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A Young Model Turned Down the Pursuit of a Man, and Her Families Received a Photoshopped Photograph of Her

Yeah uh, you’ve GOT to be shitting me here, right???  And no, I still didn’t make this up either, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman from Chiayi had come up north for a modeling gig, the fifty-two year old photographer failed in attempts to get her to go out with him, he’d photoshopped her nude and sent the pictures back to her family, asked the parents for $230,000N.T.; the District Court of Shihlin charged the man, Tien on threats and attempt to scam.

The woman had also accused him for libel and slander, for making up photographs of her nude, along with the words he’d written to the photo, but the D.A. believed, that the receivers were the woman’s parents, that the photos didn’t get out into the public, so the libel and slander charges wouldn’t stand.  But, after this nude photo scam, her dreams of being a star had shattered, she’d moved back home, “I no longer dared dream of becoming a model anymore.”

This woman dreamed of being a model, left home to seek out opportunities, two years ago, she’d met the photographer, Tien.  He’d told her, “I’d found you an opportunity for a shoot in Hong Kong”, the two of them went to Hong Kong together, Tien took photos of other ladies at the Port of Victoria.  Tien professed his love to the young woman, “be my girlfriend”; the woman believed that he’s too old for her, so, she’d turned him down.

Last year, the woman’s family received an unsigned letter, other than the woman in a bathing suit, showing her pubic areas, and the letter stated that she’d aborted twice, “She’d taken my Cartier watch and Tiffany necklace as birthday presents”, gave a deadline to the family to pay back the $230,000N.T.

The letter warned that the money must be wired into a Chinatrust account, if the family didn’t wire the amount, or notified the police, then, the woman’s name and nude pictures will be send to the tabloids, and uploaded online, “I’d taken around 1,500 pictures of her nude”/

As the parents read this letter, they’d inquired their daughter, “What sort of pictures had you been shooting?”, the woman explained, “it’s photoshopped!”, clarified on how she never posed nude, and had never had abortions, or received any gifts, that it was, the photographer, getting her back, for turning him down.

Tien denied the accusations, stressed, “She’s behind it all”.  The D.A. believed, that the letters detailed what only Tien would know, and the account number was also Tien’s, that there are inconsistency in Tien’s statements.

And so, because this woman turned this man away, he wanted to revenge, and that, is how easily someone can and WILL turn love into hate, perhaps, because this man knew he was older, and unattractive to the young woman, and, she turning him down only exacerbated the impotence he originally felt at the beginning when he pursued her, and that, was why he’d gotten angered and started the rumors and now, he got sued!


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