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A Matter of Last Names

This would be a QUESTION I have for, ALL of you out there, and I still have to apologize FIRST, for using “foul” language beforehand here…

Who the FUCK (oopsy!) says, that after we women marry, we need to take the last names of our husbands?  And, wouldn’t that make us like, your “subordinates”, like second-class citizens?  This, is a “tradition” that started, from AGES, or maybe, EONS ago too.

And, why the HELL should we lose our last names, why don’t you men, take OUR last names instead, after all, we are the ones, with the ABILITY to CARRY your offspring, and so, why the HELL is it, that our kids need to take YOUR last names, instead of ours?

This is MORE than just the matter of last names, it’s about how women ARE perceived in the varied cultures in the world, because we’re married to you, we need to “lose” our own last names, because we are, married to you, is that right?  So, how come, YOU stupid losers don’t change your last names to ours?  After all, we are, living, IN the 21st CENTURY here, and, it is, OUR (women’s) era, to RULE, isn’t that right?





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Preventing the Future from Happening

This, was something I really wanted to do, but, felt that I couldn’t before, and now, I KNOW I can!!!

Preventing the future from happening, all I needed, was to, map out a brand new course of my own life (which I already done!!!), and, STICK to this new set of “plans”…

Preventing the future from happening, because I don’t want what happened to me, to happen to you too, because growing up was so full of FUCKING (don’t pardon me this time!!!) hard, and, because you are MINE still and will always AND forever BE, I am compelled, to PROTECT you, and, by not having you, my already DEAD Emily (and no, not crying here, believe it or don’t, see if I care!!!), I AM, saving you from a life filled with SHITS, and I know, I’d done right, by this DEAD baby girl of mine, and I still have ZERO need, to prove to ANYBODY that I am a DAMN good M-O-T-H-E-R!!!

Preventing the future from happening, I already did, and now, the future is not happening, because I will NOT allow for you (not even for you, Master of Universe!!!), because, this is still MY life that’s currently going on, and, seeing how I’d own that SOLE-PROPRIETORSHIP of everything IN my life, whatever the HECK I say still goes…

Any questions???  Didn’t think so.

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Blame Me

Feel Free to BLAME Whoever it is You Want to there…

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I Don’t Give a F*** WHAT Your Story is…

Pardon, but this, is the current “mood” that I’m in…

I don’t give a F*** WHAT your story is, I just don’t C-A-R-E, because I’d heard INFINITE excuses already, and frankly, I’m just god DAMN tired of it all!!!

I don’t give a F*** WHAT your story is, because I’m MORE than INCLINED, to NOT give a F*** (maxed out???), because from before, I cared way too much, and look where THAT got me, a foot hold in hell, and so now, I’m going the OPPOSITE directions here. I don’t give a F*** WHAT your story is, I really could care less the SOB stories you want to tell to the world, I got me my share of S.O.B. stories all my own too, and you still don’t hear me, cryin’ to my MAMA ’bout it, do you?  Nope!

I don’t give a F*** WHAT your story is, and I know I have the right to, be so totally FUCKING (oopsy!!!) unfeeling, cold, aloof, and distant, with any AND everybody I meet up in this world, IF I so choose, as this, is still MY life here, and I RULE this life of mine, NOT you, you, you, OR Y-O-U!!!

Okay, done ranting here…

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Spamming People

I have NO problem doing this, after all, I get a TON (and that would still BE an understatement!!!) of JUNK from a day-to-day basis, and IF I keep EVERYTHING that everybody sends me in my “boxes”, well, it’s gonna BE a HUGE mess to clean out, so, you CAN see why it is, that I have ZERO issues (no guilt, NO nothing!!!) spamming people.

Spamming people, after all, this “joint” is MINE, and I get to decide, what people comment IS “news-worthy”, and what’s considered GARBAGE or TRASH, and, there’s NO way anybody CAN and WILL change the way I do things, after all, this, IS my life I’m living, according to MY own values, and, who the HELL are you, to comment, on whether or NOT I’m doing things right?  Had you even taken a good look at yourselves lately?  What makes you THAT much better than I am?  Yeah, didn’t think so.

Note: this, is still just ME, talking to MY four walls here, NOT directed toward ANYBODY, feel free to take an offense if you want to…


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I Will NOT “Take” a Last Name

I will NOT “take” a last name, so, all y’all M***ER F**ERS (like I’d said, already “maxed OUT”!!!) can just take it, and SHOVE it!!!  I will NOT “take” a last name, because why the HELL would I want to even bother?  I mean, I already lived through the HORRIBLE consequences of having A last name, and, it still wasn’t at all that pleasant, and now, I KNOW I have the right, to NOT “take” a last name, and besides, who the F*** (my bad!!!) says that I MUST have a last name, oh yeah, it is the law, isn’t it?  But, I’m breaking THAT rule here, feel free to report me, y’all!!!

I will NOT take a last name, as last names are totally POINTLESS to me, and, I do NOT do anything that’s pointless, that’s useless, I don’t waste time on people or things here, because it IS still……uh, oh yeah, MY life, and I still hold the “ownership papers” on ME.

I will NOT “take” a last name, why?  Because I have the right NOT to, because it’s MY human rights, to NEVER be ENSLAVED by anybody whose names I take, and I will NOT be a slave again.

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The Kind of Girl You Came Real Close

The kind of girl you came real close, but you will NEVER be, because she’s perfect, and you still have one flaw…

The kind of girl you came real close, as the one, destined for me, but, destiny played a NASTY trick, and now, I’m NOT in love with you NO more (yeah, so???).  The kind of girl you came real close, but you will NEVER measure up to my M-O-M-M-Y, for she’s way better, she’d allowed me to FUCK her, to SUCK her tits, and she’d kissed MY “boo-boo” ESPECIALLY when it is on my “wee-wee”, can you do that, without getting grossed OUT?  HECK NO.

And so, you will NEVER, come close enough, and as a M-A-N (with the ENTIRE enchilada, N-O-T!!!), I will keep on, SUCKING you women D-R-Y, because all of you are way too FUCKING stupid, to figure ME out, and that ladies, is how we’d gotten screwed by them, and, what would we say?  Oh yeah, because we still ain’t (so???) learned our separate lessons yet, we’d unbutton our blouses, and expose our large SET of J-U-G-S on top and say to those M***ER F***ERS (maxed out, remember???), who wants some M-I-L-K!!!  And no, I’m afraid, that chocolate OR strawberry will NOT be on the “menus” here!!!

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Studies Show…

Do we really C-A-R-E?  Hell no!!!  Plus, how can you POSSIBLY generate the findings of those freakin’ studies to me, after all, am I like any of you?  Uh, HECK NO!!!!

So, who gives a F*** (like I’d said, “maxed OUT”???) WHAT the studies show?  And, I mean, did those studies POLL EVERYBODY on this FREAKIN’ planet?  Of course N-O-T, so, H-O-W, can those studies show SHIT?  I mean, you DO realize, how NO two persons on this god DAMN planet is EXACTLY identical, NOT even those identical twins, and, we should ALL know by now, how those experimenters LOVE those “twin studies” too, don’t we???

Studies show?  Who C-A-R-E-S, I SHOW, that’s more like it, because I’m still the ONLY sane one here (well, it’s actually the “three” of “us”: Me, myself AND I!!!).  Studies show, yeah, take THAT, you STUPID studies, and I still don’t C-A-R-E what studies show, because, even though I CAN relate to those “studies” out there, hello, they’re still NOT conducted by the Q-U-E-E-N, and right now, I have little to NO concern over things that I didn’t do, and, you ALL had better NOT be accusing ME of anything that I didn’t do, because if I’d done something, I’d OWN UP to it that’s for sure!!!  Okay, the Queen is done, RANTING…

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Why the HELL Would I Be Interested in You???

Who the F*** (I’d already “maxed out”???) do YOU think you are?  And, what makes you think that you’re HOT enough for a real live woman like me?  And, what makes you think, that I’d be remotely interested? Why the HELL would I be interested in you???  Well, let’s see, is my HORMONES acting up???  Nope.  Or, could it be, my BIOLOGICAL clock, ticking, ticking, ticking NONSTOP?  Nah-ah!!!  So, why the HELL would I be interested in you?  And, even IF I were actually “into” (yeah uh, get REAL!!!) having THIS already DEAD Emily of mine, wouldn’t it be a HELL of a L-O-T easier for me to just get one FUCKING tadpole from a CERTIFIED sperm bank???  Uh, D-U-H!!!

And so, as you ALL can see (welcome to my FREAK show here!!!), I got NO need for a man, and because you are one of “those”, and you’re still NOT housetrained, I’m totally NOT interested, okay???  And so, BACK OFF, people!!!



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