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A Ninety-Two Year Old Man Loved to Sing, Exercises by Lifting His Legs, with the Help of His Cane

At the age of NINETY-TWO, the man still remains active, can you believe it???  A TRUE story, from the papers here, translated…

The ninety-two year-old elderly man, Lin loved singing, he’d made recordings of anti-war music, and had specifically chosen the songs with the extremely high note.

Lin has a strong voice, and it’d made people forget, that he needed a wheelchair, to get around.  Three years ago, his spinal column in the lumbar region was stressed, and after the surgery, it did improve, but he didn’t heal completely, and needed a cane to move around, which wasn’t difficult for him, who’d gone through the wars at his teenage years.  He would take his cane, and strut onto his lanai, and the way he’d walked it was like he was marching on the battlefields, getting some sun, reading the papers, he’d set aside half an hour in the early mornings outside, to get his vitamin D for the day, and to catch up on his reading too.

Written His Will, and Signed His DNR a Long Time Ago

Lin had also drafted his own last will testament, the very first line stated, if I fell too ill or became paralyzed, do NOT resuscitate me, do NOT use any intrusive methods of treatments, I’d prefer to be “euthanized”, I want to leave this world in peace in serenity, in a “natural way”.  He’d also signed his own DNR a long time ago too, from before when the former director of the sanitary department, Yang started advocating this, he’d already gone to the National Health Insurance Agency to register.

In his will, he’d stated that he will NOT have a any religious rituals, NO monks, NO séances, no recitation of Buddhist verses, NO band, “just play me singing, and put on a picture show of my life, and use my own voice as the background music.”

Most people when they passed, they’d wear a specialty clothing, Lin told his children, that he would want to be in his old suit.  He’d told them, “Don’t waste the money, everything should be simple.”  And his final rites of passage, would be as simple as possible too, but he’d made it especially clear to his children, “After my body is cremated, DO bury me in my wife’s graves.”  Lin wife passed early, he’d raised his children up, and, after he’s done with his final passage, he want to be with his wife forever.

However Long He Had, He’d Felt Blessed, Treated His Own Death Like a Celebration

As he was younger, Lin’s friend once read his features, and told him, that because his face wasn’t in a straight line, that he may not live past forty.  Back then, he’d gone to war, and had had close calls with death before.  In 1943, a bomb landed right in front of him, and, the head of his army class next to him was seriously injured, but he was okay, and they were just a step or two from one another; in a war in 1944, he and the leader of his army platoon went to check out the land, and, the guns went off, and, the man next to him fell to the ground, but thankfully, the Japanese soldiers didn’t pursue them, otherwise, he too, would’ve died.

“And now, I’d lived until this age, I’d earned it!”  Lin told, if his end had really come, he’d written in his last will testament to his kids, told them to not cry, and, based off of tradition, elderly who’d died after age eighty, the color red should be used, that there should be red candles lit by the shrine, that his kids should treat his funeral as a celebration.

Because this man had been through it all, he’d lived a full life, and, he did right by signing his own DNR, after all, he should get the right to decide how he should die, and this man had had a fulfilled life, and without the regrets.

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A Ninety-Five Year Old Elderly Woman Used a Paintbrush, to Help Herself Recover from Her Brain Injuries

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A ninety-five year old elderly woman in Nantou, ten years ago, picked up her paintbrush again, and joined in the elderly watercolor class, to fulfill the dreams she couldn’t get to in her childhood years; later, she was even able to use painting, to help herself out of the troubles from subdural hematoma, to help herself paint a colorful world, in her elderly years.

Given Up on Her Studies, and Worked as a Female Seamstress to Help the Family Out

“The household is poor, we must help out in the fields, how would we have the time to study the books?”, back in 1929, Cheng-Chang, because she was from a poverty-stricken home, she didn’t have any normal schooling until she was ten, in the elementary schools.  The elderly woman recalled, that because of her outstanding academic performances, she was chosen as a competitor in the arts by her second grade teacher, to represent her school, but, because of her household economics, after she’d graduated elementary school, she’d entered into the workforce.

In 1935, Cheng-Chang entered into a paper factory, and because of how skilled she was, she’d represented the factory, and won the second place trophy for paper making.  When she was twenty-five, she’d followed her mother’s lead, married as a second wife, and became the mother of four stepchildren, and so, she’d quitted her job, and focused on being a full-time housewife and mother, and her dreams of writing calligraphy and painting, dissipated into the wind.

At Age Near Eighty, She’d Picked Up the Paintbrush Again

The time flies, Cheng-Chang met up with art once more, but, it was already sixty years since, at the age of over eighty, because she no longer needed to worry about household chores anymore, on one afternoon, the memories of her, writing and painting came up, it’d made her picked up the paint brushes again, and this accidental twist in her life had become an opportunity for her, to take up painting once more.

At age eighty-five back in 2004, in her daughter’s encouragement, the elderly woman entered a class of elderly painters, and, in the instructors of a professional instructor, she’d focused very hard, whether it be flowers, birds, people, even memories from the past, they all came to life under her paintbrush.

It’s just, that you can’t expect the unexpected, at age eighty-seven, Cheng-Chang had an accidental fall, and had hematoma in her brain, and stayed in the ICU, but, as she was just recovering, she’d picked up the brush again, and she couldn’t tell the difference between the varied colored or shapes.  But gladly, the family kept encouraging the elderly woman to practice, and so, she was able to get back to the skill level she was at from before, and, turns out, painting became an alternative form of physical therapy for her!

At age ninety-five right now, she’d focused on reciting the Buddhist verses daily and painting, to allow herself to “live and paint until death”, a life filled with colors.

And so, that, is how it goes, to keep one’s mind sharp, you MUST find a hobby and pursue it, endlessly, and, just like this elderly woman here, she didn’t give up, even AFTER she had problems with her brain, and, her art became an alternative form of physical therapy for her, it’d helped her get better.

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