his family stated, that last night when he was grounded, he’d snuck out to find his friends, that he may have fallen to his death as he snuck out, but the real reason for his death is still pending police investigation, the time of the accident was at about five in the morn, the first examinations believed that the death was caused by a slip, and the police had ruled out outside forces, or suicide.

There was a huge blood splatter outside the youth’s home, along with the shattered pieces of the rain roof, it was shocking to see.  The neighbors disclosed that they’d heard a loud BANG when the accident happened, that they’d waken up from their sleep, went out to check, and saw Chang the adolescent lying, in a pool of blood, they’d notified the fire departments immediately.

As the police and paramedics arrived, the youth showed no sign of life, the right side of his body, along with his left thigh were really bent out of shape, after they’d emergency resuscitated him for three hours, his finally started breathing, and his heart rate came back, and was transferred into the intensive care unit.

The parents face grew pale as the police interviewed them, they looked panicked, they’d told the police, that their son has a complex ring of friends, and had enjoyed hanging around with his friends a lot, last week, he’d attempted climbing over the steel windows, to find his friends; because they feared that he may have gotten involved with the wrong crowd, that, was why they’d grounded him, and locked the doors from the outside.

The family believed, that Chang was headed out with friends yesterday, and waited until the family is asleep before the dawn cracked, and tried to sneak out of the house, but had an accidental fall.

And so, this, just shows that peer influences weighs a hell of a lot more than the words of the parents’ in one’s teenage years, and this, is just another tragic accident that could’ve been avoided, but it wasn’t, and the youth still died, it’s still very sad here…

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A Sixteen-Year-Old Contracted A.I.D.S., from Someone He Met Through the App of His Cell Phone

That is why, these one-night-stands are too dangerous, plus, you’d met the person via online, are you FUCKING retarded, or, are you just, plain R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D, and, didn’t your schools TEACH you to USE protection???  From the Newspapers, translated…

The younger generations are into online friendships and are easily fallen into unsafe sex, and contracting of the A.I.D.S. virus, the younger person who contracted A.I.D.S. is only sixteen, the Department of Sanitations of Hsinbei City set up the “Sex Bus #192-1”, going into the campuses, to advocate the prevention of A.I.D.S., and it’d lowered the number of youths who’d contracted to 139, compared to last year’s 171, lowered the number by nearly twenty-percent.

The Department of Sanitation stated, that the youngest person who’d contracted A.I.D.S. is a sixteen-year-old high school student named “Chiang”, he loved using a cell phone application to make friends, and had sex with another guy, this summer, he had a high fever that won’t go away, and, after he went into the hospitals, he learned that he had contracted A.I.D.S., and is now, living on meds, to control his condition.

The Department of Sanitations pointed out that the younger generations loved using social networking, along with cell phone applications to make friends, and this had caused the age of A.I.D.S. contraction to get younger.

And so, because you don’t have a single CLUE the sexual histories of those you’d “connected” via your social networking, you got NO clue of HOW you might possibly contract something as awful as the H.I.V., and, this is still due to the risk-taking behaviors of the teenage years, and, you all should know by now, how those raging hormones only exacerbates to this problem already, don’t you???

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