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Too Right to Work

We were too perfect for one another, we were exactly identical in every sense, you are me, or I am you, we are parallels that went at the exact same frequencies, we debated on issues as well as exchanged our thoughts, through a period of what 3 to 4 months, we got to learn about who we are through one another, we are exactly identical, we were parallels, that was why we had “clicked”…I don’t wonder why something so right can be so wrong anymore, as should you, plus, you were the one who told me “Why is a question that requires volumes to answer”, so stop torturing yourself, and it’s like I had said, just see me like a protective little sis, who is your “wife” and leave it at that…and once a family member, you will be dearly noted as “family” in my book, and NO, it was still not your fault, stop giving yourself that much credit, like my old man A-S-S, thank God that I didn’t have to have this child, because I would have to watch her marry her old man A-S-S, and give me a littler ass of a grandson, and that stupid grandson of ours, will then marry his mother, and give her yet another littler ass of a grandson…thank God that it didn’t end that way, I don’t know what I would have done, with a house full of children, running wild, swing through the vines, like it’s a jungle!!!

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