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The Incidences of Rape in India

This, is still a story from a WAY-TOO-BACKWARD country in a world that’s fastly moving forward, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the provinces of Northern India, in just three weeks, there had been FOUR incidences of women being kidnapped, gang raped, then, hung on the trees until they’d died, the prime minister Modi called out to the politicians, to offer protections to the women in the country.

The population of northern India had exceeded 200,000,000, it’s the most densely populated region in India, also one of the poorest provinces of the country too.  There had been multiple incidences of women who are from lower status quos getting raped, and the women had often succumbed to the pressures from the police, and these incidences are reduced because of the press, reporting on them, but, it’s not eliminated altogether.

On the northern regions, the corpse of a nineteen-year-old woman was found, hung on the trees, the family members stated that she was raped before she died, and the coroners are doing an autopsy to confirm their claims.

And, there was a forty-five year old woman who was from a lower socioeconomic status who’d gone up north to the doctors, on the evening of the tenth, she’d lost contact with her families, and her dead body was found the very next day, hung, on the trees, and was suspected of being raped, then murdered.  The police had already taken five male suspects into custody, but NO arrests had been made yet.

Even the subprecincts of the police department had sex scandals.  A woman who was victimized, went to a county jail to visit her husband who was taken into custody because of possession of weapon, she was bribed by the assistant deputy for 20,000 rupees.  She’d refused to take his bribe, and, on the early morning of the tenth, she was forcibly taken to the back of the police dorms, located behind the station, and was gang raped by the assistant deputy and two other officers for two hours.  After that, her husband was released, and the officers warned her NOT to tell what happened to her to anybody else.  The victim came out to the police chief, that, was when this got blown wide open.  The assistant deputy had already been caught, but the two officers are still at large.

The Prime Minister of India, Modi called out to the politicians to offer protection to women, that, was the very first statement he’d issued on the topic of sex violence since he took office in May.

And so, this, is HOW it works, in the “bad parts” of the world, where women are seen as items, NOT as people, and if you’re a woman from those areas, then, you got NO right, because you are seen as properties of men, and this, is still NOT isolated incidences of violence against women in India, or anywhere for that matter, and, it is going to happen again, maybe NOT in the same regions, or the same country, even, but, it WILL happen again, because the world is still NOT well aware enough yet.

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Too Young to be Sold

Too young to be sold, or is she???  Her family owed a LOT of debts, and, the father was ill, the mother couldn’t possibly take care of the house, and work too, and so, the mother took her to a house, and, left her there, and, in her young mind, she thought that she was there, to be schooled, so she could have a better life, and, pay her parents back for raising her.

Too young to be sold, or, is she???  Is there an age limit, for a young girl, to lose HER virginity?  I mean, when the price is right, why N-O-T?  After all, what would a young child have USE of keeping HER virginity for anyway?

Too young to be sold, or, is she???  What, would be the RIGHT age, to expose a child?  I mean, you should, start ‘em young, shouldn’t you?  After all, all of your daughters will end up, being someone else’s wives (1 @ a time), won’t they?

Too young to be sold, or, is she???  How would you know, the RIGHT age to expose your own daughters, IF you were exposed too young too?  How will you keep your offspring safe and sound, IF your own parents didn’t keep you safe OR sound, at a very young age?  And so, children are still getting M-U-R-D-E-R-E-D, left, AND right, there’s NO doubt!!!

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Accounts, Detailing Her Rape

She’d kept the accounts, detailing her rape, how she felt when they (the incidences) were happening to her.  Accounts, detailing her rape, as she got put on the stands, she was being raped, ALL over again, but this time, by the jury of her “peers”, as she was put through ALL of that SHIT again, and that, was still NOT the end of it, oh no, as she’ll start having nightmares, very shortly after her testimonies in court.

Accounts, detailing her rape, she’d kept, and that, was how the D.A. managed, to get a conviction from the judge, and yet, NO amount of money she got paid will EVER return her innocence back to her again.  While she sat in court, listening, and then, testifying, to her own rape, it’s, as if, she was being raped, ALL over again, except that this time, the ones who raped her were the defense attorney, the D.A., the jury of twelve, the judge, along with ALL who sat in, on the trial………

Accounts, detailing her rape, even though, that was, OVER a decade ago, she still felt the shames, the intrusions that people had, in her life, even though, the one who raped her is still serving his twenty-five to fifty.

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A Middle-School Girl Went into Labor in School, Was Raped, But Wouldn’t Tell Who the Father Was

Another “case”, translated…

A middle school aged girl (13-years-old), after arriving in school yesterday morning, because she felt stomach cramps, she went to the nurse’s office to rest up, not long afterwards, she felt the cramps, and went to the restrooms, and had given birth to a baby girl, and the infant was screaming as she had dropped into the toilet; this scared the SHIT out of the female student, she’d broken the umbilical cord off, became paralyzed on the floor, and started wailing alongside her daughter.

The school nurse and the teachers ran quickly to the restrooms, found the young woman covered in blood, called for an ambulance, and, the mother and child were taken to the hospital.

The school nurse asked the girl “when her last period was?”, and “how long she’d been pregnant?”, but the girl was too distressed as she said, “I don’t know, I don’t know!”  After the hospitalization, the infant weighed in at 2800 grams; but the female student was emotionally unstable, she just wouldn’t tell who she had had sex with.

The school stated, that the female student’s family wasn’t well-to-do, that she’d worked part-time at the school, that she’d been very nice and without a fellow.  But because the girl weighed at 80kgs regularly, the instructors didn’t discover that she was pregnant, until two weeks ago, the instructor noticed how large her stomach was getting and inquired, “could you be pregnant?”, but the girl denied it, stated that it was because she’d been “stocking up” on food during the winter vacation.

The girl’s parents were divorced, she lived with her father who’s a temp, her uncle, her third-year-middle school older brother, her fourth grade younger brother; because the uncle couldn’t work, he stays at home; the girl’s younger brother told the cops, that his older sister was very close to their uncle, that they’d “spend every minute together”.

The cops found out, that nobody in the girl’s family knew she was pregnant, but the cops believed that she SHOULD know who the father was, that they suspected that she was raped, fearing reprimand, that, was why she couldn’t tell.

The woman who’s the director of the social services department at Xinbei City, after multiple considerations, decided to place both the young girl and her baby in protective custody.

The pediatrician, Jun-Yi Lin stated that the girl was a young pregnant woman, still carried her body as an underage minor, and because this was her first pregnancy, she’s naturally smaller, which was why nobody was able to detect the change in her growing uterus.

So, who’s responsible?  Who was the girl trying to protect?  Someone she knew would be in deep trouble if she told, perhaps?  And, children do NOT always let the parents or the teachers know that they’re with someone here, and, in this case, the perp would probably BE someone she’s close to, someone she trusted, but, we don’t know for sure, because the girl doesn’t say…

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A Monstrous Father Raped His Daughter, Got a Harsh Sentence of Seventeen Years

How, is just SEVENTEEN years HARSH ENOUGH for a crime like this?  And, who’s going to pay for the daughter’s already damaged mind AND body, and H-O-W is she EVER able to trust another male again?  Translated…

A man named Su treated his eldest daughter as if she were his girlfriend, he’d raped her for six years consecutively, and, he’d even blamed her for taking up a boyfriend, giving him a bad name, the youngest daughter got molested as well, the D.A. in Shilin found the father guilty of NOT following the natural order of things, sentenced him to seventeen years in prison yesterday, and that he had to go to court-mandated psychotherapy sessions.

Based off of investigation, the forty-three year old Su lived with his wife and children, starting from September 1, 2009, he’d waited until everybody is asleep in the residence or when his eldest daughter was home alone, and then, he’d raped her, and got his ways with her, back then, the eldest daughter was only in the sixth grade, she had NO clue of what was occurring.

After the eldest got into middle school, she started to understand how her father’s behaviors were wrong, and she refused to have sex with him, but, he still raped her just the same; she’d been raped 564 times last year alone, and, during her menses, she was force to perform oral sex for him.

On September 12 of last year, Su found that his daughter carried a picture of her boyfriend, along with his letters inside her backpack, believed that the daughter had made him wear the green hat, she was slapped across the face by him because of it; the girl is angry at her father, molesting her, raping her long-term, she called the cops to report his bad behaviors.  Three years ago, Su was found flashing his penis to his daughters at home, that he had held his youngest to molest her a total of twelve times.

Now, if that man doesn’t deserve to get S-H-O-T, I don’t know WHO does.  And, seventeen years’ prison term is still WAY too light for such a crime.  I mean, you not only BROKE the trust of your children, you might have also put a “damper” on the outlooks of her future relationships.

And, just because your WIVES (1 @ a time!!!) couldn’t S-A-T-I-S-F-Y you, that still doesn’t give you the right to find satisfactions FROM your own daughters here, does it?  Of course N-O-T!!!

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High School Football Players Charged for a Rape of a Sixteen-Year-Old Girl

Guess who ELSE was also found “guilty”, alongside those BOYS who DID the A-C-T?  You guessed it, it’s ALCOHOL!!!

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (AP) — A computer expert began testifying Thursday about her analysis of cellphones seized in the investigation of two Ohio high school football players charged with raping a 16-year-old West Virginia girl.

The evidence about 17 cellphones to be presented by computer forensic specialist Joann Gibb is considered crucial to prosecutors’ case against the boys because of photos taken the evening of the alleged attack in August.

Gibb was expected to be on the stand for several hours at the trial in Steubenville in eastern Ohio.

Earlier Thursday, police officers and witnesses from phone service providers testified about how the phones were gathered through search warrants and the types of records subpoenaed from the phone companies.

The football players’ trial began Wednesday as a contest between prosecutors insisting the girl was too drunk to consent to sex and defense attorneys portraying her as someone who was intoxicated but still in control of her actions.

The two players, Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond, maintain their innocence.

The case has riveted the small city of Steubenville amid allegations that more students should have been charged and led to questions about the influence of the local football team, a source of a pride in a community that suffered massive job losses with the collapse of the steel industry.

Richmond and Mays are charged with digitally penetrating the West Virginia girl, first in the back seat of a moving car after a party Aug. 11 and then in the basement of a house. Mays also is charged with illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material.

Witnesses said the girl was so drunk she threw up at least twice and had trouble walking and speaking.

Three teenage boys who are key to the prosecution’s case are still to take the stand this week. Defense attorneys could call the girl to testify since a West Virginia judge ruled Tuesday night that she and two of her friends could be subpoenaed.

If convicted, Mays and Richmond could be held in a juvenile jail until they turn 21.

The Associated Press normally does not identify minors charged in juvenile court, but Mays and Richmond have been widely identified in news coverage, and their names have been used in open court.

And so, there is, once again, ALCOHOL, mixed in this “equation”, and, this time, it’s still the J-O-C-K-S who WERE the accused, and, how will the jury find?  Or, will it EVEN go to trial?  Nobody knows, and, because the “sex offenders” are still MINORS, and we HAVE a DUTY, an OBLIGATION, to NOT release their names, because we need to PROTECT them, well, what about the VICTIM, who protected her?  And, she was, too DRUNK to consent, and, because she was probably already passed O-U-T, she couldn’t say NO, and so the guys took her silence as a “yes”?  Are you FUCKING kidding me here???

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$6,900,000 Awarded to Boy Who Was Molested by His Teacher

From NBCNEWS.com…

A jury ruled Tuesday that the Los Angeles Unified School District must pay a boy molested by an elementary school teacher $6.9 million — among the largest awards in the history of the school system.

The decision comes as the district’s attorneys were attempting to quickly settle high-profile sex abuse suits involving nearly 200 plaintiffs stemming from Miramonte Elementary School teacher Mark Berndt, who is alleged to have fed his students semen and has pleaded not guilty to 23 counts of lewd conduct.

The jury found the district liable for the repeated molestation of the 10-year-old student in 2008 and 2009 by teacher Forrest Stobbe at Queen Anne Elementary School in the city’s mid-Wilshire district, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In September 2011, Stobbe pleaded no contest to lewd acts on a child and continuous sexual abuse of a child under 14.

But the civil lawsuit was concerned only with the liability of the district.

Stobbe was a veteran teacher with a clean criminal record, but plaintiff’s attorneys argued that administrators including the school’s principal should have heeded complaints about Stobbe that preceded the molestation.

School attorneys argued that despite the horrible ordeal of the victim, there was no credible evidence known to the district that Stobbe posed a threat.

“We take our duty to protect our students seriously and are continually looking for ways that we can strengthen our screening and reporting processes to ensure that no child is ever hurt in this way,” said general counsel David Holmquist. “Although we can’t change what happened in this case, we remain committed to doing everything in our power to promote healing and improve trust with those impacted.”

The ruling was especially significant with the Miramonte lawsuits looming, setting a high bar financially and demonstrating a jury’s willingness to blame the district for the actions of a teacher. Berndt also had a clean record, but parents had raised concerns about the way he had photographed children.

“Some of the same issues in the Miramonte case are highlighted here,” said attorney Don Beck who represented the victim’s family in the Queen Anne case. “The same lack of monitoring teachers, the same lack of supervision that allowed these events to happen.”

Holmquist said earlier this month that he hoped to settle all the Miramonte lawsuits and legal claims by the end of January, but some attorneys and plaintiffs have recently dropped out of settlement negotiations, and a Los Angeles judge last week lifted a litigation stay, allowing the cases to move toward court.

And so, closes ANOTHER “chapter” on how MONEY solves EVERYTHING, you can pay off your “victims”, but, don’t get extorted because we ALL know how money IS still “running S-C-A-R-C-E, and we all must GRAB a hold onto what we can here, don’t we???  We sure DO!!!

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Having Sex with an Underage Minor, Claiming that He Didn’t Know She Was Underage

From the Chinese Papers overseas, translated…

The Harris County Police said, that a 36-year-old man, Williams, had sexual intercourse with his 14-year-old neighbor, but claimed to NOT know the age of the girl, he was charged with the RAPE of a child.

The police stated that Williams had met the girl through her older brother, asked her about her age, but she wouldn’t tell him.  And, it never occurred to Williams that she might be underage, and he continued his friendship with her.

Based off of the papers filed in court, on September 15, the girl asked Williams if she could come over, and he agreed.  They met at Williams’ mother’s place, and had had intercourse in Williams’ niece’s room, filled with Hello Kitty dolls.

The investigations also found, that Williams had given the girl a cell phone, and had her sent him photos of herself naked, which the girl had done without questioning.  The girl mentioned this to her aunt, the mother learned about this from the aunt, and, she called the cops.

When taken into questioning at the police station, the girl said that she had consented to having sex with Williams, and she didn’t tell him how old she was either.  But the police believed that they have enough evidence to present a case to the D.A.s.  Williams’ bail is set at $30,000.

So, this young girl is apparently, coming on TOO strong to the man, but, he should’ve known better, I mean, after all, she IS a minor, and doesn’t KNOW what she’s doing, right?  And so, this young lady only got a SLAP on her wrist for soliciting, and the GROWN man (the adult???) got a jail sentence, because after all, he IS the adult, and SHOULD know better, right???

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Laughing at Rapes

The bystander effect had been EXACERBATED, even further here, translated…

A man named Chen met a first year junior high level girl last month, on their third date, he’d taken the girl to a motel, and had bragged to everybody he knew about having sex with her, the girl couldn’t stand the looks she’d gotten from her peers, she’d used a crafts knife to slash her own wrists more than ten times, she told her mother she wanted to transfer out of the school, and that, was how the mother found out what had happened, she didn’t want to see her child suffer even more, so, she called the cops and the cops arrested Chen.

The girl was from a single-parent household, after she’d rolled up her sleeves, there were a LOT of knife cuts, the mother cried at the sight of this, said that Chen had lost his humanity, and how can her daughter live on after the incidence?  The mother said, that the daughter begged her to let her attend another school at the beginning of the month, and that the “whole school knows, that she could NO longer withstand the looks she’d gotten from others anymore”, the mother became confused as to why the daughter was saying this, after much inquiry, the mother had learned about what had actually happened.

Chen said, that they were dating, that, was why they’d had sex, that it was consensual, that he never raped her.  Chen had even disclosed intimate pictures of the two of them together, stressed that they were both willing and able, and that he was shocked that the girl would react this way.  Chen had once came clean about having had sex with other females to the girl and her god sister; without knowing that after the words got spread out, he “tried texting her, and there was NO reply”, he thought she wanted to break up, that’s why she’d cut off contact.

The police discovered that Chen had priors in rapes and attempted rapes, that he got to know Chen from a god sister of hers, met her on the 8th of last month, and had sex on the 16th, during which time, they went out to parks and cafés, they had two dates together, Chen also came clean about how he’s only into younger, under aged girls, that there are many other photographs of a lot of girls and he, being intimate together.  “Told you not to date those underage girls, and you just wouldn’t listen to me!” Chen’s father scolded his son, that he’d done nothing BUT hang out at Internet Cafés all day long, that he “deserved to get caught by the cops”.

One MORE reason why you shouldn’t date anybody that you don’t even know, chances are that this teenager had met this male online too, and, they hit it off, and, so, she forgot about all those “dangers of online dating”, etc., etc., etc., and went with her “feelings”, and, surely enough, she DID get raped, and, the role of the PEERS played an important role in all of this too, because the teenager was laughed at by her peers, that was why she started mutilating herself, and that just shows Y-O-U how cruel children’s world had turned, and, bullying NO longer occurs JUST on the playground when you take someone’s toys without asking anymore, that was your grandmother’s bullying, and now, this is your children’s???

And parents, START paying attention to your offspring, because if they’d gone through such traumas, then, there will be SUBTLE hints!!!

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Raped by an Older Schoolmate, Finally the Teacher Detects that Something May be Wrong

As IF our teenage years aren’t turbulent enough already??? Translated…

A second year junior high school girl last November, was tricked into going out with an older classmate and his friends, the older classmate, Hsu, along with the rest of the group took turns raping her, Hsu threatened to tell the girl’s grandmother, the girl was

afraid of getting blamed, the boys took turns raping her six times in that month, her abnormal behaviors got the attention of the instructor in the cram school, upon inquiring, learned that she was raped, and the instructor called the cops.

The police found, that the young girl lived with her grandmother, last November, she received a phone call late at night from Lee, to ask her out to the parks to chat, and, when she’d gotten there, she found herself to be among other older guys and a couple of classmates, drinking on the balcony, the four youths, after getting drunk, forcibly removed the girl’s underwear, the girl screamed out no, she fought them, but to no avail, Hsu got his way with her, and the rest of the other three had raped her with their hands.

A few days later, Hsu asked the girl to come to his place to chat, the girl wouldn’t, Hsu said that if she didn’t then, he’ll tell the grandmother about what they’d done to her, the girl was afraid of getting blamed, so, she complied. Upon arriving, she found that one of the guys who had raped her before was there, along with another unknown male, one of them tied her wrists up behind her with a cloth, covered her eyes. Hsu had raped her once more, the two other guys used their fingers, and had the girl guessed who did it.

Later, Hsu along with his gang had asked her out four other times, they’d gathered up at the stage at some elementary school, along with a motel, to take advantage of the girl, afterwards, they’d let her leave on her own. The girl was damaged on the inside, but, feared letting her family know, so, she didn’t call the cops, nor had she told her family.

The cram school instructor had noticed how she had a lot on her mind lately, always wore a frown, like she’s got something heavy on her mind, after talking with her, the girl finally revealed what had happened, and the instructor took the girl to the police station right away.

The cops interrogated the seven youths, Hsu admitted to raping the young girl many times, the rest of the youths said that because it was fun, so, they’d masturbated her. The cops took the seven individuals to juvenile court.

Wow, so, raping someone with your fingers had become an afterschool entertainment then? Had the instructor not discovered that something wasn’t quite right with the girl, God knows how long she’d have to carry her secrets.

This is violence against women, because those stupid losers thought that they could get away with it, because she didn’t tell anybody the time before, so, they could do it, over, over, over, and over again, until they feel satisfied.  Are you kidding me? This IS antisocial behavior, mixed with narcissistic behavior (that covers the two “male-prone” personality disorders here!!!), and, if those young males weren’t straightened out, then, guess what they’ll end up doing? Raping for the rest of their lives, thinking of women as objects, because OMG, I’d done it more than once to that girl from way back don’t recall when…are you kidding me? Where the H-E-C-K are the boys even getting this sort of behaviors? Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s from their D-A-D-D-I-E-S, or from other male figures in their lives.

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