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Fearing Date Rape, a Woman Who Got Drunk at a Party Went to the Super Convenience Shops to Sleep it Off, But Was Still Sexually Molested

Watch out, ladies!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman who works at Hsinchu Scientific Park, she’d feared that she might get date raped after she got drunk, she’d intentionally went into a populated super convenience shop to rest up, but, she’d still gotten molested by a bad man, and, the man also managed to steal all of her possessions; as she’d hung over, she’d hollered out for help, that, was when the store clerk realized that something wasn’t quite right, and, the police are now, advocating, that people go straight home after getting drunk, for their own safety concerns.

This 42-year-old woman who works at Hsinchu Scientific Park, last week, she’d gotten too drunk, and parties too hard, until eight in the morn, at a karaoke bar with her coworkers, she’d passed out, as the party was over; she feared getting date raped because she could barely stand up straight, she’d found a 24-hour super convenience shop, put her head down on the dining area to rest for a short while, but, a man in his twenties, Hsu crept up next to her, started molesting her, because he felt turned on, and, stole her iPhone, and the $4,000N.T. cash she had on her.

The sexual molestation lasted over half an hour, but, nobody discovered it.  The store clerk explained, that the woman had her head down on the tables, resting, and, not long thereafter, the man walked toward her, and, because both were intoxicated, they’d hugged, the clerk thought they were a couple, until the woman hollered for help, did the clerk realize, that he was a thief and a molester, but the man ran out right away.

The woman told the police, that she’d gotten too drunk, and became totally unaware, after she’d rested for a short while, she’d felt better, and, realized, that someone was extending his hands up and down her body, she started hollering for help; as she and the store clerk confronted the man, he ran.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and found, that the 23-year-old Hsu was involved, and they’d found the woman’s cell phone, along with the cash on him.  The police stated, that when the woman was partying with her coworkers at the karaoke, Hsu was right there, in the box next to her, partying too, and, the time the parties were over were about the same time.

Hsu saw that the woman went into the super convenience shop alone to rest, followed her in, first, he’d tapped her on the shoulders gently, to see if she was responding, but she was too drunk, and, he was able to move his hands up and down her body.  Hsu admitted to what he’d done, and, after he was questioned, he was sent to be processed on theft, sexual molestations, and some other charges.

The police suggested, that when you go out to drink, you need to tell your families where you’re going, and, have your family members pick you up at specific times, or, have someone from the same gender drop you off at home; and, if you sensed danger, you need to notify the police immediately.

And so, this, is still, a crime of opportunity that’s happened, and, this LOSER just took advantage of a situation, and, he was caught, and, it’s still NOWHERE NEAR justice, because the woman WAS sexually molested, and, NO amount of jail time that this LOSER does will be enough, to give HER back her innocence, that still just tell you, that IF you want to party hard, DO have a buddy system, so, you won’t be in this sort of a predicament too!

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Woman Who Worked at a Lounge Bar Refused to Sleep with the Customers, She Was Raped by the Customer

This, is the SORT of “profession” that puts women in danger, from the Newspapers, translated…

A plumber, Chou, last month went to a certain lounge bar to spend his money, in two days, he’d spent a TOTAL of over $30,000N.T. to take the ladies out, but, because a woman who was there to work, to pay off her student loans refused to give her body to him, Chou got angered by it, was suspected of using a Taser to shock her, then, feeding her unknown drugs, then, raping her and afterwards, he’d even called up the police and told them, “I’d just RAPED a bar girl, I’m here, waiting for you to come arrest me!”

Based off of investigations, the twenty-eight year old Chou had even waited for the police downstairs from the bar.  The victim who was TIED with steel chains, seeing the police, started crying, and told them, “I’m only doing this to pay back my student loans!”  After the police took the statements, they’d arrested Chou based off of forced sexual behaviors, along with some other charges.

The police investigated, that Chou, in mid-November this year, went to a bar in Lingseng N. Road, and had the eyes for a young publicist of about twenty-two years of age, in the two days, he’d spent a total of $32,000N.T. to take her out.

The victim insisted that she’d only drink and NOT accompany the customers to sleep, and so, Chou felt taken.  On the third day, Chou called up the execs of the bar, told them that he was taking out the victim, and asked her to meet him at his residence in Hsinbei City.

The victim was dropped off by her boyfriend, Chou took the victim upstairs to watch television, and, an hour later, after he’d made sure that the boyfriend had left, told the victim to buy some bread and drinks at the super convenience store nearby.

Chou took out the taser and rope, waited until the victim returned to the kitchen, and started boiling some water for the food, he’d shocked her from behind, forced a LOT of unknown pills down her throat, then, raped her.

And so, that still just show you, that it IS dangerous, for a woman, to work in such a place, even IF you’re there to accompany men to drink, but there’s NO telling what they’re capable of after they’d gotten drunk, so, DO yourselves a F-A-V-O-R, and, STOP working in those bad places already!!!




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