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Was the Reason of His Suicide by Leaping Off the Buiding His Parents’ Unwillingness to Buy Him a Cell Phone?

See how SPOILED ROTTEN how EASILY they still CRACKED???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A second year middle school male student was suspected of being under great pressure in the academics,a nd wanted a new cell phone but the parents wouldn’t allow him, after he’d stole money from home, was found by his parents, and scolded, after school yesterday, he’d gone up to the roof, without dropping his things off first, took the leap, was dead before the ambulance could get him to the hospital.  After learning this, the family members blamed themselves, and the police will have the coroners examine the body today.

The community security guard said, that he’d heard a loud thud coming from the courtyard at dusk last night, he’d rushed to check, and saw a youth, next to the pools, covered in blood, he knew right away, that it was the fourteen year old resident from the fourteenth floor, Chou; and the youth’s older brother was studying in the library in the first floor of the community, the security guard notified him, to get his parents home, and call the police.

The paramedics, as they arrived, they’d found that the youth was wounded all over his body, and showed no sign of life, after they’d rushed him to the hospital in Yonghe, he still died.

Based off of understanding, Chou is the youngest of his house, and was suspected of not doing well in school, he’d gotten depressed; plus he’d told his parents he’d wanted a new cell phone, but his parents wouldn’t, he’d taken the money without anybody knowing, to buy the phone, and was caught and grilled again by his parents, the parents and child are on worse terms then.

As the parents rushed to the hospitals, they’d broken down, and, they wouldn’t say, that if they’d been a bit too harsh on him.

And so, we still have a strawberry that went SPLAT!!!  And, the cause of his death is still a COMBINATION of all the factors, his grades dropped, and the academic pressures, compiled with his parents not getting him that new cell phone he wanted, and it just cracked him, and, he’d chosen to commit suicide.

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