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Lock-Down, a Short Prose


She doesn’t want to see him again, and so, she’d blocked him on her Facebook pages, then, ever since that day, people had been sending messages to her, “We heard you’d blocked him, is that true?”, “Does he know that you’re still mad?”, “I thought you’d forgiven him already.”, “Actually, I never really liked him either!”, “The truth about that sort of a man is…”, “Don’t feel too sad,”…………and, messages like these NEVER stopped coming ever since.

And so, this, would be ONE problem of Facebook, or any OTHER form of social network, because everybody KNOWS what you’re up to, and, even when you want some PRIVACY, some QUIET time to yourself, you can’t get it, because WHAM, someone’s going to ask you something about the one you’d ditched, and that will just open up that OLD wound again, wouldn’t it???

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